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Broadcast Electronics STXe 500

Broadcast Electronics STXe 500

Mar 17, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

This exciter/transmitter, along with its 60W version, the STXe 60, is now the standard exciter in all current production BE FM transmitters. It features full IP connectivity, fully rated output into 1.5:1 VSWR, an extensive remote GUI interface, and full compatibility with single frequency networks, including external 10MHz and 1PPS inputs. In addition, the STXe500 is fully compatible with Broadcast Electronics’ adaptive pre-correction and crest factor reduction technology, VPe. Along with these features, STXe also provides compatibility with the new 192kHz digital composite input. Internal control communications is done using CAN bus technology, providing maximum resistance to interference, especially in high RF environments like crowded transmitter sites. The STXe series is also fully type-approved for LPFM use.
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