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Gefen CAT5-1600HD, CAT5-5600HD

Gefen CAT5-1600HD, CAT5-5600HD

Aug 30, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

KVM extenders

The CAT5-1600HD and the CAT5-5600HD each extend high resolution displays using DVI along with hi-speed USB 2.0 peripherals up to 200′. These products replace existing models with a new method of extension, streamlining cabling while lengthening the extension distance. Both use just one CAT-6a cable for hi-res video in place of the previous two CAT-5/CAT-6 cables required, and expand the distance of hi-speed USB 2.0 peripherals to 300′. DVI video at 1920×1200 resolutions can reach 200′. Previous solutions were limited to 150′ at this resolution. Another 50′ for DVI and 150′ for USB makes these products ideal for broadcast markets.

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