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Assistance Sought in Fighting Radio Automation System Lawsuit

Assistance Sought in Fighting Radio Automation System Lawsuit

Jun 21, 2011 9:38 AM

Jun 20, 2011 – From information from the National Association of Broadcasters, a legal battle has been brewing between radio broadcasters and a company named Mission Abstract Data LLC, (doing business as DigiMedia). DigiMedia claims to have patents on a method and system for operating radio stations using a computer hard drives with a digital database of stored music that is programmed, played and broadcast. Radio broadcasters have been quite vocal to this challenge, saying that they have been playing music at stations off an up-and-running hard drive since the early-1990s. Specifically, they note that Smarts Broadcasting (SmartCaster), Arrakis (DigiLink), MediaTouch (MediaDisk), RCS (Master Control), Enco (DAD), Digital Universe, DCS, Audisk and a few others had such systems in place by 1992.

To prove broadcasters were using such a system prior to DigiMedia’s claim, attorneys representing broadcasters are trying to track down user manuals or other documentation about such systems that pre-date the DigiMedia’s filing date. Its patent was filed on January 25, 1994.

Materials from early 1993 or 1992 would be the most helpful. Some of these materials have been found, but the NAB asks broadcasters to check file cabinets, bookshelves, libraries and other places to see if you have any of the old user manuals exist.

If you have any of these materials or have any further questions, contact William Bradley at 202-659-9076 or [email protected].

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