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KZUN circa 1970

KZUN circa 1970

Dec 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Sign Off, Dec 2009

These 1970s photos of KZUN Opportunity, WA, are by Jerry Anderson, courtesy of Bill Harms. Bill has many old radio photos, so check out his website at Photo 1 is Charlie Dee, an announcer doing his show in the FM studio. Photo 2 is a part-time announcer at KZUN whose name is not known. One of our experts has identified a famous Revox A77 reel deck, a Shure M67 Mixer and a Collins board in this photo. Photo 3 is Stompin’ Stan Weisbeck in the AM control room. In this photo you can see a Collins or GE board, a Telex/Magnecord reel deck and a Crown reel deck. Photo 4 is an unknown announcer in the FM control room. This photo shows an E/V RE-16 mic, an ITC triple deck cart player and a Cetec board.

Think we identified something incorrectly? Let us know by commenting on this article online. Also, be sure to point out any other equipment you can name.

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