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Get ready for the convention

Get ready for the convention

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, Chriss Scherer, editor

The summer is ending, so it’s time to plan for the fall conventions. While the NAB convention in the spring is the main event for broadcasting, it covers such a wide range of interests that radio is sometimes lost in all the activity. The NAB Radio Show is radio’s chance to take the main stage and highlight everything that is of unique interest to radio broadcasting.

Dallas is a new site for the show, after having visited Philadelphia (twice), San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Orlando over the past several years. The two conventions in Philadelphia are considered big successes by the NAB and the exhibitors, and from your feedback to us, it seems like you as an attendee considered them a success as well. We’ll see if Dallas proves to be a good location. Merging with the R&R convention this year is sure to increase attendance if nothing else.

To help you make the most of your time during the convention, our preshow coverage includes four parts. New Products highlights some of the products that you’ll find while visiting the exhibitors. Be sure to note that exhibit floor hours have changed this year compared to previous conventions.

Insight to Sessions previews the sessions with a technical focus as well as some non-technical events that may be of interest to the technology manager or engineer. Be sure to check the session guide on site for any updates to the schedule or to confirm a session location.

NAB Radio Product Preview

Check out the 2006 NAB Radio Show product preview….

Insight to Sessions

Make the most of your 2006 NAB Radio Show time with this preview, and we’ll see you in Dallas….

The Exhibit Hall Map will help you find the exhibitors fast. While the convention floor is much smaller than the exhibit floor in the spring, don’t waste time wandering and wondering. Hone in on the manufacturers and service providers you need to see.

The Exhibitor List is the final piece to help you find your way. Some of the exhibitors — such as Radio magazine and the FCC — are outside the exhibit hall around the Chantilly Foyer. These exhibits are open at all times during the convention.

Make the most of your NAB Radio Show time with this preview, and I’ll see you in Dallas.