Contributor Pro-File: Gil T. Wilson

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Contributor Pro-File: Gil T. Wilson

Apr 1, 2010 8:00 AM

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This month: Olympus LS-11

Gil T. Wilson
Announcer, Producer, Webmaster
Lawrenceville, IL

Wilson spent six years in the Navy as an operations specialist before beginning his 25-plus-year career in broadcasting. His career has taken him from Carbondale, IL, to Kansas City and back to Illinois. He holds three degrees: a B.A. in radio/television broadcasting; a B.A. in theatre from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; and an A.A.S. in electronics and computer technology. He also operates a voice work/production business via

Field Report: Olympus LS-11

All in all the Olympus LS-11 is perfect for anyone seeking a solid recording device for any professional use....