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Continental Electronics 802E, 802Ex

Continental Electronics 802E, 802Ex

Jul 21, 2010 3:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital FM/HD Radio exciter

The 802E FM digital exciter is the base system for the 802Ex FM/HD Radio exciter. The 802E incorporates the basic spectrum readings and display and can easily be field upgraded for IBOC with the addition of the CEC Exgine card, iBiquity software and an 800EXP Embedded Exporter. Software features of the 802Ex include Continental’s exclusive Insight HD Radio performance monitoring system, which shows spectral, constellation, filter and adaptive precorrection performance. Standard in the 802Ex exciter is Continental’s fully adaptive, real-time forward precorrection, allowing changes in transmitter or RF system performance to be automatically sensed and corrected; software-selectable HD Radio power levels of -20dB, -10dB or any power level in between; hi-res color LCD screen for maximum clarity and accuracy; built-in stereo generator; built-in audio delay (up to 16.4 seconds); synchronization using GPS 10MHz signal; multiple AES3 digital audio inputs; AES3 audio output; standard composite input and two baseband SCA inputs.
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