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127th AES New Products

127th AES New Products

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Production mixers
U.Series: The Mackie U.Series provides flexible connections and an intuitive, centralized user interface to ease workflow and maximize creativity. Each model features a micro-master section with otherwise full-size qualities such as a prominent master volume knob and high resolution metering. Channel strips with three-band active EQ, a built-in DI box and RIAA phono preamps as well as an integrated stereo Firewire I/O. Each offers a stereo aux send, headphone out with pre-main level control and self-monoing outputs.
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Multipurpose microphones
DPA Microphones
4099 Performance Series: The 4099 Guitar, 4099 Sax, 4099 Trumpet and 4099 Violin are multipurpose microphones. The mounts for the 4099s are designed and optimized for each of the four instrument families. The series of condenser microphones feature super-cardioid polar patterns and are fully capable of handling extremely high SPLs. The versatile gooseneck provides stable positioning to ensure the microphone will never stray from the instrument’s sweet spot. The mics can be easily unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand, while the mounting system is designed never to mar or scratch the finish of an instrument.
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Reverb/effects processor
PCM96 Surround: The PCM96 Surround delivers 50 new and legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays and modulation effects, while at the same time offering more presets, configuration options and additional inputs and outputs. It can function as a control-only insert or Firewire streaming audio plug-in inside any Mac VST or Audio Units software. A new pitch algorithm has been developed for the PCM96 Surround in addition to the room, hall, and many additional algorithms for music and post production. The PCM96 Surround uses multimode filters at several spots in the audio flow to provide more exact shaping of the reverb while still maintaining the distinctive Lexicon sound.

Opticalcon Transceiver Adapter: The Opticalcon Transceiver Adapter seamlessly connects an Opticalcon chassis and an LC SFP transceiver. SFP transceivers are compact, optical transceivers used in fiber-optic communications. Neutrik’s adapter is compatible with all LC SFP transceivers and enables use of the Opticalcon or conventional LC connectors. It features an automatic sealing shutter that avoids any transceiver contamination on-site and also helps users avoid vandalism by protecting the transceiver. The transceiver adaptor is available in several variations depending on signal mode.
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Network cables
Tac Cat: Tac Cat provides CAT-5e Ethernet interconnection in a road-ready construction. Available in single channel cords and multichannel assemblies, these new networking cables are ideal for use in the field as well as the studio. Tac Cat features full spec CAT-5e in a heavy-duty outer jacket that is more than twice the thickness of computer room patch cables. Tac Cat network cords are available with Neutrik’s Ethercon data connectors or traditional RJ45 Ethernet connectors, both with colored boots for fast cable recognition. These cords come in a variety of standard lengths with custom lengths to order. Bandits, Wireworks custom-printed shrink tubing labels, are available with acompany name or logo.
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127th AES New Products

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital audio workstation
V-Studio 700: V-Studio 700 includes extensive control of editing and mixing in Sonar, 2�13 LCD display, per-channel LED meters, EQ/Send/ACT section, 20 rotary encoders/switches, 70-plus lighted buttons, full transport control, jog/shuttle/cursor, seven segment time display, audio monitor controls, dual headphone output, t-bar, surround joystick, DV-7/V-Link compatible and nine motorized touch-sensitive faders.

Audio test application
Audio Precision
High Speed Tester 2.0: HST tests output level, frequency response, interchannel phase, distortion, noise in the presence of signal, crosstalk and DC offset against user-defined limits in just 1.5 seconds. The simplified user interface is optimized for high volume testing with clear pass/fail results and user instructions. A log file is automatically generated ready to be e-mailed for trend analysis or an FFT can be saved for detailed troubleshooting.
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Wireless mic system
Sennheiser Electronic
2000 Series: The 2000 Series includes rugged products for a wide range of wireless applications. Handheld and body-pack transmitters with single or twin receivers are available for stage, broadcasting and installed sound applications. For monitoring, professional users can combine the diversity receivers of the series with single or twin monitor transmitters. The series features switching bandwidth of up to 72MHz, in which up to 64 compatible frequency presets are available for microphones and up to 32 for monitoring systems. It has a wide audio frequency response (25 or 80Hz to 20kHz).
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Sound effects software
Blastwave FX
Search Engine: The Blastwave FX Search Engine comes bundled on select Blastwave FX sound effects hard drive products. The search engine provides three key functions: Search (Google-style text search, browse by category), Audition (rapid-fire playback, keyboard control), and Drag n’ Drop (to any audio/video application on Mac or PC). The Search Engine integrates with popular audio and video applications such as Pro Tools, Logic, Avid and Final Cut Pro.
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CD duplicators
Disc Makers
Reflex Daisy Chain Series: The Reflex Daisy Chain Series offers all the capabilities and quality of the standard Reflex Series with the added ability to connect up to hundreds of towers together � all operated by a single source. Reflex towers integrate industrial-grade DVD/CD burner drives, and each includes a beefy 320GB hard drive that stores up to 63 full-size DVD images. The 7-drive units have a throughput of 56 DVDs or 105 CDs per hour, while the 10-drive units can turn out 80 DVDs or 150 CDs per hour. The Daisy Chain Series allows users to mix 7- and 10-drive models, and because the duplicators are not drive dependent, users can add additional units when the need arises.
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127th AES New Products

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Speaker cables
Hosa Technology
SKO-200: Available in lengths from 3′ to 100′ and featuring popular terminations to connect to a wide range of speaker products, the SKO-200 Series speaker cables provide superior signal transmission for today’s most demanding audio projects. Designed for bi-amping and high-current applications, the new SKO-200 Series speaker cables are the perfect choice for commercial, stage and touring sound projects. Hosa’s new SKO-200 Series speaker cable consists of four 12 AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. The result is a robust cable that offers minimum resistance.
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Unidyne microphone
55SH Series II: The latest version of the 55 SH Series II Unidyne microphone is called the Super 55 Deluxe. It features a high-output, vocal-friendly sound with supercardioid polar pattern and a robust shock mount. The new model continues to use of the royal blue colored silk screens featured on early vintage models. The Super 55’s features include a tailored frequency response for natural vocals and speech; neodymium magnet and output transformer for increased sensitivity; high gain-before feedback and excellent off-axis rejection; an internal shock mount that minimizes handling noise and ensures quiet operation; and a rugged die-cast chrome casing.
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Quietpoint noise-canceling headphones
ATH-ANC7b: The ATH-ANC7b Quiet Point active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones have 85 percent noise-cancellation but incorporate a number of improvements from the previous model. The ear cups have been redesigned for greater comfort. The headphones are supplied with two 1.6m and 1m detachable cables, and offer easier battery access. With Quiet Point technology, a miniature microphone in each ear cup detects environmental noise, and a corresponding sound-cancelling signal is applied. The headphones fold flat for storage.
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Remote display
RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten
30010: The Remote Display 30010, a dedicated 8.4-inch VGA monitor featuring function keys situated below the display screen, further enhances the ergonomics of the Surround Monitor 11900. It also controls the instrument functions of the Surround Control 31900. Connected to the VGA connectors, the Remote Display 30010 allows the user to remotely visualize all instruments, options, and measurement values of the units.
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