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Broadband Growth Through 2009

Broadband Growth Through 2009

Aug 1, 2010 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Sign Off, Aug 2010

According to the Broadband Forum, broadband growth was steady in 2009, with a pick-up in every region in the fourth quarter. With the addition of 58 million lines of broadband technology in 2009, there are now more than 466.56 million broadband customers in the world. The Asian market showed the strongest growth with China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam being the most significant contributors. Asia now accounts for 39 percent of the broadband market. The United States and Canada reported a steady growth throughout the year, while a slowdown in Central and South America contributed to a lower growth rate for the region. The region as a whole added 13.7 million customers in 2009. The United States, with 85,287,100 subscribers, was among the top 10 countries in the world.

CountryBroadband 2008 Q4Broadband 2009 Q4Yearly GrowthMarket ShareNet Adds 2009 Asia153,905,582183,090,64718.96%39.21%29,185,065 Europe129,145,899142,931,56010.67%30.61%13,785,661 Americas113,500,830127,177,22412.05%27.24%13,676,394 Middle East/Africa12,269,41213,718,67511.81%2.94%1,449,263 Total408,821,723466,918,10614.21%100%58,096,383