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Ibiquity’s Struble Reviews 2013 NY Auto Show and NAB Show

Ibiquity’s Struble Reviews 2013 NY Auto Show and NAB Show

Apr 30, 2013 9:50 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Columbia, MD – Apr 29, 2013 – Bob Struble, president and CEO of iBiquity Digital, recaps his findings from the New York Auto Show and the NAB Show in his latest blog edition. His conclusion: “What I heard and saw made me more enthusiastic than ever about HD Radio‘s progress and the technology’s ability to help broadcasters compete in the 21st century.”

Further: “The messages from the NYAS could not be clearer: the competition in dashboards is intense, listeners have multiple services vying for their time and attention, HD Radio technology has been embraced by automakers and is essential to maintain radio’s relevance and competiveness in the digital dash.

“Many broadcasters might be surprised that for most automakers today, AM/FM radio means HD Radio technology.

“My discussions with auto executives confirmed that HD Radio technology is fundamental to keeping broadcast radio competitive in cars. And we all know how critical in-car listening is to our industry.

“Two things always make broadcasters sit up and take notice: money-making opportunities and feedback from their listeners. Both are becoming commonplace with HD Radio stations, driven by the millions of HD Radio receivers being sold, most for in-car listening.

“I had several broadcasters at NAB tell me that they were seeing checks roll in from the Broadcast Traffic Consortium (BTC), which has built the network that delivers the Garmin service. It was one of several HD Radio items I heard throughout the show…”

Read the entire post, “Thoughts on Radio’s Digital Future,” online.

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