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Liquid Compass LC Pro 2.0

Liquid Compass LC Pro 2.0

Oct 10, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Streaming platform
The LC Pro 2.0 streaming radio platform includes features for listeners, station managers and program directors previously unavailable for streaming radio. A new social networking element allows users to rate songs and share music, radio stations, etc., with their entire social network. A “favorites” feature enables listeners to flag their favorite songs, purchase them immediately through iTunes or save for purchasing at a later date. LC Pro 2.0 includes access to artist biographies, upcoming tour dates, song lyrics, track history, and rewind, pause and fast-forward functions. A “talkback” feature allows users to give immediate feedback about the track or the program. Notifications will also be included with LC Pro 2.0 that alert users of breaking news, severe weather, national and state alerts, as well as product giveaways and other time-sensitive information. LC Pro 2.0 will allow listeners to seamlessly integrate programming into almost any audio system or sync to Internet devices like Apple TV, mobile devices and automobiles. Benefits for stations include the capture of statistical data on how people are using the player, what is being clicked on, demographic data, song ratings and social network data, such as followers (Twitter) and likes (Facebook). Program directors can get immediate feedback from listeners as a marketing tool to determine what is currently trending.
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