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Fairlight USA MFX3.48

Fairlight USA MFX3.48

Nov 1, 2000 12:00 PM

Fairlight USA MFX3.48: Featuring Fairlight’s QDC Technology, MFX3.48 provides a SHARC-based DSP platform with integrated high resolution graphics and dual processor control. MFX3.48 is purpose-built from the ground up, using a system architecture that features a multi-tasking real-time disk operating system adapted for digital audio processing. The system supports a multi-layered, object-based editing environment. Video machine control is incorporated within the editing functionality. MFX3.48 employs SCSI and disk technologies and drops in and out of record at 24-bit resolution, 48 kHz sample rate, on all 48 tracks simultaneously, switching back to monitoring previously recorded tracks. MF3.48 achieves this performance using a single data drive.

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