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ERI 788 Series

ERI 788 Series

Apr 24, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

All-pass FM analog/HD Radio diplexer
This high-level diplexer efficiently combines analog and digital. The system’s analog insertion loss is -0.35dB or less and the digital loss is -1.4dB or less. In addition, the group delay performance is readily correctable by currently available FM transmitters. Group delay of the analog signal is less than 350 nanoseconds and the digital delay is less than 600 nanoseconds. The 788 is rated for up to 30kW analog and up to 5kW digital input power. The digiplexer gives FM radio stations currently operating a -20dBc IBOC power level with a 10dB hybrid injector the opportunity to increase digital power without having to invest in a new transmitter.
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What the Pick Hits judges had to say:
“This is an easy way for me to increase my HD Radio sideband power.”
“My transmitter space is already limited, so this really helps.”

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