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Elenos Indium Series

Elenos Indium Series

Jul 12, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Solid-state transmitters
The Indium Series combines high system efficiency with planar technology, which views a circuit in its two-dimensional state, and uses photographic processing concepts to achieve a series of exposures on a substrate. As used in the entire RF section, this process reduces the parts count, weight, cost, and greatly improves reliability. Additional features of the Indium Series include design suggestions from engineers in the field. The conservative rating of all components extends the life of the transmitter, meaning the transmitter will operate in a much hotter environment. Design steps have also been taken to reduce the impact of high humidity conditions. The ETG2000.20 is a 2kW transmitter with integral built-in exciter. RF Power can be adjusted from 200 to 2kW. The transmitter occupies 2RU. The ETG5000.50 is a 5kW transmitter with built-in integral exciter. RF Power can be adjusted from 300 to 5kW. This model occupies 4RU and does not externally couple two amplifiers to achieve the total output.
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