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Audio Science Hits 50,000 Product Mark

Audio Science Hits 50,000 Product Mark

Dec 21, 2009 12:34 PM

New Castle, DE – Dec 21, 2009 – Audio Science manufactured its 50,000th professional broadcast product, and Axia Audio notes that it is an Axia Livewire product as well.

The product is an ASI6585 PCI Livewire adapter card, a product that received a Radio magazine Pick Hit Award in 2007. The ASI6585 is a super audio NIC with a native Livewire interface that lets audio workstations and playout computers connect directly to Axia networks using a single Ethernet connector to transmit eight stereo record/playback channels (16 channels total), logic and PAD.

IP-based Audio Distribution

Migration to IP audio can save money as well as offer new choices in the way audio is shipped for remotes, STLs and other real-time links….

Multicast DHCP

At the rate the radio industry is going, within 10 years the most common audio connection won’t be an XLR but an Ethernet RJ-45….