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Bringing the show to you

Bringing the show to you

Mar 1, 2001 12:00 PM, Chriss Scherer, editor

Here we are again, getting ready for another NAB convention. Whether you attend the show or not, this annual event influences you and your broadcast operation because most exhibitors choose this show to unveil their new services and hardware. Attending the convention gives you the chance to see new products being demonstrated. These demonstrations can provide insight into how a product functions and can sometimes reveal an interesting characteristic or capability that make that product the perfect solution for your needs.

As you walk the show floor following your plan of who and what to see, you will find other new products that spark your interest as well. I’m sure you will find more than what you originally planned to see.

But while the NAB convention continues to grow in attendance, not everyone has the opportunity to go. State and regional conventions offer similar opportunities, but these shows may not correspond to your capital purchase schedule. Even monthly SBE meetings may not be able to provide timely information. So what’s the best way to arrange a product demonstration that fits your schedule? It’s called the Demo Room, and it’s a new feature for BE Radio.

Each issue of BE Radio brings you information about technology for radio broadcasting. The written word and color photos tell a full story, but may not give you everything you want to know. We have developed the Demo Room to bring you complete manufacturer demonstrations about the latest new products. New demonstrations will be added every month, so there is sure to be something that will interest you. Even better, you can access this information online when it fits your schedule.

When you see the Demo Room logo like the one to the above right, it tells you that a product demo is available online. Simply go to and click on the Demo Room logo to see that demonstration. All the demos are available in both Windows Media and Real formats in a variety of data rates. As long as you have Internet access, your private demo is waiting for you. You don’t need to wait for more information about the products that interest you. The Demo Room brings them to you on demand.

With the constant press for time, you need information that fits your schedule. When a demo is posted to the Demo Room, you may not have an immediate interest in the product, but you may some time later. The Demo Room will also feature an archive section where you can search any of the past demos that are posted there.

The Demo Room was created in a partnership with Intertec Publishing’s sister company, Industry Click. All the magazines within the entertainment technology division are arranging product demonstrations as well. While you’re looking for a Demo Room feature from BE Radio, you may find a demonstration from Broadcast Engineering, Mix, Netmedia or any other Intertec publication that is of interest as well.

The Internet already supplies an incredible amount of information. You have probably already visited to see the additional monthly features and updated-daily industry news. The Demo Room is another way that we’re using the Web to bring you more valuable information when you want it.

On the Road:

Chriss will moderate two sessions at NAB:

  • International DAB Panel – April 22A look at the state of DAB outside the U.S.
  • What You Missed on the Show Floor – April 25It’s a big show with lots to see.

Check the NAB2001 guide for session locations.