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Weekly Tech Reminders: ETRS, Classes & Rule Review

An excerpt from this week’s Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes

The following is from the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s weekly e-newsletter, Monday Morning Coffee and Technical Notes. Thanks to ABA’s Larry Wilkins. To subscribe to the newsletter,


As a reminder to all EAS Participants: You are required to file Form One of the EAS Test Reporting System on or before Aug. 27.

The form is the same as last year and will self-populate a good portion of the information. Filers can access ETRS by visiting the ETRS page of the Commission’s website at Use the same login information as you did last year.

This form is part of the reporting system covering the National EAS Test which will be transmitted by FEMA on Thursday Sept. 20 at 2:20 p.m. EDT. The EAS message will be disseminated via the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

Since all EAS equipment is set to poll the IPAWS server (normally every 30 seconds) it is possible that you may receive the National Test from one of your two required monitor sources, instead of the IPAWS server. Engineers should check the audio level and quality of the required monitor sources and make any adjustment necessary to insure the audio is broadcast quality.


The ABA Engineering Academy is cranking up its fall Engineering classes. The Radio Engineering Class is Sept. 24-28 and the Television Engineering Class is October 15-19.

These classes are designed for those interested in learning more about the technical side of broadcasting. They are also an excellent way for seasoned engineers to learn more about the latest technology. It is a great way to train staff so they can be of assistance in the technical maintenance of your operation.

The classes are offered at no charge and are held at the ABA Training Center in Hoover, Ala. Invite those in your operation to attend. Online registration is available here.


Beginning with this issue we will post the text of a particular FCC Regulation. This will help engineers and managers keep their operation in full compliance.

Section 17.57: “The owner of an antenna structure for which an Antenna Structure Registration Number has been obtained must notify the Commission within 5 days of completion of construction (FCC Form 854-R) and/or dismantlement (FCC Form 854). The owner must also notify the Commission within 5 days of any change in structure height or change in ownership information (FCC Form 854)”.

The FCC requires notification of any tower ownership changes. Parties must remember that the tower registration must be amended to report the new owner after the closing of the sale of the station.


We have a job opening in the Montgomery area for a chief engineer at a multi-station radio operation. For more details send an email to engineering jobs.

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