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Find the Mic Sweepstakes Winners 2004

Find the Mic Sweepstakes Winners 2004

Feb 1, 2004 12:00 PM

This year’s winners and their prizes are:

Since 2000, our annual sweepstakes has tasked our readers with finding the mic icon on each cover from the previous year. The icon, like the ones shown below, is placed on every cover of Radio magazine.

While the mic icon is part of the logo and is also used in the 10 Years logo, the challenge was to find the hidden icon placed on the cover. Sometimes it was easy to find. Sometimes it was a real challenge.

We received a large number of responses, of which more than half correctly identified all 13 cover locations (12 monthly issues plus the September Product Source).

The entries with all 13 correct answers were placed into a random drawing for the three prizes.

Blake Thompson
WZIP-FM, Akron, OH
LPB Silent Mic Boom

Stephen Denemark
WQJC-FM, Quincy, IL
Sonifex RB-MA2 mic preamp
courtesy of Independent Audio

Charles VanHecke
Angelus, Sussex, WI
Neumann BCM 104

Congratulations to the winners.

Be sure to save each issue of Radio magazine so you can enter next year’s sweepstakes.

And if you had trouble finding the mic, here are the correctlocations:


On the left computer display above the console
February: Just above the rear tire of the KASE van
March: The cue speaker on the Otari console
April: Just above and to the left of the word “Point” in the headline
May: In the shadow of the computer monitor to the left of the console
June: Painted on the side of the MRN truck behind the satellite dish and tower
July: On the HP pocket PC just above the IPAQ logo
August: At the base of the graph display on the Optimod
September: On the front panel of the Road Star
Product Source: In the inner ring of the cog surrounding the Wheatstone console
October: In the Lissajous display on the Audition screen capture
November: Above the second “s” in “business” in the Harris ad
December: In the marble background above the right side of the furniture over the drawer section