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Fall Means Conventions

Fall Means Conventions

Sep 1, 2013 8:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

September marks the annual Radio Show, jointly produced by the NAB and the RAB. As you know by now, the convention will be held in Orlando this year. The Radio Show has made the rounds around country, which provides some people with a better opportunity to attend when the convention goes to a specific region.

Some people view the Radio Show (and its predecessor, the NAB Radio Show) as a convention only for programmers, sales people or owners. It’s obvious these areas are covered in the sessions, but there is an engineering and technical element as well. We have a rundown of the technical programming in the September issue. But if you’re an engineer, don’t limit yourself to only attending the technical sessions. Rub elbows with the programmers, sales people and owners and get a feel for what’s important to them. It may not be your primary interest, but it’s all part of station operations. Chances are good you’ll learn something that will increase your value to the station management team.

But there’s more happening in the fall than just the Radio Show. The Audio Engineering Society has its fall convention as well. This year it’s back to New York City. There’s a Broadcast and Streaming conference at the AES convention that addresses several recurring topics and some new items of interest as well. The 135th AES runs from Oct. 17 – 20.

Other events taking place this fall:

� The SBE22 Broadcast and Technology Expo will be held Sept. 25 in Verona, NY. This annual conference continues to grow every year.

� The Wisconsin Broadcast Clinic, presented by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and the state’s SBE chapters, runs from Oct. 8 – 10 in Madison, WI. This annual event attracts lots of great presentations.

� The Ohio Association of Broadcasters holds an annual Engineering Conference in Columbus, OH. The 2013 event will be held on Nov. 7.

� The Society of Broadcast Engineers holds an annual meeting at locations with other convention partners. This year, the SBE meeting will be held in Indianapolis with the Indiana Broadcasters Association Oct. 29 – 30.

And there is one event now behind us:

� The Texas Association of Broadcasters holds its convention in August. The next one will be held Aug. 6 – 7, 2014, in Austin.

I have only touched the surface of regional events being held in the summer and fall. I know there are more. (We have a list of industry events at as well.) In the spring, I often hear that it’s not practical to trek all the way to Las Vegas for nearly a week of sessions and exhibits. But you have a good chance of finding a regional event that can provide an outstanding educational and networking experience. Some may be just a day trip. Others might require an overnight stay. Regardless, think ahead now and plan to attend one soon. Put it in the budget so it’s not a last-minute surprise request.

And one more reminder: We’re gathering information for our Annual Salary Survey right now. Follow the link at today.

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