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DRM Consortium to Present at ABU 50th General Assembly in Hanoi

DRM Consortium to Present at ABU 50th General Assembly in Hanoi

Oct 14, 2013 9:14 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Hanoi, Vietnam – Oct 14, 2013 – The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium will have a strong presence at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) 50th General Assembly to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from Oct. 23 – 29, 2013.

On Oct. 25, Alexander Zink, deputy chair of the DRM Tech Committee, will update the ABU Technical group on the recent update to the DRM codec. DRM is the first digital radio standard to embrace the high efficiency codec Extended HE-AAC, which is the latest in the MPEG AAC family of audio codecs, allowing for a natural fit with all modern digital devices.

DRM Chair Ruxandra Obreja will deliver two presentations to the ABU Radio Group. The first presentation will be on Oct. 24 and is titled “Digital Radio: Hardware vs. Software.” This will discuss the added benefits of digital radio (hardware) but also about the difficulty of transition for programmers, managers and sometimes audiences as well – hence the term of software.

The second presentation, on Oct. 25 looks at radio audience behavior and is called “The Digital Radio Users – a New Audience with Old Habits or an Old Audience with New Habits?”

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