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Contributor Pro-file: Russ Berger

Contributor Pro-file: Russ Berger

Sep 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Meet the professionals who write for Radio magazine

Russ Berger, President, Russ Berger Design Group, Addison, TX

Russ Berger’s past experience in the studio as musician, engineer and owner gives him insight as a consultant into all aspects and phases of facility design. He currently serves as president of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants. Berger has more than 2,500 design projects to his credit, including NPR headquarters, Whitney Houston’s personal studio, Sweetwater, NFL Films headquarters and Sony Music. Berger is also Radio magazine’s technical consultant on broadcast acoustics.

Martha Quinn’s RadioBu

Having a custom-built personal studio was once a luxury on-air radio talent could not experience. With the move toward computer-based digital recording technologies, more and more on-air talent are finding that owning their own personal studio is now within reach….