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BW Broadcast at the Heart of the 2012 Summer Olympics

BW Broadcast at the Heart of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Aug 28, 2012 7:00 PM, By Adam Hall

When the Olympics come to town, it is difficult to put into words the effect it has, as everyone at BW Broadcast have been finding out for the fortnight during the event.

BW Broadcast is based in London, England, a Javelin’s throw from the Olympic village, the stage on which the world’s greatest athletes have had 4.8 billion people riveted to their radios, TV sets and computers.

When the Olympic torch landed on British soil, anticipation of the greatest show on Earth began to build, but before this point, BW Broadcast had already supplied a large number of FM transmitters for a multitude of purposes across multiple Olympic venues. Such was the demand around the world for coverage of this event that a building that could hold five jumbo jets, wing to wing, was built in the Olympic Park.

In the weightlifting for example, a TX5 (Band 1) was used to provide commentary for those in and around the park. It was snapped in action below by one of our own engineers who was taking in some Olympic action. Can you spot the transmitter?

BW Broadcast TX25s were also in use providing live football commentary across multiple languages to the international audience. At different stadiums around the country, the nations battled it out with Mexico coming out on top in the men’s competition and Team USA taking home gold in the women’s competition.

London 2012 had some spectacular backdrops, from Wembley, the home of football; to Horse Guards Parade, the site for the world famous Trooping the Colour. In this hallowed ground under the gaze of the London Eye and Big Ben, the world’s best beach volleyball players went toe to toe. Again a couple of BW Broadcast transmitters were on-site doing what they do best. With built in audio processing and AES/EBU inputs added shortly before the Olympics to all our FM transmitters at no extra cost, the transmission and processing for many events was put in the safe and very capable hands of BW Broadcast.

Great Britain has been on a high since the arrival of the Torch and the opening ceremony acted as a catalyst for national hysteria as Olympic fever swept the nation. London was alive with activity, with the Games on everybody’s lips. Millions of people lined the streets and stadiums to cheer on their respective athletes and a carnival feel gripped the capital. At BW Broadcast HQ, stories of attendance at different events were hot topic as the nation became experts in sports such as the modern pentathlon, archery, double-tap shooting and synchronised swimming. Such was the spectacle of the Olympics that overwhelming ticket demand caused every event to sell out. The 2012 Paralympics starting in a week’s time are also almost sold out, another first.

No prizes for guessing who has been called upon to provide equipment for that too.

Hall is the international sales executive at BW Broadcast.