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Digital Radio Update – December 24, 2008

Digital Radio Update – December 24, 2008

Dec 24, 2008 11:43 AM, By Mark Krieger


  • Report: UK Analog Radio Sunset May Begin in 2017
  • Verizon Advertising on CC HD 2 Channels
  • Streaming Media Standards Alliance to Launch at CES
  • IBOC by State: California
  • FCC Steps Back from Pivotal Votes on Free Broadband, IBOC Digital Carrier Boost
  • Europe Gets New DRM Service
  • The New Language of Digital Radio


Report: UK Analog Radio Sunset May Begin in 2017
A final report drafted by the UK”s Digital Radio Working Group (DRWG) indicates that a phased transition from analog broadcasting to a nationwide DAB multiplex could take place as soon as 2017, providing the government subsidizes the cost of infrastructure build-out, and relaxes key regulatory burdens.

The DRWG report, drafted at the request of British telecom officials, sets out three criteria that, once met, would set the transition in motion:

  • At least 50 percent of all radio listening taking place via non-analog channels
  • National DAB multiplex coverage equivalent or better to that of current analog FM
  • Local DAB multiplex coverage equivalent to at least 90 percent that of current analog FM

The report also affirms that DAB is the most suitable replacement for public and commercial analog radio in the UK, but that the platform must be supplemented by low-power community analog FM service as well as broadband delivery. Thus, the report calls for new receivers entering the market to be multi-mode capable, including FM, DAB and other Eureka 147 family technology. Also recommended is the development of a timetable for migration from analog services on Long and Medium Wave bands (AM) as well as FM in which LW and MW would be first to be reallocated for other applications, while VHF FM would follow last. Once set in motion, the entire process would play out over three years

DAB critics were quick to point out that the report does not address the use of the now-outmoded MPEG Layer 2 codec. The newer DAB+ standard, set for launch in Australia next May, employs 128 AAC coding, which is generally ranked as far superior to MP2 operating at 96-160kb/s rates. Controversy is also likely to surround the suggestion that government directly subsidize the cost of building out multiplex networks into rural and mountainous areas, while relaxing local content and ownership rules on commercial broadcasters.

The report represents a closing phase for the government-sponsored group, organized by the regulatory authority Ofcom, and composed of representatives from the BBC, private broadcast groups, and other interested stakeholders.


Verizon Advertising on CC HD 2 Channels
In what is being billed as an HD Radio first, wireless carrier Verizon has been sponsoring a branded radio channel now carried by 21 Clear Channel stations nationwide, and also available as an Internet stream from the CC radio websites.

Dubbed Verizon New Music, the channel targets an 18 to 34 demographic, with music from up-and-coming artists, and artist interviews. According to a post in Radio Sales Today, the only ads running on the channel are two Verizon 20-second spots hourly.

Bob McCurdy, regional president of CC Radio Sales, was quoted by RST as saying that the arrangement is all about achieving first mover advantage.

Clear Channel is reportedly promoting the product over the main program channels in the featured markets, which include outlets in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami, among 14 others.

Streaming Media Standards Alliance to Launch at CES
The wide-open world of streaming media may get a shot in the arm from a new organization that seeks to develop and promote a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles to drive the market for Internet-connected media devices.

The newly minted Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA) will initially consist of 10 member organizations, including Frontier Silicon, Audiovox, France Telecom, Reciva, Global Radio, PURE, vTuner, TerraTec, AwoX and the BBC, but the group is actively courting additional participants from the technology, content and retail markets. To that end, IMDA has chosen the CES in Las Vegas as its venue for an inaugural assembly on Jan. 9.

The Alliance will concentrate on defining of a series of end-to-end technical standards, functions and profiles, encouraging development of a range of Internet media devices, and on the promotion of Internet-connected technology to consumers and retailers. A certification and branding program are also in the works.

Formation of the IMDA was initiated at the Internet Radio Summit in 2008, hosted by the BBC in London. Steering committee members include Harry Johnson, vTuner; John Ousby, BBC; Anthony Sethill, Frontier Silicon; Colin Crawford, PURE; Nick Piggott, Global Radio; Ben Terrell, Reciva; Olivier Carmona, AwoX; Oliver Depardon, France Telecom; Stephan Noethen, TerraTec, and Todd Beals of Audiovox.

IBOC Across America

IBOC by State: California
Ibiquity has a list of stations with licensed HD Radio technology and notes those on the air now. IBOC by state looks at various states and lists the stations making the transition. There are 170 stations in the Golden State broadcasting 255 HD Radio channels.

MarketStationHD1 FormatHD2 FormatHD3 FormatOwner BakersfieldKTQX-FM 90.1Spanish/Variety–Radio Bilingue BakersfieldKPRX-FM 89.1Classical/NPR–White Ash Broadcasting CalexicoKQVO-FM 97.7News/Talk/InfoGroove Salad-San Diego State University FresnoKALZ-FM 96.7ACGroove-Clear Channel FresnoKFSO-FM 92.9Oldies/SpanishSpanish – Tejano-Clear Channel FresnoKCBL-AM 1340Sports–Clear Channel FresnoKWYE-FM 101.1ACOther – MTVish-Peak Broadcasting FresnoKMGV-FM 97.9OldiesOldies – 60s and 70s-Peak Broadcasting FresnoKMJ-AM 580News/Talk/Sports–Peak Broadcasting FresnoKSKS-FM 93.7CountryCountry – Classic Country-Peak Broadcasting FresnoKFJK-FM 105.9JackRock – Triple A-Peak Broadcasting FresnoKLBN-FM 101.9MexicanCHR – Spanish-Lotus Communications FresnoKLLE-FM 107.9Spanish/Reggae/Hip Hop–Univision Radio FresnoKOND-FM 92.1Mexican–Univision Radio FresnoKRZR-FM 103.7RockGarage-Clear Channel FresnoKHGE-FM 102.7CountryMother Trucker-Clear Channel FresnoKSJV-FM 91.5Spanish/Variety–Radio Bilingue FresnoKSOF-FM 98.9Soft ACVegas Lounge-Clear Channel FresnoKVPR-FM 89.3NPR/Classical–White Ash Broadcasting Los AngelesKRCD-FM 103.9Spanish/Oldies–Univision Radio Los AngelesKBIG-FM 104.3Hot ACPride Radio-Clear Channel Los AngelesKKJZ-FM 88.1Jazz–California State University Los AngelesKWVE-FM 107.9Christian–Calvary Chapel Church Los AngelesKCBS-FM 93.1JackAmp Radio-CBS Radio Los AngelesKNX-AM 1070News–CBS Radio Los AngelesKRCV-FM 98.3Spanish/Oldies–Univision Radio Los AngelesKIIS-FM 102.7Top 40KISS FM New Music-Clear Channel Los AngelesKSCA-FM 101.9MexicanSpanish News/Talk-Univision Radio Los AngelesKLSX-FM 97.1TalkCountry – KFRG-FM-CBS Radio Los AngelesKDIS-AM 1110Family Hits–Radio Disney Los AngelesKTWV-FM 94.7NAC/Jazz–CBS Radio Los AngelesKFWB-AM 980News-CBS Radio Los Angeles106.7KROQ-HDFMCBS Radio Los AngelesKROQ-FM 106.7AlternativeROQ of the 80s-CBS Radio Los AngelesKRTH-FM 101.1Classic HitsPre-Beatles Oldies-CBS Radio Los AngelesKXOL-FM 96.3Regat/HipHop–Spanish Broadcasting System Los AngelesKABC-AM 790Talk–Citadel Los AngelesKSPN-AM 710Sports–ESPN Radio Los AngelesKDLD-FM 103.1AlternativeBest of INDIE 103.1-Entravision Los AngelesKDLE-FM 103.1AlternativeBest of INDIE 103.1-Entravision Los AngelesKOST-FM 103.5ACKOST Classics-Clear Channel Los AngelesKBRT-AM 740Christian/Talk–Crawford Broadcasting Company Los AngelesKHHT-FM 92.3Urban/Rhythm and BluesSlow Jams-Clear Channel Los AngelesKLOS-FM 95.5AORFusion Hispanic & Anglo RockKABC-AM 790Citadel Los AngelesKLVE-FM 107.5Spanish ACAmor Celestial-Univision Radio Los AngelesKSSE-FM 107.1Spanish/CHRTBD-Entravision Los AngelesKPWR-FM 105.9Rhythmic/CHRPower Dos-Emmis Los AngelesKTNQ-AM 1020Spanish/News/Talk–Univision Radio Los AngelesKYSR-FM 98.7Modern ACeRockster-Clear Channel Los AngelesKWIZ-FM 96.7Mexican/Variety–Liberman Los AngelesKKGO-FM 105.1-Go Classic CountryNews/Talk – KGIL-AMMount Wilson FM Broadcasters Los AngelesKPCC-FM 89.3News/Talk/InfoAHORA – SpanishThe CurrentPasadena Area Community College Los AngelesKLYY-FM 97.5Spanish/Adult HitsHispanic Oldies-Entravision Los AngelesKCRW-FM 89.9Educational/News–Santa Monica Community College Los AngelesKLAC-AM 570Sports–Clear Channel Los AngelesKMVN-FM 93.9Rhythmic/Hot ACTriple A-Emmis Los AngelesKCSN-FM 88.5Classical/American–California State University Los AngelesKUSC-FM 91.5Classical–University of Southern California Los AngelesKSWD-FM 100.3AAA–Bonneville International ModestoKESP-AM 970Sports–Citadel ModestoKATM- FM 103.3Country–Citadel ModestoKHKK-FM 104.1Classic Hits–Citadel ModestoKFIV-AM 1360News/Talk–Clear Channel ModestoKJSN-FM 102.3Soft ACClassical-Clear Channel ModestoKCBC-AM 770Christian–Crawford Broadcasting Company ModestoKOSO-FM 93.1Modern ACClassic Hits-Clear Channel ModestoKMPO-FM 88.7Spanish/Variety–Radio Bilingue ModestoKWNN-FM 98.3CHR–Citadel ModestoKMPH-AM 840Adult Standards/Talk–Pappas Radio MojaveKCRY-FM 88.1Educational/News–Santa Monica Community College Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKSES-FM 107.1Span/CHR–Entravision Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKWAV-FM 96.9ACAdult Standards-Buckley Broadcasting Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKOCN-FM 105.1OldiesOldies 50s and 60s-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKPRC-FM 100.7Spanish/OldiesSpanish AC-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKDON-FM 102.5CHRUrban Hip Hop-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKTOM-FM 92.7CountryCountry Rock-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKAZU-FM 90.3NPR/News/InfoClassical-California State University Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKUSP-FM 88.9Variety–Pataphysical Broadcasting Foundation Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKHDC-FM 90.9Variety/Spanish–Radio Bilingue Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKSQL-FM 99.1Mexican–Univision Radio Mount ShastaKNSQ-FM 88.1News/Jazz–Oregon Board of Higher Education Oxnard-VenturaKSSC-FM 107.1Span/CHR–Entravision Oxnard-VenturaKCRU-FM 89.1Educational/News–Santa Monica Community College Palm SpringsKLOB-FM 94.7Spanish AC–Entravision Palm SpringsKPSC-FM 88.5Classical–University of Southern California Palm SpringsKAJR-FM 95.9AC–A&J Media Rio DellKNHT-FM 107.3Classical/News–Oregon Board of Higher Education Riverside-San BernardinoKFRG-FM 95.1Country–CBS Radio Riverside-San BernardinoKGGI-FM 99.1Top 40Jammin Oldies-Clear Channel Riverside-San BernardinoKDIF-AM 1440Mexican/Oldies–Clear Channel Riverside-San BernardinoKVCR-FM 91.9Educational–San Bernardino Community College District Riverside-San BernardinoKCRI-FM 89.3Educational/News–Santa Monica Community College SacramentoKSSJ-FM 94.7Smooth Jazz–Entercom Communications SacramentoKXJZ-FM 90.9Jazz/NewsClassical-California State University SacramentoKXPR-FM 88.9Classical–California State University SacramentoKHYL-FM 101.1Rhythmic/OldiesUrban Ballads And Love Songs-Clear Channel SacramentoKFBK-AM 1530News/Talk–Clear Channel SacramentoKGBY-FM 92.5Modern ACAll 80s-Clear Channel SacramentoKSEG-FM 96.9Classic RockBlues-Entercom Communications SacramentoKHTK-AM 1140Sports/Talk–CBS Radio SacramentoKNCI-FM 105.1CountryFuture Country-CBS Radio SacramentoKRXQ-FM 98.5AORLive Rock-Entercom Communications SacramentoKBMB-FM 103.5Rhythmic/CHR–Entravision SacramentoKQEI-FM 89.3NPR–KQED SacramentoKVMR-FM 89.5Variety–Nevada City Community Broadcast Group SacramentoKXSE-FM 104.3Spanish AC–Entravision SacramentoKRCX-FM 99.9Mexican–Entravision SacramentoKWOD-FM 106.5AlternativeDeep Rock Tracks-Entercom Communications SacramentoKSFM-FM 102.5Rhythmic/CHRDance-CBS Radio SacramentoKIID-AM 1470Family Hits–Radio Disney SacramentoKDND-FM 107.9CHRComedy-Entercom Communications San DiegoKIOZ-FM 105.3RockRock-Mashups-Clear Channel San DiegoKHTS-FM 93.3Top 40Pride Radio-Clear Channel San DiegoKSON-FM 97.3CountryClassic Rock-Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKGB-FM 101.5-All Morning Shows-Clear Channel San DiegoKSSD-FM 107.1Spanish/CHR–Entravision San DiegoKSOQ-FM 92.1Country–Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKLQV-FM 102.9Spanish/Adult Hits–Univision Radio San DiegoKOGO-AM 600Talk/News/Sports–Clear Channel San DiegoKYXY-FM 96.5Soft RockChristian Rock-The Crossing-CBS Radio San DiegoKMYI-FM 94.1Hot ACAdult Alternative (AAA)-Clear Channel San DiegoKPBS-FM 89.5News/Talk/InfoClassicalGroove SaladSan Diego State University San DiegoKSCF-FM 103.7ACDance Electronica-CBS Radio San DiegoKUSS-FM 95.7CountryAll New Country!-Clear Channel San FranciscoKMKY-AM 1310Family Hits–Radio Disney San FranciscoKMVQ-FM 99.7Rhythmic/ACCHR-CBS Radio San FranciscoKSJO-FM 92.3Spanish/OldiesHispanic Hits-Clear Channel San FranciscoKOIT-FM 96.5AC50s 60s Oldies-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKLLC-FM 97.3ACChill-CBS Radio San FranciscoKCBS-AM 740News–CBS Radio San FranciscoKSAN-FM 107.7RockThe Bone 2-Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKITS-FM 105.3AlternativeClassic Alternative-CBS Radio San FranciscoKFRC-FM 106.9NewsClassic Hits-CBS Radio San FranciscoKBWF-FM 95.7CountryCountry-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKGO-AM 810News/Talk–Citadel San FranciscoKIOI-FM 101.380s HitsPride Radio-Clear Channel San FranciscoKMEL-FM 106.1HipHop/Rhythm and BluesExtreme Hip-Hop-Clear Channel San FranciscoKQED-FM 88.5NPR–KQED San FranciscoKTCT-AM 1050Sports–Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKFOG-FM 104.5AAAThe New Music Matrix-Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKALW-FM 91.7News/Talk/Info–San Francisco Unified School District San FranciscoKCSM-FM 91.1Jazz–San Mateo County Community College San FranciscoKKGN-AM 960Talk–Clear Channel San FranciscoKISQ-FM 98.1Rhythm/BluesClassic Hip Hop-Clear Channel San FranciscoKNEW-AM 910Talk–Clear Channel San FranciscoKYLD-FM 94.9CHR/DanceFuZic-Clear Channel San FranciscoKKSF-FM 103.7Smooth JazzTraditional Jazz-Clear Channel San FranciscoKDFC-FM 102.1ClassicalClassical Deep Cuts-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKBRG-FM 100.3Spanish/OldiesSpanish-Univision Radio San FranciscoKSOL-FM 98.9MexicanSpanish-Univision Radio San JoseKVVF-FM 105.7Spanish AC/RegatUnknown-Univision Radio San JoseKLOK-AM 1170Spanish/Talk/Sports–Univision Radio San JoseKCNL-FM 104.9Modern RockIndie & New Rock-Clear Channel San JoseKFFG-FM 97.7AAAHit Music-Cumulus Media Partners San JoseKUFX-FM 98.5Classic RockDeep Tracks-Clear Channel San Luis ObispoKCBX-FM 90.1Public–KCBX Santa BarbaraKRAZ-FM 105.9Country–Knight Broadcasting Santa BarbaraKQSC-FM 88.7Classical–University of Southern California StocktonKQOD-FM 100.1Rhythmic/OldiesTropical Oldies-Clear Channel StocktonKMRQ-FM 96.7Spanish/Adult HitsActive Rock-Clear Channel StocktonKWSX-AM 1280Spanish/Adult Hits–Clear Channel StocktonKJOY-FM 99.3AC–Citadel StocktonKMIX-FM 100.9Mexican–Entravision StocktonKCVR-AM 1570Spanish/Adult Hits–Entravision StocktonKWIN-FM 97.7CHR–Citadel StocktonKYKL-FM 90.7Christian Contemporary–Educational Media Foundation Thousand OaksKCLU-FM 88.3Jazz–California Lutheran University Thousand OaksKDSC-FM 91.1Classical–University of Southern California Visalia-Tulare-HanfordKEZL-AM 1400Sports–Clear Channel Visalia-Tulare-HanfordKBOS-FM 94.9CHRThe Block-Clear Channel YrekaKSYC-AM 1490News/Talk–JPR Foundation YrekaKNYR-FM 91.3Classical/News–Oregon Board of Higher Education

FCC Update

FCC Steps Back from Pivotal Votes on Free Broadband, IBOC Digital Carrier Boost
Feeling the heat generated by irate telecom firms, new congressional committee leadership, and a scathing congressional report on his agency oversight, FCC Chair Kevin Martin decided last week to indefinitely postpone a scheduled agenda vote that included creation of free national broadband services and an IBOC digital radio power boost — both issues of keen interest to broadcasters.

The decision to cancel the scheduled Dec. 18 meeting came after Martin”s office received a letter co-authored by Sen. John D. Rockefeller and Rep. John Waxman, both Democrats headed for key chairmanships in their respective bodies of Congress.

Their message urged Martin to table the vote until the new administration had an opportunity to review complex and controversial issues on the agenda.

But Democrats were not alone in red-flagging the vote. Bush Administration officials reportedly asked the commission to forestall their decision on free broadband as wireless providers AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint complained that such a move would damage their ability to build out their respective 3G/4G networks.

How a new, democratically led FCC will deal with the proposed HD digital power increase as well as other hot-button issues such as broadcast music performance royalties and localism isn”t yet clear. But Waxman”s appointment in particular is seen as a sign that a tougher regulatory environment awaits broadcasters.

On the issue of universal wireless broadband, reports suggest that the incoming Obama administration and democratically controlled congress appear to favor an even more sweeping approach than the one on which the Commission was to vote, perhaps as part of a broad new national infrastructure spending initiative.

Eye on IBOC

Europe Gets New DRM Service
The BBC and Germany”s Deutsche Welle have teamed together to launch a digital European radio service using DRM technology. The new channel will program 18 hours daily on 1296kHz using multiple transmitters to cover France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and neighboring countries. The same content will also be carried via DRM on an array of HF frequencies.

Programming consists of Deutche Welle and BBC international services available from early morning through evening, targeting Western and Central Europe with global news and a mix of in-depth analysis, documentaries and cultural programs in English. The broadcast stream also includes multi-media and electronic program guide (EPG) data.

More information and a program schedule are available at

HD Radio Terminology

The New Language of Digital Radio
Abbreviations explained.

  • BC: Block Count
  • BPSK: Binary Phase Shift Keying
  • BTU: British Thermal Unit
  • CEA: Consumer Electronics Association
  • CCC: Configuration Control Channel
  • Codec: Coder/Decoder
  • CPP: Comment Period (Pre-vote)