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119th AES Photo Blog – Oct 7

119th AES Photo Blog – Oct 7

Oct 7, 2005 1:00 AM

Radio magazine brings the 119th AES Convention to you in photos.

Part of the excitement for this year’s AES Convention is its location in North America’s largest city: New York.

Looking down on the crystal palace entryway at the Javits Center.

The scenic Jacob J. Javits Convention Center, near the Hudson River, is a great venue for AES seminars, meetings and exhibits.

Step inside the exhibit hall; the AES Convention awaits you.

Enco Systems shows the pro audio attendees how its Dadpro32 can store and play audio for many applications outside of radio.

Focal, a French company, is camped out on the AES exhibit floor in this booth that only Buckminster Fuller could appreciate.

The first day of the AES Convention provided Tascam with the opportunity to unveil its newest product; a solid-state audio recorder.

Scott Fehl of Gepco expounds the virtues of his company’s wire and cable offerings.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Crane Song, Dave Hill and Scott Lillo of Crane Song have created a special giveaway of the company’s first product, the STC-8, which will be awarded to a lucky winner in a drawing at the convention.

The first day’s booth traffic at the Digidesign exhibit reflected great interest in the new live recording product and ancillary applications.

Analysis tools for digital and analog systems were among the products demonstrated by Tom Mintner of NTI Americas.

As part of the historical events program, Himan Brown and a troupe of seasoned radio drama actors presented Rocket’s Red Glare as a reminder of the anti-Communist hysteria of the 1950s.

Himan Brown introduces the program.

HHB unveiled the Flash Mic, a solid-state audio recorder built into the end of a Sennheiser mic.

Playing the saw is a rare art, and this gentleman played melodies on his saw that covers a two-ocatave range.

Independent Audio showed all the various product lines that it represents, including Cedar, Sonifex, Coles and DACS.

Russ Berger of Russ Berger Design Group and Auralex Acoustics have partnered to create a line of acoustic products call Partscience.

Prism Sound explains the functions of the Dscope III test and measurement system.

The Crowd began to gather before the exhibit floor opened at the Javits Center.

Returning for the 14th year in a row, the DAB panel discussed the current state of Ibiquity’s HD Radio system and offered insight into the systems from DRM, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.