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119th AES Photo Blog – Oct 8

119th AES Photo Blog – Oct 8

Oct 8, 2005 1:00 AM

Radio magazine brings the 119th AES Convention to you in photos.

Another rainy day in New York City must have curtailed the AES tourist plans, because it was warm, dry and lighted and busy in the Javits Center for day number two of the convention.

Worth a closer look: The new Sony PCM-D1 solid-state recorder debuted at this convention.

Neutrik shows that being well connected is an asset.

Kay Dorrough discusses the finer points of precision audio metering.

Furman provides information on its line of ac power conditioning products.

Ward-Beck Systems displayed its line of audio amplifiers, meters and monitors.

AES President-elect Neil Gilchrist listens to the APT demonstration that carried a linear 5.1 surround sound demo via wireless link between the Javits Center and the Empire State Building.

Marvin Caesar of Aphex details the applications of the 1788A mic preamp.

Guitarist Vicki Genfan played in the Great River Electronics booth to deomnstrate the Great River equalizer and compressor.

John Landry (right) of CBS Radio Networks gets a detailed deomnstration fo the Prism Dscope III test and measurement system.

While the Logitek metering products get the most attention from the pro audio crowd at the AES Convention the Mosaic console and Audio Engine attracted some visitors too.

“Just close your eyes and imagine yourself onstage with Roger Daltrey.” Bob Heil of Heil Sound does his own version of the Pepsi challenge with microphones, demonstrating the differences between his new dynamic models to this AES participant.

The line of Eventide effects processors were of great interest to many attendees.

Ken Skok (right) of Broadcasters General Store shows the Axia Audio system to an interested attendee.

Bill Boxill (right), who recently joined DK Technologies as the company’s vice president, discusses the company’s audio metering displays.

The tutorial on loudness–a topic of great interest to broadcasters–included a panel of well-known audio processing experts. Mike Dorough of Dorrough Electronics is at the podium.

Herb Squire of DSI moderated the panel on surround sound.

Blue Mics unveiled the Snowball mic, which features a USB output.

Belden introduced two types of very flexible CAT-5e cables.

Nagra unveiled a handheld, solid-state stereo recorder that can hold up to 1GB of audio information.

The workshop entitled 5.1 Downmix in Practice discussed the various considerations of creating stereo versions of surround material that preserve the artistic feel of the source.

James Tran and the staff at Shaxon proudly pointed out their colorful wire and cable options at today’s AES.