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2011 Radio Show Preview

2011 Radio Show Preview

Sep 1, 2011 2:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

The Radio Show in my Kind of Town

The popular song says Chicago has my kind of raz-ma-taz and all that jazz, but soon, Chicago will also have the annual Radio Show. And this year’s show should be a good one. With recent ad revenue reports touting economic improvement, the 2011 Radio Show should be working on a positive swing.

The more central geographic location should draw some new faces and make it easier for those living west to make the trip. Chicago also offers plenty to do outside the convention hours.

The Radio magazine convention preview covers what you need to prepare for the convention. We know you want to check out the exhibit floor called the Marketplace, so we have lots of products you’ll find there, and the Marketplace map lets you see the lay of the land before you arrive. Also find the engineering session timetable, which includes some non-technical sessions of interest. And we peppered all this with a few ideas of things to do around Chicago once you arrive.

By the time the show ends, I expect you’ll be singing: “Each time I leave Chicago is tuggin’ my sleeve.” Chicago is one town that won’t let you down. It’s my kind of town.

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