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Do You Remember? Gifts of Holidays Past

Do You Remember? Gifts of Holidays Past

Dec 1, 2013 8:30 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

We’re surrounded by technology today, and the holiday wish lists are packed with tablets, games, media devices, phones and many other items that bring various media into everyone’s lives. While the devices of 2013 are highly advanced, the idea of tech for the holidays is hardly a new idea.

We looked into some archives and found two magazine ads that show how radio technology had held the top tech spot for many years. The 1953 ad (above) touted the various colors available in four different models. A radio wasn’t just an appliance then, it was a home accessory. And they all boasted contemporary and sleek styling. Set the alarm to wake up to news or music – from an AM station. There are no FM tuners on these models.

By 1965 (at left), the general styling changed a little, although you can see two models that are very similar to the 1953 offerings. The big change was the addition of FM to the receiver. Even the tiny portable had both bands.

I can imagine hearing Christmas carols playing from the dual speakers of the modern-styled radio now.

1953. Click to enlarge.

1965. Click to enlarge

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