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Wheeler Lays Out FCC Agenda for January 2016 Meeting

The FCC Chairman has posted a blog to discuss priorities

WASHINGTON�Chairman Tom Wheeler has written a blog to discuss priorities on the agenda of the first FCC meeting of 2016. Among these are the transition of radio and TV public files online, the Emergency Alert System and a review of the Broadband Progress Report.

Starting in 2012, the commission instituted rules that required broadcasters to move hard copy of �public files,� which disclose community-relevant information, online to a commission-hosted database. Radio World has been following the FCC�s efforts in this area for�some years. Now, Wheeler says that he will circulate a Report and Order to finalize the transition. The proposal does not include new disclosure requirements. The transition will allow for easier access to information in the files and provides the public with greater transparency.

Wheeler has also announced that he is issuing a second proposal to improve the EAS. The FCC seeks to promote participation on the state and local levels, supporting greater testing and awareness of EAS, leveraging technological advances, and strengthening EAS security.

The meeting will also take time to go over the most recent Broadband Progress Report. Among the report�s findings is the need for both fixed and mobile broadband; that 34 million Americans lack access to fixed high-speed broadband; and that the fixed broadband speed standard remains at 25 Mbps downloads/3 Mbpsuploads.

To read Wheeler�s full post, click�here

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