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2008 NAB Extra!

2008 NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Audio gateway codec

Mayah Communications

Booth C10619D

Centauri II 4001: Centauri II Audio Gateway codecs cover all typical audio codec applications. The CII 4000/4001 include the 3000/3001 features and focus on the additional functionality to stream audio to many destinations and simultaneous encoding for up to four stereo audio channels, each in another audio format and transport in multicast or multiple unicast.
+49 811 55 16 0
[email protected]

Remote control for Harris Z transmitters

Burk Technology

Booth N6920

Plus Connect: The Plus Connect provides a link between the Harris Z series of transmitters and the Burk ARC Plus remote monitoring and control system. The Plus Connect brings more than 400 transmitter parameters on-board the ARC Plus system without parallel wiring, allowing broadcasters to manage the transmitter, ancillary equipment and IT infrasttructure on a single platform.
[email protected]

Rack-mount audio monitors


Booth N4919

RM-2S4, RM-2S10, RM-4C8: Each reference monitor is a 1RU device offering loudspeaker monitoring and high-resolution metering of up to four or 10 stereo audio sources. Sources may be in any mixture of analogue and AES/EBU digital formats, with sample rates up to 192kHz accepted and a 5-band parametric EQ can be used to tailor the unit for the room it is mounted in. Sources are selected via a front panel rotary encoder, with clear LED indication of the current selection. On the rear panel, open-collector alarm outputs provide hardware indication of sustained under-level, over-level and phase errors. The three-way loudspeaker system is fed via a DSP-based active crossover and a trio of highly efficient Class-D amplifiers. Optional additions to each model are HD video input expansion cards, allowing multiple AES groups embedded within an HD-SDI or SD-SDI signal to be de-embedded and monitored.
[email protected]

Dynamic mic

Heil Sound

Booth N7039

PR 35: The PR 35 has been designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications that require a smooth, flat response over a wide frequency range. It was designed around the PR 30 element and incorporates a sorbothane shock mount. The PR 35 uses a special magnet structure and a large aluminum 1�” low mass voice coil assembly. The PR 35 is equipped with a three position roll off switch. The cardioid pattern offers the greatest rejection of unwanted audio at 180 degrees off axis, which is directly behind the microphone; there is virtually no off-axis coloration.
[email protected]


Audioarts Engineering

Booth N7612

W-12: The W-12 Console targets small- to mid-market radio stations and offers high-end features such as: three stereo main buses, 12 A/B dual source stereo line inputs (analog or digital), two microphone preamps, uncompressed 24-bit operation (44.1 or 48kHz), switched VU meters, built-in cue speaker with level control and headphone jack with built-in amp.
[email protected]

Surround mic system

Soundfield Research

Booth N7037

DSF-1: The DSF-1 Music Surround mic system incorporates Soundfield’s technology that enables the high-resolution capture of ambient or image critical music events that must ultimately fit a variety of delivery formats. The DSF-1 can deliver mono, stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and B format, the archival medium for future formats, all without ever leaving the digital domain.
+44 1924 201 089
[email protected]

Patchbay design tool


Booth N3635

Patch Verx: Patch Verx creates accurately scaled and easily printable designation strips and layouts for jackfields and patchbays. Patch Verx uses predefined or custom-generated template files to which a user adds data and any display formatting desired. Patch Verx includes a built-in CAD viewer to show the jackfield as it would export. Users can also create custom definition files using the new Jackfield Wizard. By default Patch Verx prints jackfields scaled 1:1 so the designation strips can be sheared and applied directly to the jackfield.
[email protected]

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2008 NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Condenser microphones

Sennheiser Electronic

Booth N8207

MKH 8000: The MKH 8000 series of microphones combines the company’s exclusive RF condenser technology with a compact, modular form factor and a range of application-specific accessories for broadcast, recording and performance use. The MKH 8000 series is available in three models, offering omni-directional, cardioid or super-cardioid pick-up patterns. All of them feature an extremely wide frequency response.
[email protected]

FM antenna


Booth C 1918

DCBR: This antenna consists of a crossed-dipole radiator fed in phase quadrature and mounted within a circular cavity. The cavity used in this circularly polarized FM antenna is a welded, stainless steel or galvanized grid. The cavity grid is supported from a center mounting plate, which also serves as a mounting for the dipole assembly and for attachment of the unit to the supporting structure. The use of grid cavities and aerodynamic design significantly reduces weight and windload requirements of the supporting structure. Multistation operation can be achieved only with the wide bandwidth characteristics the DCBR antenna offers. The antenna is stainless steel with three or four configurations available, power ratings up to 10 class C stations, single or dual EIA inputs up to 9″, ABS feed point randome, low downward radiation, near omni-directional free space pattern performance, RH circular polarization, low weight and wind load.
[email protected]

Field recording mic


Booth N5232

Superlux E522, E523: The Superlux E522/B features a closely matched pair of capsules in an X/Y configuration, an integrated switchable low-cut filter, external on/off switch, the ability to operate on either battery or phantom power and dual unbalanced outputs. The Superlux E522/B excels as a stereo field recording microphone. Featuring two closely matched fixed-charge, back plate, permanently polarized condenser capsules with an X/Y stereo polar pattern, the new E522/B captures live performances with broad spatial effect.
[email protected]

FM broadcast antenna

Propagation Systems

Booth C 2324

Power Tiller: This omni-directional, circularly polarized FM broadcast antenna with rugged copper and corrosion-resistant brass construction is available in high power (PSIFHR) for input power up to 60kW and medium power (PSIFMR) for input power up to 15kW. The elements are stacked in arrays of up to 12 bays for increased gain and are end-fed from a support boom. For arrays requiring beam tilt and/or null fill a center feed system is required. The entire antenna system including the feed is pressurized. Each antenna is supplied with standard galvanized mounting brackets for round leg mounting on uniform cross section towers. Custom mounting brackets are also available. For those antennas exposed to adverse weather conditions, fiberglass radomes are available.
[email protected]

Audio processor


Booth N7612

FM-5: One of the newest members of the Vorsis processing family, the FM-5’s features include a proprietary five-band multiband dynamics controller along with a precision 10-band final limiter with distortion-masked clipper. The FM-5 also ships with a high-pass filter that may operate in stereo or M/S modes; automatic audio source fail over on analog and digital audio inputs; separate audio input gains for analog and digital inputs; four-band parametric equalizer; five-band linear phase crossover with adjustable crossover points; FM output simultaneously available as AES3 and analog; and reference-grade multiplex encoder with selectable composite clipper, multiplex filter and twin composite outputs.
[email protected]

LED obstruction lights


Booth N3222

L-810: The RTO Series of LED obstruction lights utilize a patent-pending optical design and can be operated in steady or flashing mode. They are available as either single or dual FAA-compliant fixtures for new installations or as retrofit lamp assemblies with adapters for replacing existing incandescent lights. The new lights comply with FAA AC NO: 150/5345-43F; Canadian Aviation Regulation CAR 621.9 (Transport Canada); ICAO (Annex 25, November 2004 Fourth Edition); Low-intensity Type A (10 cd); and Low-intensity Type B (32 cd). The shock- and vibration-resistant RTO Series features advanced high-flux LED technology that lasts years longer than incandescent lights and uses 95 percent less energy.
[email protected]

Element accessory

Axia Audio

Booth N7620

Element Touchscreen Timer Panel: Board operators and hosts using Element consoles have access to a full-featured time-keeping suite using console-mounted controls. Now, the Element Touchscreen Timer Panel gives studio guests, producers and show hosts access to these functions with a touch-sensitive interface. The Touchscreen features configurable, digital and analog time-of-day clocks, an elapsed-time counter with freeze and pause functions, expansion ports than can host up to five more Element studio accessories, a built-in Web server and the option to be desk or turret-mounted.
[email protected]

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2008 NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Low-power transmitter


Booth N2502

ZX5000: The ZX5000 transmitter is the latest entry in Harris’ range of ZX transmitters, now comprising five models ranging from 500W to 5kW of power. The Harris ZX5000 offers a compact size for a 5kW transmitter for both analog FM and HD Radio broadcasting and comes in a single-rack size with an exciter and signal processing gear. As with other ZX transmitters, the ZX5000 supports tri-mode operation with on-the-fly switching between analog FM operation, HD Radio digital-only operation, or FM/HD Radio common amplification broadcasting.
[email protected]

High-resolution audio recorder/mixer


Booth N4533

Fusion: This system replaces the multiple mixers and portable recorders normally required to support mixing and recording of audio via RF link or hardwired cable. Fusion can mix 16 inputs to eight output buses for recording up to eight tracks. Fusion eliminates the use of a hard drive, which additionally removes concerns of hard drive damage from extreme temperatures or motion. The system records to two Compact Flash cards simultaneously, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording that provides redundancy and flexibility. With the Fusion’s DSP-based audio tools, users can adjust over 300 mixer cross points and 200 controllable parameters. Four balanced AES inputs with sample rate conversion allow eight channels of audio to come from four different devices with varying sample rates or unlocked sample rate clocks.
[email protected]

Rack-mountable shelves

APW Enclosures

Booth SU 5613

E-Rack: Available in a variety of heights and depths, the Stantron E-Rack simplifies mounting of ground bars and lacing of cable. The E-Rack is 22″ wide for high-density cabling. Its doors open 180 degrees, cable chase access panels remove without tools and provide kinkless cable runs.
[email protected]

Audio splitters


Booth C 7508

RMAS8 and RMAS8 PRO: These are 24-output dual transformer isolated audio splitters. Both units feature eight Switchcraft XLR front-panel inputs with a line level pad and two ground-lift toggle switches. On the back, four DB25 connectors wired to the Tascam DTRS standard pinout can be used to accommodate all of the units I/Os. The RMAS8 Pro features Jensen magnetically shielded dual isolated audio transformeres and has a third set of I/O connections utilizing Phoenix terminal blocks.
[email protected]

Phonetic-based search system

Enco Systems

Booth N6512

Phonetica2: Phonetica2 is a phonetic-based search system for digital audio and is available as an integrated module in Enco’s Digital Audio Delivery system. The module allows users to search through a library of audio files containing spoken material and find specific words or phrases simply by typing them.
[email protected]

Broadcast codec

Telos Systems

Booth N7620

Zephyr Iport MPEG Gateway: Using the Livewire protocaol for networked audio over Ethernet, this codec connects directly to an Axia IP-audio network. A single CAT-6 cable carries eight channels of stereo I/O and remote control. The Iport connects eight channels of stereo audio between two Livewire-equipped sites over an IP link. The Iport can also be used for any application where MPEG encoding and/or decoding are needed for transmission over IP channels. Applications include studio-to-transmitter links, satellite uplinks, Internet streaming, broadcasting to mobile phones and audio distribution systems.
[email protected]

Low-cost amplifier modules

Power Module Technology

Booth N9109

RF Amplifier Series: These modules range from 88-92MHz and 88-108MHz, and are available in power levels ranging from 50 to 500W. All modules are housed on compact circuit boards measuring no larger than 5.67″ x 7.625″. The lower-power modules are even smaller.
[email protected]

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2008 NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Compression add-on

Barix Technology

Booth N8036

AAC Plus for Extreamer-110: Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoders now feature AAC Plus v2, which builds on the success of MPEG-4 AAC Plus to improve compression rates over the initial release as well as MP3. Radio broadcasters distributing content over the Internet to Exstreamer-110 decoders can use ACC Plus v2 compression to significantly reduce bandwidth or improve audio quality.
[email protected]

Parallel protector

LEA International/Transtector

Booth N4519

LS Plus: This compact, modular, multi-stage, parallel protector utilizes a symmetrical array of balanced MOVs for maximum surge handling performance. The LS Plus is equipped with a user-friendly digital readout touchpad for surge counter, audible alarm and dry contacts.
[email protected]

8-channel sub snake

Hosa Technology

Booth SL 2108

SH-8X0: Featuring a compact, eight-channel junction box for inputs and terminated with eight robust Hosa XLR connectors in 25- and 50-foot lengths, this sub snake reduces cable clutter. This unit offers eight XLR sends. Featuring metal construction, the junction box provides side-mounted XLR input connections that are designed to reduce stress on the XLR connectors. With Hosa’s Pro Connectors on the box and fanout, this sub snake’s XLR terminations can be changed using Hosa’s XLR adaptors to convert each channel.
[email protected]

Stereo headphone amplifier

JK Audio

Booth N7929

Remote Amp Two: Remote Amp Two provides a listen-only connection for mono IFB or full bandwidth stereo music listening. Separate volume controls for the XLR and 3.5mm line input jacks allow a simple mix of mono and stereo sources. The 0.5W, �” stereo headphone jack will cut through any crowd noise. Connect an IFB earpiece to the 3.5mm earpiece jack for mono operation.
[email protected]

Single-phase UPS

Staco Energy Products

Booth N4218

Unistar P: This single-phase online uninterruptible power supply features protection over a wide input voltage range. This true double-conversion UPS is available in 6, 8 and 10kVac models, to protect from outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 160 to 280Vac at 45-65Hz. Up to four Unistar P modules can be installed in parallel for redundancy or additional capacity. A constant, clean, steady sine wave protects downstream equipment even without going to battery mode. Each Unistar P features high-overload handling, without transfer to the bypass, and protection against short circuit and over-temperature conditions.
[email protected]

Digital KVM


Booth SL13016

Emerge DM2000: The Emerge DM2000 Desktop Manager is an Ethernet-based digital KVM switch. The switch delivers unlimited distance over Ethernet for greater flexibility. The manager, together with the Emerge ECMS2000 extender, provides digital workstation switching, allowing virtualized access to broadcast systems. The switch provides digital KVM, audio, USB switching and extension with advanced support for extension of USB mass storage devices and wide screen resolutions.
[email protected]

Interactive broadcast software


Booth N5917

Radio Show: This software is designed to keep a station in front of the listener regardless of the digital platform being used. Radio Show displays information such as song titles and artist names of the music playing on the air. The information is shown in real-time, synchronized to the terrestrial station’s audio. Visuals, such as CD covers, artist graphics, station photos and sponsor logos, can be synchronized to an audio stream.
[email protected]

Air and production workstation

Broadcast Software International

Booth N9111

Series 110: The BSI Series 110 System offers considerable cost savings against buying the component parts separately. It’s also fully configured, including network configuration, to run right out-of-the-box. Comprising of one air and one production workstation, additional workstations can be easily added to expand your network. The Series 110 is an ideal system for small and medium markets, or for satellite operation (using the supplied 24-way BSI Trigger Kit).
[email protected]

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2008 NAB Extra!

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Surround control

RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

Booth N3223

31900/31960: RTW has completely overhauled its Surround Control family, an eight-channel system that controls, monitors and analyzes surround sound utilizing RTW’s Surround Sound Analyzer. The analyzer is the house-shaped display featuring an easy-to-read, visual manifestation of overall sound, including loudness and sound pressure level, phase correlation and level differences among channels. The Surround Control 31900 is designed for studios and fits in a 1RU case, while the Surround Control 31960 is sized as a half 19″ 3RU module.
+49 221 709130

Handheld condenser mic

Samson Technologies

Booth N5823

CL5: The CL5 features a 12.7mm gold sputtered capsule with a 3-micron tensioned diagram working in concert with advanced head amp electronics to faithfully reproduce any sound source. The CL5 is a studio condenser in a handheld package. It handles a high SPL of up to 141dB. The CL5 is a pressure gradient, true condenser with cardioid pick-up pattern and extended linear frequency response that operates on 48V phantom power and comes with a dual stage windscreen and comes in a durable carry case. The CL5 is available in both a nickel and black finish.
[email protected]



Booth N9029

BXX-CR, HTXP: The BXX-CR accessory kit consists of a black XX boot without the standard XXR coding ring and a clear ring XXCR instead. This saves assemblers time and money, as they do not have to replace the standard ring before assembling the clear ring. Neutrik’s HTXP hand tool for its XX and PX series is the newest addition to the wide range of assembly tools now offered by the company. The HTXP can either tighten the XX boot or the bushing for the new PX plug series.
[email protected]

Portable recorder


Booths SL 9623 and SL10328

DR-1: The DR-1 portable digital recorder is a compact unit that captures hours of music using built-in mics to its 1GB SD card. A pair of high-quality stereo condenser microphones is mounted on a variable angle mechanism, which allows the recorder to record from almost anywhere. It features 48 or 44.1kHz/24-bit recording resolution. The DR-1 includes auto gain control and analog limiting for easy setup and a low-frequency cutoff to eliminate handling or wind noise.
[email protected]

2G pocket recorder


Booth SL 5710

Pocketrak: The Pocketrak 2G is a light and compact pocket recorder featuring 2GB of built-in memory, long battery life and easy USB file transfer. It includes a copy of Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software. It features two tracks of CD-quality recording in PCM, MP3 and WMA formats. The Pocketrak 2G includes a rechargeable battery capable 19 hours of MP3 recording. Plugging its sliding USB connector into a powered USB bus simultaneously recharges the battery and transfers files to a PC or Mac. The Pocketrak 2G includes an on-board speaker in addition to a headphone jack.
[email protected]

Internet streaming

Stream Guys

Booth C 1848

Aggregated Streaming Services: Stream Guys offers a variety of streaming media solutions and tools enabling quality delivery and monetization of digital media, across all sectors of Internet broadcasting. The Stream Guys Aggregated Service Platform includes various hardware and software to support a mix and match of audio and video streaming formats, with advanced services for server clustering, load balancing and performance monitoring.
[email protected]

Program loudness meter

DK Technologies

Booth N1533

MSD100C Loudness: This loudness meter is a stand-alone unit that incorporates ITU Recommendations BS.1770 and BS.1771, which specify the algorithms that should be used to measure audio program loudness. It is able to display the loudness of the individual audio channels, as well as the sum of the left and right signals, and can be used as a health check during production or prior to transmission. The actual unit provides accurate loudness matching of audio from a number of different sources and offers a selection of working modes, including fast mode for real-time viewing of loudness, integrated mode for measuring the loudness of a recorded section or the complete recording and gated mode for viewing loudness of audio material with long pauses.
+45 4485 0255
[email protected]

New workflow tools

Klotz Digital

Booth N5925

Vadis upgrades: A variety of new Vadis workflow tools will be unveiled at the convention. Vadis Shared Control Management module manages the use of sharing resources through a LAN infrastructure, such as central play out systems, freely assignable announcer booths, remotely controlled mic preamps, pools of telephone hybrids and codecs, central devices and devices in other studios or areas. It provides access to all device specific parameters, functions and attributes to allow a quick operation. Vadis Remote Source Assignment module allows the studio console selection of remote router sources in the same manner as local sources. It provides the communication between a mixing console and a central router. Router sources are assigned to the console on a need to use basis.
[email protected]

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