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Audio processing at NAB2001

Audio processing at NAB2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

Aphex demonstrated the 2020 Mk II, the successor to the original 2020. It now has a dual-band optical pre-emphasis limiter, overshoot-compensated low-pass filters and a dual-output stereo generator with RDS interface. Also on display was the 1100 tube mic preamp, a two-channel mic preamp.

Eventide announced the BD960 profanity delay replaces the BD941/942 units. It adds the ability to cover objectionable material with a prerecorded item, like the old cart-cover systems. Also shown was the Eclipse Harmonizer, which includes a full complement of pitch change, reverb and special effects program presets in 1RU.

Last year, IDT unveiled the DVP-FM. This year, the line has been expanded to include the DVP-AM and DVP-Web, designed for the specific applications. Also new to the IDT line are the Digital Encoder Plus, and FM stereo generator and limiter, the Digital Band Processor, a four-band processor with adjustable crossovers, and the Virtual Voice Processor, a FET process mic processor.

Inovonics introduced the Omega_FM is a software-based, four-band digital audio processor. It includes a stereo generator.

Omina displayed the Omnia-6. It now meets the BS 412-9 for European transmission standards. Also shown were the Omnia-3, and Toolvox mic processor.

Orban has release software version 1.0 for the Optimod 8400, which debuted last year. Also shown was the Optimod PC, a PC card with all the functions of the Optimod processor. It will be available later this year.

Symetrix has developed the Air Tools 6100, a 24-bit profanity delay. It can handle up to 20 seconds of 20kHz stereo audio.

TC Electronic/TC Helicon demonstrated the TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus Human Voice Modeling\Format Processor. This vocal processor implements the company’s exclusive of Voice Modeling technology.