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Abacast Clarity

Abacast Clarity

Apr 25, 2011 8:01 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Digital radio system

A key component of Abacast Clarity is the flagship Ad Insertion System (AIS), which is updated with new efficiency features such as enterprise workflow and auditing for large station groups, including revenue generation features such as geo and device targeting of live audio ads. The system features: Ad Insertion System (AIS) — a complete scheduling, targeting, reporting, and insertion system for in-stream audio ads, pre-roll video ads, and rotating banner ads; Premier Player, an Adobe Flash-based player that engages and grows audiences via song ratings, station communications, and Facebook and Twitter integration; Mobile Apps, apps for iPhone and Android devices, with the ability to run and manage ads internally and enabling the broadest reach for this rapidly expanding audience; Abacast Ad Sales Network, a premier group of national ad sales partners that includes AdLarge, Citadel, and TargetSpot which helps ensure maximum revenue for each broadcaster; Analytics, industry-standard analytics for audience measurement based on Arbitron measurement criteria; Royalty Reporting, SoundExchange compliant royalty reports; and Streaming/Hosting Network, highly reliable streaming and on-demand deliveryfrom our fast, geographically distributed streaming network.
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Abacast Radio Streaming Platform

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