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April New Products

April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital media system
Broadcast Electronics
Booth N7917

Audio Vault Flex: The Audio Vault Flex digital media system offers new resource allocation tools and studio networking capabilities to broadcasters. New capabilities such as remote voicetracking, interactive talent collaboration, work environment customization and advanced segue editor enable broadcasters to do more with less. BE Audio Vault systems are digital media systems for live-assist or satellite operation, including scheduling and production modules for multi-track editing, music rotation and ad insertion. The new AVFlex platform offers these features as well as advanced features such as in-group program syndication, centralized music library management and multi-location workgroup collaboration. AVFlex is also the first studio platform of its kind with the flexibility and capacity for repurposing content and personalizing format channels for the Internet or over the air.
[email protected]


PM0.4 MKII: This powered studio monitor has new high-gloss white front baffles for a striking look. These studio monitors are designed to provide a quality, accurate monitoring experience with minimal resonance. It is recommended for desk-top use, but its compact size expands its applications to console-top studio monitoring, audio installation, and portable audio monitoring. The PM0.4 MKII features a 4″ woofer and UFLC 0.65″ soft-dome tweeter, high efficient bi-amp drive with 19W each for LF and HF, and independent amplifier in both left and right unites.
[email protected]

Cable tester
SM Pro Audio

CT-2: Powered by a 9V battery, the CT2 is a multi-format cable/connector test unit designed to test a wide variety of standard audio cables and connectors. To use it, connect the cable ends and turn the rotary dial through each position and take note of the LED indicators status. An LED indicates the status. Two banana connections are wired as a continuity tester with LED and beeper indicators.
+61 3 9555 8081
[email protected]

Dynamic mic

M1: With a rock solid die-cast body and sturdy dynamic capsule the M1 can take a lot of abuse without showing signs of age or neglect. The M1 features a lifetime warranty. Key features include a high-output dynamic capsule, gold-plated XLR connectors, internal pop-filter to reduce plosives, feedback rejecting pickup pattern and low handling noise.
[email protected]

1RU CD player
Denon Professional
Booth N7636

DN-C620: Housed in a compact 1RU enclosure, the DN-C620 is a versatile CD player. It is compatible with standard audio data file formats including CDDA and MPEG-1/2 Layer III, allowing up to 20 hours of MP3 or similar audio playback from a single CD, CD-R or CD-RW. The DN-C620 features intuitive front-panel control, which allows customizable program playlists and output of ID3 or CD-Text title, artist and album information via RS-232C. Additionally, standard 25-pin contact closure (GPIO) and 9-pin RS-232C control connections are included. The RS-232C remote capability provides added flexibility and allows the DN-C620 to be controlled from third-party devices.
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April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Universal DVD/CD player
Booth N6520
UDP-89: Developed to fulfill the requirement for a compact, industrial-strength, universal DVD/CD player, the HHB UDP-89 production model adds a clean-screen feature that will enhance the UDP-89’s suitability for use in broadcast applications. The clean screen ensures that the video output remains free of the brand logos that render consumer DVD players unsuitable for professional use. Furthermore, menu commands and transport status appear only in the front panel display, leaving the screen a clean plain grey when no content is being played. Housed in compact 1RU chassis and engineered for dependable, long-term use, the UDP-89 plays CD, Video-CD, SACD, DVD-Video, and DVD-Audio discs, and features a built-in preamp with volume control for direct connection to active 5.1 speaker systems, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, MPEG audio decoding, professional cueing, A-B repeat function and RS-232 and parallel control interfaces.
[email protected]

Acoustic panels
Auralex Acoustics

Ecotech: The company’s first green acoustical panel, Ecotech acoustic panels are manufactured with a proprietary formulation of 100 percent recycled polyester fibers. Ecotech reduces the ecological footprint of acoustic treatment by reducing the need for fossil fuels for raw materials. The panels are also manufactured without using chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). The panels are available in the same color choices and cuts as the company’s original acoustical panels.
[email protected]

Cable line
Cable Up

Premium: The Cable Up Premium line utilizes a proprietary, low-capacitance Belden cable with a high strand count of 99.5 percent oxygen-free copper. For a long, reliable life of heavy professional use, these cables feature rugged, vulcanized Neoprene rubber jackets that withstand wide temperature extremes, while remaining highly flexible. The XLR cables are terminated with Neutrik X-HD connectors featuring weather resistant O-rings designed for heavy-duty outdoor applications.
[email protected]

Digital audio workstation

Sonar 8 Producer, Sonar 8 Studio: Sonar 8 Producer adds updates to the core application including workflow enhancements, new features, and performance optimizations throughout. Sonar 8 Producer also reinforces its production toolset with new go-to instruments, effect processors and creative content. New Sonar features include: updated Loop Explorer 2.0 view, dedicated instrument track (single track optimized for mono/stereo virtual synths), Send Assign Assistant (wizard); numerous audio engine optimizations; transport, control surface, routing and editing refinements; workflow enhancements; and Quick Time 7 import/export. Sonar 8 Studio contains all of the features of Sonar 8 Producer minus a few Producer exclusives.

Surround monitor
RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten
Booth N3123

10600-Plus: The RTW Surround Monitor 10600-PLUS, a high-performance display system for monitoring digital stereo, multichannel and surround audio signals, now incorporates an integrated loudness display according to the ITU BS.1771 guideline. Further improvements include a full-screen mode for enlarged display showing individual instruments used as well as detail enhancements within the featured Surround Sound Analyzer. All current-production Surround Monitor 10600 systems now leave the factory with the new display options; existing units can be updated free of charge by replacing the built-in EPROM. The PLUS option includes the power supply and a table stand.
+49 221 709130

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April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital silence detection
Booth N3217

RB-DSD1: Functioning similarly to the Sonifex RB-SD1 analog silence detection unit, the RB-DSD1 digital silence detection replaces the I/O with AES3, S/PDIF and Toslink inputs and outputs. The unit can switch on loss of level of the main input, on loss of level on one channel of the main input, or on loss of synchronization lock of the main input. Each source is monitored for failure and includes a failure alarm. The RB-DSD1 has two digital stereo audio inputs, each one selectable via front-panel push buttons. The inputs include sample-rate converters. The silence detect level is adjustable between -39dBfs and -84dBfs and from 0 seconds to 252 seconds.
[email protected]

FM scanning receiver
Deva Broadcast

Band Scanner GPS: This is a tool to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to log station identification parameters. Band Scanner GPS is a Google Earth-compatible tool for visualization of collected FM Radio measurements. When running any campaign with the Band Scanner GPS, results will be saved in a log file that can be converted into KMZ format for Google Earth. The log file can be exported also as transitional format for future analyze or to keep it in record. The Band Scanner GPS can measure RF level, MPX deviation, left and right audio levels, RBDS and pilot injection levels. The system is powered by the USB port of any Windows PC. Free Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band, logging every carrier and generating a spectrum display of carrier level vs. frequency. Spectrum plots may be saved as JPG or BMP files.
+359 56 820027
[email protected]

Bundled analyzer system
Kaltman Creations

Air Sleuth Pro Bundle V2: The Air Sleuth Pro Bundle V2 combines a software-based 2.4GHz RF spectrum analyzer and a 2.4GHz, 11-channel signal generator. The analyzer allows the user to view Wi-fi channels 1 through 11 individually or simultaneously, with peak, average, and raw trace modes. There are 10 diagnostic modes including Traces, Spectrogram, Channel Time Course, Differential Channels and Pie Charting. Also included is a real-time calculation of Best Wi-fi Channel. There is also a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring. The bundle also includes Airhorn, a 2.4GHz ISM band signal generator that can be set to generate selective RF signals for any number of the 11 Wi-Fi channels.
[email protected]

IP audio console system
Axia Audio
Booth N7620

Power Station: Power Station, an all-in-one IP-audio console system, combines analog, digital and microphone I/O, a console power supply, DSP mixing engine and network switch into one easy-to-deploy package. To set up Power Station, connect the studio equipment with standard CAT-5 cables, connect an Element console with just one cable, name the sources with a browser, and it’s ready for air. Power Station can be the heart of a standalone studio or part of a larger Axia network. Power Station Simple Networking can daisy-chain up to four Power Stations for a multi-studio installation without a separate core switch.
[email protected]

Audio and video broadcast
Netia Digital Audio
Booth SU822

Warehouse Web 2.0: The Warehouse Web Version 2.0 audio and video broadcast and display platform can provide new services and revenue opportunities for Manreo users. It provides companies with a system for centralizing, sharing, and viewing audio, image, and video archives, and broadcasting them across multiple distribution channels. Because Warehouse Web 2.0 has been developed using the REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture and includes XML Web Services, it now offers up to four interfaces, making it more ergonomic and powerful. Warehouse Web’s Catalog Interface offers Manreo users a global view of all files and metadata, along with more powerful searches. The Terminology Interface manages the Thesaurus and allows users to add, delete, and modify words and interaction between words. The Media Interface manages the storage of both audio and video files. Using this interface, users can view various files and file format support. Finally, Warehouse Web’s Monitoring Interface lets the user track file conversion and publishing workflows to various platforms including mobile phones.
[email protected]

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April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Universal rigid line bracket
ERI-Electronics Research

RLA001-02: The universal bracket for 3-1/8″, 4-1/16″, and 6-1/8″ rigid transmission line hangers provides an interface to adapt lightweight rigid hangers and vertical spring hangers to round horizontal tower members from 3/4″ to 3″ in diameter. This provides an off-the-shelf solution eliminating the need to have custom brackets fabricated prior to commencing installation.
[email protected]

950MHz STL
Booth N2502

Intraplex HD Link: This 950MHz STL was designed from the ground for today’s data communications. Built around an integrated IP gateway, HD Link supports multiple channels of Intraplex-quality audio along with IP transport for HD Radio, and can take advantage of any available IP return path for TCP support with plug-and-play operation. The integrated IP channel for HD Radio program transport provides an ideal link from Importer-to-Exporter or Exporter-to-Exciter for both audio and data carriage, with a separate low-priority Ethernet port included for other LAN and control traffic. Advanced coding and error correction mechanisms provide resistance to bit errors that can cause glitches in HD Radio performance. Intraplex HD Link also offers powerful, reliable RF performance, high-quality multichannel audio performance, plus convenient set-up and reliable operation including full metering, monitoring, and command and control capabilities.
[email protected]

RDS/RBDS encoder
Booth N5829

Model 730: Building on the Model 713, this TCP/IP-capable encoder is filled with new features. A front-panel knob allows virtually every setting to be viewed and modified from the front panel. This includes settings such as PI, PTY, DPS, IP, IP-Port numbers, AFs, time/date and RS-232 baud rate. The Model 730 also has built in dynamic DNS client service. This allows a static IP-name while being behind a dynamic IP address. Improvements in RAW command with FIFO buffer incorporate flexible free-format group redundancy. It supports DHCP and manual IP, either configurable from the knob/LCD. MAC address is visible from front panel LCD as well. It includes automatic RDS Group 4, clock time/date packets. When connected to the Internet, the internal clock is automatically updated. Easy time zone selection plus Daylight Saving Time scheduler can change the clock for up to 10 years. The Model 730 also includes scheduler capabilities to allow a planned scrolling PS message independent of an automation system. Allows events to be saved as either a one-time event (date/time, then expires) or a recurring event (M, T, W, Th, F/time, never repeats). Up to 99 events can be scheduled this way.
[email protected]

Monitoring system

RF Scout XLT: The Dielectric RF Scout XLT monitors RF transmission system VSWR and forward power and is designed to aid in detecting VSWR problems as they develop. The system displays the values and can hold up to a year’s worth of data and alarm events. In addition, the system can also be configured to monitor transmission line pressure and temperature. User settable options include warning and alarm levels, enable/disable interlock trip for each monitoring function and a VSWR alarm strike-out number. The unit’s status is available via a 3″ touch panel and through an Ethernet interface.
[email protected]

Active stereo matrix switcher
Broadcast Tools
Booth N8120

SS 4.4: The SS 4.4 provides matrix audio switching of four stereo inputs to four stereo outputs. Matrix switching allows any or all inputs to be assigned to any or all outputs. The SS 4.4 may be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. Additional features include stereo silence sensor with relay, front-panel stereo LED VU meters, stereo headphone jack with level control, powered monitor level control all with output selection switching, 16 GPIs, four GPO- open collectors and four SPST relays. Installation is simplified with pluggable Euroblock screw terminals. The SS 4.4 is supplied in a 1RU chassis.
[email protected]

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April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Automation interface
Enco Systems
Booth N7607

Presenter: Presenter, like its predecessor DAD, supports all forms of audio technologies including IP audio, traditional sound cards, audio router control, console interfaces, and general purpose I/O, touch screens, etc. The single screen interface features a panel design with many user selectable tools including voice tracking, hot buttons, recording, database, search and more. Other features include cut, paste and block move of playlists elements, user tabs, backsell log and a number of new and refined user friendly tools designed for live assist and voice tracked operations.
[email protected]

Digital signal processor
Day Sequerra
Booth N5129

M4DDM: This diversity delay monitor is the first Day Sequerra product to incorporate the company’s newly developed digital signal processing (DSP) architecture. The M4DDM DSP runs the Day Sequerra Timelock algorithm to automatically maintain alignment of the HD Radio main program signal (MPS) analog and HD-1 digital audio. Using its selective off-air tuner, the M4DDM measures the MPS analog and HD-1 digital audio diversity and generates a continuous stream of correction vectors to keep the analog and digital audio time and level aligned. These correction vectors can be processed internally by the M4DDM to delay the digital program audio or can be sent via Ethernet to an HD Radio Embedded Exporter to provide the necessary delay. Additionally, the unit has digital audio outputs for confidence monitoring and alarm outputs for loss of program audio and OFDM sidebands as well as HD Radio data and RBDS data payloads. The algorithm used in the M4DDM is based on a new digital audio correlation methodology developed jointly by Harris and Day Sequerra.
[email protected]

Sound system packages
Anchor Audio Communications/Portaco

Liberty: Designed to cover crowds up to 1,000 people with its 117dB output, the Liberty has seen use at many public events. The rugged, reliable and easy-to-use is suitable for indoor or outdoor settings. It can operate ac or dc or its 110/220 power supply. Options include built-in CD player and up to two UHF wireless receivers.

Weatherproof equipment enclosures
L-com Global Connectivity

DIN Rail NEMA Enclosures: This line of NEMA-rated weatherproof equipment enclosures are outfitted with installed mounting rails to accept DIN rails and DIN rail-mountable products, such as power supplies, protocol converters, Industrial wireless access points and Ethernet switches, to be housed inside the enclosure. In addition to off the shelf NEMA rated enclosures L-com can custom manufacture enclosures to exact specifications.
[email protected]

Passive PA speakers
Booth N3838

BR Series: The BR line of sound reinforcement loudspeakers are designed for good audio performance and good looks. A pure titanium 1″ compression driver provides the high frequency output. The bass reflex cabinets feature a 10″, 12″ or 15″ woofer, and sport large steel handles, corner protectors and built-in pole sockets. Each model includes integral protection circuitry built into the passive crossover. Five BR models are available. BR10 (250W), BR 12 (300W) and BR15 (400W) are suited for floor or pole mounting. The BR12M and BR15M are angled for on-floor monitor use.
[email protected]

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April New Products

Apr 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Custom knobs
Kilo International

DD, DDS, HD, JD, ML: This group of custom knobs includes many models. The ML Model features two exclusive soft-touch rings on the outside diameter of the knob, allowing the user to feel the sensitive movement of this knob. An indicator dot is located on top of knob. The HD Model features a taller profile, along with ergonomically designed finger surface, distinguishing itself as a knob that has been specified on thousands of high-end front-panel applications. It also has a partial top and full-length side saw cut indicator line. The JD Model has a saw cut indicator line on half of the top and full-length of the side. The DD Model features a saw cut indicator line in on the front length. The DDS Model is the DD Model with an attractive skirt extended on the bottom portion of the knob for easier viewing of the rotation from atop. An indicator triangle is located on the skirt.
[email protected]

Prism Sound

MEA-2 Upgrade: Designed for recording and mastering applications, the MEA-2 is a stereo or two-channel, four-band analog equalizer with stepped Q/shelf, frequency and cut/boost controls on each band. The new MEA-2 features faster amplifiers with wider bandwidth and improved low-frequency EQ filters. The individual EQ sections are now completely switched off when the gain controls are set to 0dB and the unit goes into full bypass when the power is switched off. The new output amplifiers have improved high frequency performance.
[email protected]

CD recorder/player
Booth N7636

CDR633: Housed in a 2RU enclosure, this professional CD player plays and records standard CD-R and CD-RW discs. It can also play MP3 files. Other features include Marantz Minute Track with Adjustable Time – or Level-dependent Auto Track Increment, auto-cue, auto fade-in and out with programmable time and sync (level dependent) recording. It includes an internal sample rate Converter (32 – 48kHz) and analog and coaxial/optical (S/PDIF) digital inputs and outputs.
[email protected]

Analog/digital FM Antenna
ERI-Electronics Research
Booth C1307

Shared aperture FM antennas: Shared aperture FM antennas for simulcast analog and IBOC digital transmission operation utilize the Rototiller Series FM antennas. The systems are capable of implementing the proposed increase to digital IBOC effective radiated power (ERP) levels of up to 10 percent (-10dBc) of authorized analog ERP. The shared aperture antenna system is available in a large variety of configurations and utilizes construction methods that yield analog to digital isolation ratios of -40dB, for single-frequency applications. The antenna systems are also available in arrays suitable for multiplexing two or more signals into a common antenna and transmission line. In addition to multiplexed designs, the shared aperture FM antennas are available as directional FM arrays and can be measured and optimized for best radiation performance on ERI’s full scale antenna test range.
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

V-Soft has added a new FCC Activity Alert service for its software clients. The service will alert the users of the construction permits granted, dismissals and other similar FCC activities. (�All Tieline Technology G3 broadcast codecs will now include IP on-board as a standard feature. Wireless 3G/3.5G, POTS, ISDN, X.21, satellite ISDN and IP can be added as needed. (…Sage Alerting Systems is now shipping its new Digital Endec EAS encoder/decoder. This unit replaces the original Sage Endec. (…With eight codecs in 2RU, the Telos Zephyr Iport is now shipping. (…NTI has added a Pin 1 Cable Tester functionality feature to the Minirator MR-Pro. (

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