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Gearing up with new products from NAB2001

Gearing up with new products from NAB2001

Mar 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Laptop sound card

Booth R2773
PCXpocket 440: A multi-channel laptop sound card, the PCXpocket 440 is designed for applications written to run on the card’s on-board digital signal processor. DSP functions include mixing, MPEG (Layer I and II) and GSM encoding and decoding, variable sampling frequency, and audio processing. The PCXpocket 440 has four mono (or two stereo) analog inputs and four mono (or two stereo) analog outputs. In addition, an S/PDIF input/output can be used in place of the first analog input/output pair. A portable and powerful digital audio workstation can be created when Digigram’s Xtrack suite of audio production tools is added to the PCXpocket 440.
703-875-9100; fax 703-875-9161;;

Conversion system

dB Technologies/Audio Intervisual
Booth R2855
dB4496: This expandable system offers 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz sampling frequencies. The expandable dB44???96 system frame may be ordered with any combination of the following two channel plug-in modules (up to eight channels): M???DA824 (two-channel D-to-A module); M???AD824 (two-channel A/D module); M???DD1-2 and MDD2-1 (single/double wire AES translator); or M???BY2 (synchronous up sample/down sample converter module).
206-381-5891; fax 206-381-5835;;

Webcasting enhancements

Dalet Digital Media
Booths R1941, i5849
On-Air Now!: Takes advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the Internet by presenting synchronized text, audio, and video to webcast audiences. By doing so, terrestrial and Internet broadcasters can offer more compelling programming and potentially receive additional revenue by offering e-commerce links that offer audiences the ability to purchase CDs and related merchandise. Record companies can also use On-Air Now! as a vehicle to promote their music and conduct e-commerce activities.
212-825-3322; fax 212-825-0182;

On-air storage and playback

Cartworks/dbm Systems
Booth R2603
Cartworks enhancements: Offers a complete line of Live Assist, Satellite Automation, and Music-on-Hard-Drive Digital Audio Systems. CD quality audio, uncompressed WAV and MPEG layer 2 & 3 compatibility make CartWorks suitable for digital audio. New features include support for the Cart Chunk standard. While CartWorks would already play this and other formats, it now takes advantage of the standard’s header text for easier integration with files produced on other systems. CartWorks’ new WebUpdate feature helps stations keep their web site fresh. CartWorks Music-on-Hard-Drive systems can automatically generate and upload web site content that is in context with what’s on the air.
800-795-7234; fax 601-853-9976;

Digital AM transmitter

Booth L5023
DX Destiny: Each power amplifier module is driven directly by a low-level digital signal, eliminating the intermediate power amplifier. Harris has also developed a series of new technologies to make the DX Destiny virtually auto-serviceable. Digital serial adaptive modulation (DSAM) monitors each serial modulation encoder and RF power amplifier module in the transmitter and makes automatic adjustments. Parallel/serial intelligent control (P/SIC) provides another level of redundancy. A full logic-level parallel control system is overlaid with a microprocessor-based serial control system. Additional options will allow transmitter control through a PC, a network or over the Internet. Either control system can independently run the transmitter if the other is out of service.
800-622-0022; fax 513-459-3890;

Sound cards

Booth R1983
ASI4312 and ASI4334: The AudioScience ASI4300 family of digital audio adapters enables single sample rate recording and reproduction of MPEG Layer 2 digital audio on the PC platform. Features include four stereo streams of simultaneous playback, mixed to two (ASI4312) or four (ASI4334) stereo physical outputs; one stereo stream of record selectable from one (ASI4312) or three (ASI4334) stereo feedthrough inputs; programmable global sample rate of 8kHz to 50kHz in 100Hz steps; two balanced stereo analog outputs and three balanced stereo analog inputs; 20-bit oversampling A/D and D/A converters; 8MB DRAM; and programmable non-volatile memory. Formats include MPEG Layer 2 and 16-bit PCM.
fax 302-738-9434

Upgrade package

Satellite Export and Engineering
Booths T434, OD410
Patriot 3.8 meter antenna: A C/Ku high-efficiency satellite antenna, the Patriot 3.8 meter antenna features a 16 petal design for high accuracy with low transportation costs. Mounting options include Az/El fixed, polar mount and king post. The Patriot 3.8 is ideal for educational, business, data and voice applications. Additional features include 125 mph wind loading (survival) and surface tolerance within .02inches. The antenna is compliant with FCC spec 29-25 Log 0 for 28 spacing. The entire antenna is powder-coat painted. The Patriot 3.8 has an in-ground mast foundation and offers an optional pipe stand with bolt and template kit. The Company is offering special package pricing for radio stations on the solid-aluminum Patriot 3.8 meter antenna.
800-470-3510; fax 517-629-6690;

Vadis DC II enhancements

Klotz Digital
Booths R2963, M9071
ADAT module and GPI Ethernet interface: With a single optical connection containing eight input or output channels in ADAT format, the Klotz V-252 ADAT module eliminates eight AES input and eight AES outputs between ADAT machines and the VADIS D.C. II mixing console. Connected via fiber optic cable, ADAT-format equipment and VADIS D.C. II consoles can now accept and transmit digital signals via one I/O module. The V-532E GPI unit can be used to remote control external equipment and allow external equipment to directly control the D.C. II console. The V-532E GPI unit has 32 relay contact closure outputs and 32 earth-free optocoupler inputs. There is a selection and adjustment to the trigger characteristics for each input and output ranging from constant closure and pulse positive/negative to edge positive/negative definitions.
678-966-9900; fax 678-966-9903;

Facility-management software

Xytech Systems
Booth i6763
FMS Version 4.0: All the modules comprising FMS 2000 Version 4.0 provide enhancements in functionality, flexibility and ease of use. The duplication, vault, and shipping modules have been refined to provide more comprehensive searching techniques and smoother data entry flow. Improved integration between these three modules also makes entering and tracking the status of all tapes and dubs easier. Drag-and-drop capabilities help companies manage the usage of personnel, equipment and conference rooms. The user-friendly module allows users to quickly view general facility usage on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and track overall usage of resources by clients and projects over time.
818-767-7400; fax 818-767-7430

Solid-state FM dual transmitter system

Booth R2725
Q40: The dual configuration Q40 with a 44kW capability offers a practical solid-state transmitter for high-power FM stations. Overall efficiency of 68% keeps operating costs and cooling requirements at a minimum. The built-in redundancy and duplication features contribute to exceptionally high on-air reliability. Broadband RF Power Modules and switching Power Supply Modules are on-air serviceable. Low Voltage Power Supplies are duplicated, and duplication of the digital exciter, IPA and IPA power supply are available.
902-823-2233; fax 902-823-3183;;

FM transmitter

Marti Electronics
Booth R2505
PNP1000: This 1kW transmitter with built in exciter uses much of the proven technology already available in products like the PNP150, the FX50 FM exciter, the C series solid-state FM transmitters and the FM10S solid-state 10kW transmitter. The PNP1000 is a rack-mountable single box that provides excellent performance. Because of its complete frequency agility without the need for any field tuning, it is great for use as a back up transmitter for a single station or station group. It also offers performance on a level that can be used as the primary transmitter in any competitive market. The PNP1000 accepts virtually any type of input including AES/EBU, left and right analog audio, composite, S/PDIF or optical.
817-645-9163; fax 817-641-3869;

Audio routing

Booth L8720
Distribution amplifiers: This line of distribution amplifiers is designed to meet the requirements of today’s broadcast, production and telecom industry. By using the highest quality components together with an intensive burn-in process, Leitch offers an exceptional product with unequaled features. Leitch distribution amplifiers include reliable switching power supplies that operate at all world power standards and mounting frames that allow redundant power supplies for full backup in critical situations.
800-231-9673; fax 757-548-4088;;

Solid-state FM transmitter

Broadcast Electronics
Booths R2505, i6126
FM20S: A solid-state 20kW FM transmitter designed from the ground up to be a stand-alone unit. The internal combiner and single integral controller make the FM20S a cost-effective option for high-power solid-state FM applications. This design is based on the FM10S, 10kW solid state FM transmitter. The FM20S has a high level of redundancy, and offers the capability of bypassing the final combiner to allow the transmitter to be on the air at 10kW in case of an emergency.
217-224-9600; fax 217-224-9607;

Equipment carrying case

Sonic Sense
Booth R1752
SoniCase: Constructed using double layers of 1,000 denier Cordura fabric, the SoniCase is an equipment carrying case designed for use by location-recording professionals. The weather-resistant enclosure provides storage and protection for a full-size portable DAT recorder, two rechargeable batteries, a microphone preamp, microphones, cables, and other accessories. Double-protection against the elements is afforded by a full-coverage rain fly, which opens to reveal transparent plastic windows safeguarding the gear inside. The windows, when shut, keep moisture out while maintaining unobstructed front panel visibility of components stored on the SoniCase’s four shelves. Durable �-inch padding lines the interior of the SoniCase throughout. A padded shoulder strap is included with each case, as is a securing waistband.
877-324-4463; fax 303-753-0817

On-demand Web service

Booth R2081
Live at the BBC in Concert: The Live at the BBC in Concert series is available for streaming through musicmusicmusic in North America. Internet listeners can choose what concert they want to hear when they want to hear it. The series features exclusive live recordings of some of the greatest bands in music history. Stations can stream the one-hour segments online through their own websites and sell advertising within the program. A station-branded player is also available. Agreements are market exclusive.
416-537-2165; fax 416-537-2510

Wireless reciever

Booth L8763
N/DYM SCU receiver: The SCU wireless receiver includes such innovations as ClearScan Auto Channel Select and 10-channel frequency agility. New features found on the SCU receiver include detachable antennas, and RF and audio level metering. In addition, the SCU receiver ships with rack-mount hardware. The SCU receiver is compatible with all EV N/DYM transmitters. ClearScan Auto Channel Select fully automates the process of channel selection and system setup. Operation in the UHF frequency band is further enhanced by the secure-phase diversity system for clear and drop-out free audio. In addition, the N/DYM SCU wireless receiver can be used with the APDY antenna splitter to run up to four receivers from two antennas and one power supply.
800-392-3497; fax 616-695-1304

Digital broadcast delay

TC Electronic
Booths R2101, M9639
D22 II: An enhanced version of the original D22 digital delay designed for the broadcast industry, this delay offers up to double the delay time of the original delay per channel (now 2600ms on two channels with max. delay of 60 frames). It also features 24-bit AD/DA converters, as well as a compliment of digital I/Os including, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and Wordclock BNC 75V. The D22 Digital Broadcast Delay II provides seamless delay updating. Internal Sample rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz are supported with external rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz. Programmable setups can be stored for total instant recall. The D22 digital broadcast delay II can display time in frames, sub-frames, milliseconds and sub-milliseconds (0.1 ms increments), and offers tap delay time with online or preview modes.
805-373-1828; fax 805-379-2648;

Cable connectors and bulkheads

Booths R2130, L11636
BNC 75V connectors and bulkheads: The 75V cable connector series offers a push-pull version that simplifies assembly and requires only a center contact crimp die after cable preparation. It also includes screw lock cable retention. Accessories include color-coded boots in standard resistor colors and three transparent colors. Screen and jacket crimp technology prevent an exposed grounding braid on cable assemblies. The Neutrik BNC 75V impedance bulkhead jacks recessed versions are available in nickel or black housings and fit in the standard D series hole cutout. Each variant has the same specifications with their own special features. Features include electrical performance to 3GHz, true 75V impedance, return loss/VSWR data, stainless steel Optalloy-plated ground contact, and gold-plated center contacts.
732-901-9488; fax 732-901-9608;

Telephone handset audio tap

JK Audio
Booth R1833
Voice Path: Routes the audio from any telephone into your PC sound card. The attached cables connect directly to the in and out jacks on your sound card. Use your PC software to record, edit, and then play your conversation back into the phone line. Works with analog and digital phone systems, ISDN and single or multi-line phones and PBX. No Batteries or AC needed. Once installed, Voice Path continuously routes both sides of your conversation to the mic input of your PC sound card. A switch on the back of Voice Path allows you select between the three basic types of handset microphone: electret, dynamic, and carbon. Signal level to the PC sound card is also adjustable.
800-552-8346; fax 815-786-8502;

Portable audio codec

AETA Audio
Booth R2752
Scoop E-Z: A portable audio codec for live outside broadcasts, the Scoop E-Z is capable of using analog (POTS) and digital (ISDN) telephone networks. Inmarsat (satellite) terminals and broadcasts benefit from the maximum bandwidth available. If broadcasters require GSM/Wireless remotes, they can be done using the Scoop E-Z with an upgrade. Audio interfaces include a two-channel audio mixer; VCA: compressor and limiter selectable; mic supplies: Ph48, Ph12 or T12; high sensitivity VU or Peak LED metering; two micro/line: two XLR plug and two headphones: �” jack, adjustable output.
973-659-0555; fax 973-659-9555;

Routing controllers

Booth R2147
Route3 and Vroute: Router controllers for the Logitek Audio Engine (a digital audio mixer/router) include the Route3 and Vroute. Route3 is a rack-mounted routing controller that gives full input selection control for three devices with a simple, easy-to-learn interface. The same labels that display on any Logitek Control Surface are displayed in the Route3 LCD window. The Vroute is a PC version of the Route3. Vroute gives full menu selection control for one to 12 Audio Engine outputs with a simple point-and-click interface.
877-231-5870; fax 713-664-4479;;

Transmitter remote control system

Burk Technology
Booth R1805
ARC Plus: The ARC Plus transmitter remote control system provides ultra fast response, more sites and an enhanced feature set. It’s 60 times faster for instantaneous updates and still provides the ability to connect more sites than before. The unit is available in dial-up, full-time and multi-site configurations. The ARC Plus is flexible and expandable, with the ability to control from the front panel. Included are options of telephone access and computer control for walk-away operations. Also available is the ESI-ESP Spanish-language speech interface and the ARC-16 ESP with displays in Spanish.
800-255-8090; fax 978-486-0081;

Rotary phase converter

Kay Industries
Booth R2134
Phasemaster Type T-R: This Rotary Phase Converter installs in minutes and operates any three-phase transmitter from a one-phase supply. Operating on a one-phase rate structure using a phase converter eliminates the demand charges common to utility three-phase rates. The signature feature of the Phasemaster Type T-R is a load range controller that enables the converter to maintain a balanced voltage within three percent to all types of broadcast transmitters, including DTV, regardless of power requirements. The Type T-R converter also features built-in disconnect switch, fuses, terminal blocks and surge protection that enable the installer to hook up the converter in minutes. It is designed for a simple �two wires in, three wires out� installation.
800-348-5257; fax 219-289-5932

Audio logging recorder

Independent Audio/Sonifex
Booth R3102
Net-Log Logger: Designed to be operated and controlled by PCs on a network, Net-Log combines the reliability of a dedicated hardware recorder with the flexibility of editing and playout over a network. It can record four mono or two stereo audio streams for playback using TCP/IP. Audio is encoded in mpeg layer two format and written to a large 30GB or larger internal EIDE hard disk drive. Audio can be recorded at a different bit-rate for each stereo pair, allowing for regulatory low-quality recording of several days duration and high-quality re-broadcast recording on one machine.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422

Audio codec

Audio Processing Technology
Booth R3015
WorldNet Rio-X21: A full duplex multi-channel, multi-algorithm audio codec, the WorldNet Rio-X21 offers 20- and 24-bit operation. A single Motorola DSP56300 device provides increased stereo and mono audio channel capability and simultaneous full duplex operation. With the ability to deliver high quality audio found in inter studio networking, remote/outside broadcasts and STL/TSL applications, the WorldNet Rio-X21 is suitable for use in AM, FM, DAB and other broadcast environments. The available audio bandwidths range from 3.581kHz to 22.856kHz when set for mono operation. When the unit is interfaced with an X21 formatted digital telecom network, the input/output data rates range from 64kbit/s through to 576.6kbit/s. The WorldNet Rio is fully software driven, controlled and monitored through the front panel keyboard and LCD display.
+44 28 9037 1110; fax +44 28 9037 1137;


LS telcom
Booth R671
CHIRplus_BC: This software product reflects all modern aspects of efficient RF network design. Besides basic field strength predictions using different propagation models, CHIRplus_BC also supports a variety of features such as a complex interference analysis, a detailed frequency scan and an extensive network processor. In addition to the mature analog FM and TV modules, the digital extension modules for DAB and DVB are also a highlight.
+49 7227 9535 0; fax 49 7227 9535 75;

Digital business appliances

Antex Electronics
Booth R2033
Media Client: These products are designed to manage the delivery, storage, and processing of video, audio, and data content. The Media Client can perform the playback and recording of audio and video, and process the delivery of a real-time Internet broadcast (streaming). The Media Client can serve as a self-sufficient, full-function media workstation, or multiple Media Client terminals can be incorporated into a LAN, WAN or Internet configuration to facilitate a worldwide media/data delivery, storage, and playback network.
800-338-4231; fax 310-532-8509;;

Digital audio multi-pair cable

Gepco International
Booth L11853
5596GFC: This series features a 12.3MHz bandwidth, ultra-low attenuation and jitter, mechanical stability, and a precision 110V impedance. Optimized for 96kHz bandwidth requirements, 5596GFC is also ideal for extended distance runs of 44.1kHz or 48kHz formats. The ultra-low attenuation and precision impedance enable longer runs. The 5596GFC multi-pair series is available in four-pair, eight-pair, and twelve-pair configurations. All have stranded 24-gauge oxygen-free conductors insulated with Gepco’s T165 delectric compound. The impedance of 5596GFC remains consistent across the entire operating bandwidth (100kHz to 12.3MHz), while attenuation at 12MHz is 2.1dB (per 100′).
800-966-0069; fax 847-795-8770;

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