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Contributor Pro-file: Alex Kosiorek

Contributor Pro-file: Alex Kosiorek

Oct 4, 2007 11:45 AM

Alex Kosiorek, Director of Recording Services, Cleveland Institute of Music

An award-winning engineer who specializes in classical, jazz and acoustic music, Kosiorek focuses his attention on productions that promote high-quality reproduction, mixing and mastering through technologically advanced media. Credits include projects for notable record labels, artists and ensembles, including commercial releases. Kosiorek began his radio career for the late Radio Smithsonian and later for KUAT Communications Group. He delved into surround production, recording the New World Symphony’s European Tour in surround in the great halls of Europe. Formerly the audio recording and mastering engineer for the Corbett Studio and Cincinnati Public Radio, Kosiorek has recorded/produced surround broadcasts of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and other premier ensembles. He was instrumental in creating the first radio station in the country to commence 5.1 programming. Kosiorek’s love and passion for music extends beyond his career, as he is also an avid social and advanced-level competitive west coast swing dancer.