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Build the Community

Build the Community

Jan 1, 2011 7:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

How’s your elevator speech? When asked, “What does your company do?” do have a concise answer? If you don’t, you should. For Radio magazine, the concise answer I provide is that we help our readers do their jobs better. That’s the primary goal with every article, webinar, posting, blog, forum and other effort that comes from Radio magazine.

Of course that’s just the start of the elevator speech. It’s how we accomplish this that sets Radio magazine apart.

I’m fortunate to work with a strong team as well. The names you see in almost every issue � Doug Irwin, Harry Martin, Jeremy Ruck, Kevin McNamara, Chris Wygal, Erin Shipps � are just as involved in radio as you are, and they share their experiences, knowledge and insight to help you. There are many other people who contribute to our goal of shared help. Ron Bartlebaugh, Gil Wilson, Mike Kernen, Tom Atkins, Jeff Smith and Barry Thomas are just some of them.

But even though there’s a crowd of regulars, this is an open community. We are always looking for more information from this vast community. Field Reports are a great example of this. These are equipment reviews performed by and for the industry. They are written to help you learn about the products from an unbiased source: Your peers. Field Reports are written by the users, not the magazine staff.

You likely have some new piece of equipment you like. Share your experience with the Radio magazine community. Tell me about what you have and we can get started on a Field Report. (You’ll even get paid for your work.)

This helping community isn’t limited to equipment reviews. A facility is built on the sum of the individual parts, and the Facility Showcase and On Location articles in Radio magazine bring the products and theory together into a working project.

I’m sure you have also noticed that we don’t just focus on the large-scale, major-market projects. The large facilities are often marvels of project implementation, but we also look for smaller installations. Quite often the stand-alone stations in the smallest towns have some of the most interesting installations. The Facility Showcase articles let others see your work. It’s a good chance someone else is facing a challenge you have already overcome.

Have you completed a new facility? Maybe you pulled off a major live event. Or perhaps you have something in the works. Again, tell us about it and share your experience.

This brings me to a new project we’re launching at Radio magazine. Now that the new year is here, the plans for the 2011 NAB Show are being set in place. I know lots of engineers who lament that they can’t attend the convention. We have a way to help. We are looking for a guest blogger to report on the convention. If you are chosen, Radio magazine will send you to the convention. You will be able to attend sessions, see the exhibits and interact with other broadcasters while you learn about the latest technology.

Want more info? Visit

We’re here to help you do your job better, but you can also help build the community.

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