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Catching up with the mail

Catching up with the mail

Jun 1, 2006 12:00 PM

I read with interest John Battison’s RF Engineering column, “Engineering Assistance” in the March 2006 issue of Radio magazine. He well covered most of the broadcast engineering/allocation software providers serving the industry. I would like to make you aware of Au Contraire Software, a software consulting service that provides access to more then 200 software titles and FCC databases of AM, FM, TV, broadcast auxiliary, land mobile, terrain, conductivity and population. We have provided these services for 15 years.
Cris Alexander, CSRE
Au Contraire Software

Combined thanks

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you.

Earlier this year I was involved in building new studios for three radio stations and a satellite network in Minnesota. At the old studio, I was told to tie left and right + and left and right – together for a mono signal. I just didn’t like doing it this way.

At the new studio, I installed a Symetrix 422 stereo AGC/leveler. Because the 422 doesn’t have a mono out, I built the lattice combiner (found on the Radio magazine website) and mounted it on an XLR male connector. It works great, and it’s so simple! Sometimes simple is best!
Scott Schmeling, chief engineer
Linder Radio Group
Mankato, MN

Glad it worked for you. The Lattice Combiner is one of the tips in the Engineers Notebook section of the Radio magazine website. We’re always looking for more ideas and tips to include, so please send them to us.