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May New Products

May New Products

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Volume control
TC Electronic
Level Pilot: With many DAW setups, control of monitors is dependent on the computer being powered up, and even then volume levels are often set with a mouse. This inhibits the ability to control levels easily and at crucial times — like when a computer crashes or if the user needs to mute or lower levels fast. Level Pilot fits into any active speaker setup. It is a simple way to control levels, a high quality, analogue, stereo volume control that works independently of the computer or audio interface, so no matter what happens, the user has complete control over their volume levels. Level Pilot features a slip-free design that fits into any active desktop (or even live set-up) without the need for an extra power supply, and employs quad-core cabling to minimize untidy cabling.
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Dynamic vocal mic
D7: Like its popular predecessor the D5, the D7 additionally features an improved capsule design with a humbucking coil and a high-pass filter along with a sleek new look. AKG’s newest dynamic microphone features a humbucking coil that greatly reduces electrical interference and stage feedback. The D7 also features an integrated high-pass filter that cuts out low frequencies, eliminates handling noise and provides better audio clarity. The result is a higher-quality microphone that offers complete control for singers and announcers and, therefore, a better audio experience for audiences.
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Clark Wire and Cable
CAT5-Flex: The CAT-5-Flex cable is a truly distinctive product. The black pressure extruded polyurethane jacket makes this cable extremely resistant to cuts and abrasions, while maintaining unbelievable flexibility. The stranded conductors give a very high flex life minimizing breakdowns. A true field cable, it is resistant to sunlight, oil and water. Compatible with standard RJ45 connectors (stranded conductor rated).
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Multi-purpose amplification
Transactive 50: The Transactive 50 is a portable 50W (RMS) multi-purpose mixer/speaker/amplifier, featuring two input channels plus an aux input and selection of internal digital effects. It is driven by a 5″ LF driver and a 1″ tweeter for full-range sound reproduction. Channel 1 features an XLR microphone input and 1/4″ stereo inputs, while Channel 2 offers two 1/4″ stereo inputs. The master section of the Transactive 50 features a high, mid, and low frequency EQ, plus selectable digital effects (reverb, chorus, delays and rotary).
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May New Products

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

IT and broadcast monitoring
Dalet Digital Media
Dalet Dashboard: Based on award-winning technology from open source Web infrastructure management provider, Hyperic, Dalet Dashboard offers system operators and administrators comprehensive analysis tools for monitoring and managing the performance of Dalet solutions across the entire workflow. More than a standard IT monitoring system, Dalet Dashboard incorporates the language and concepts of broadcast into the system giving administrators and users the ability to swiftly interpret, analyze and respond with immediate results. Customers can add Dalet Dashboard to the existing Dalet workflow or include it in their new deployments.
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X/Y stereo field recording mic
BP4025: Both the AT8022 and the BP4025 are ruggedly constructed to protect against damage from day-to-day use during field recording. The microphones are also fully RoHS-compliant (free from all substances specified in the EU directive on the Reduction of Hazardous Substances). Each mic offers an 80Hz high-pass filter for easy switching from a flat frequency response to a low-end roll-off. Each comes equipped with a professional stand clamp, a windscreen and a soft, protective pouch. The AT8022 X/Y Stereo Microphone is designed for easy use with either consumer or professional gear. The microphone operates on either a 1.5V AA battery or 11-52V DC phantom power and is supplied with two cables (one balanced, one unbalanced) for use with either pro equipment offering XLR inputs or with consumer gear equipped with 3.5 mm TRS input. This mic is ideal for use with handheld digital recording devices, and its compact, lightweight design is perfect for video camera-mount use as well as for stereo field recording, interviews and home recording. Its innovative capsule configuration produces an accurate stereo image in a smaller housing.
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Analog on-air console
Opera: Based on the BC-500 audio console, AEQ is now launching its replacement � the Opera. While Opera has the same basic features as the BC-500, it now provides the audio engineer with superb sound quality, reliable all-day, every-day operation. The modular design of Opera offers the possibility of configuring the console according to specific requirements. There are equalized microphone/line modules, stereo dual line modules, input-output modules and output modules. Using the standard configuration, Opera can be easily upgraded by adding new modules. Outstanding among the modules is the digital telephone hybrid with frequency extension and multiplex option. This modular design permits the extraction for repair or replacement of each module in minutes without influence in the on-air signal.
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Speaker stand
Ultimate Support
TS-100B: The TS-100 air-powered speaker stand lifts 50 lbs. The gas spring is under a 50 lb. preload: When the speaker is safely loaded on the stand, turn the telescoping knob and raise any speaker weighing less than 50 lbs. with zero effort. If your speaker is more than 50 lbs., little effort is required to raise the speaker to the proper height.
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May New Products

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

True condenser mic
Superlux PRO238MKII: Featuring a modular design with a removable capsule, high SPL characteristics, a hidden low-cut switch, and a warm, detailed sound, the new Superlux PRO238MKII utilizes a 1″ gold-plated thin film diaphragm in a protected capsule that delivers a wide frequency range with emphasis in the mid-high band. Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the mic has a frequency response that extends from 20Hz-20 kHz. To accommodate a wide range of sound sources, the PRO238MKII has a switchable 100Hz/12dB per octave low cut filter that can be used to eliminate low frequency rumble caused by wind that may occur during outdoor performances. This switch is hidden in the chamber that houses the microphone’s capsule to protect it from being accidentally changed during performances. The PRO238MKII’s maximum level is 136dB SPL and the noise floor is only 16dB SPL A-weighted.
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Terrain analysis software
V-Soft Communications
Probe 4: This program update includes several new tools and program enhancements. A new Calculation Engine takes advantage of multiple computing cores for faster calculation times. The updated Profile Tool makes units, line types, number of divisions and other setting user-configurable. Also new is the display of the path broken into multiple line-of-sight paths, multiple Fresnel zones, and the ability to edit the hard copy output to add custom user labels, arrows, legends and logos. Other updates include display enhancements, improved search functions, IBOC interference tools, and expanded plotting and contour displays. Probe 4 is bundled with a variety of database information as well.
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Mic stand
Audio Engineering Associates
FW27: The FW27 is a 27′ mic stand that is an ideal tool that collapses to just 5′ for outstanding range and easy portability. It weighs only 9.5 pounds, making it the lightest tall stand in the market. Articulated legs and a bubble level allow placement of the stand on uneven surfaces. The microphone mount is constructed of heavy-duty 5/8-27 threaded steel, ensuring long-term reliability.
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Strategic programming
Media Monitors
Mscore Series: The Mscore Series will be a new way for radio programmers of all formats to understand how radio listeners use radio. The first in the series, Mscore Switching, calculates an index of switching when radio panelists react to songs on the radio. The Mscore is derived from looking at what happened during many spins of the song on a specific station and then displayed on the Media Monitors Web service. Mscore can also be downloaded into RCS’ GSelector so that music scheduling is enhanced even further.
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May New Products

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Equipment rental for CD collections
Primera Technology
Rent and Rip: Under the terms of Primera’s Rent and Rip Program for Personal CD Collections, customers can rent a Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher along with the company’s PTRip software for just $299 per week. The Bravo SE’s built-in robotics will load personal music CDs into the unit and rip tracks into Apple Itunes or Windows Media Player — automatically and “hands-free.” Round-trip transportation is included in the rental fee. The process repeats until all CDs in the input bin are processed. Simply remove the ripped discs from the output bin, reload the input bin and click the import button again to continue.
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Power management/light modules
Furman Sound
Classic Export Series: The Classic Export Series provides increased protection and filtration to 220V-240V countries. Just like their domestic counterparts, the models feature Linear Filtering Technology, Series Multi-Stage Protection, automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown, and Smooth Track LED retractable lights. The series includes two 10-amp models, the PL-8C E and the PL-PLUS C E, and one 16-amp model, the PL-PRO DMC E. All Classic Export models provide 10 filtered and protected rear-panel IEC outlets with a front-panel convenience outlet and Protection OK indicator light. The PL-PLUS C E adds a segmented LED voltmeter that monitors and displays incoming line voltage while the PL-PRO DMC E features a large digital voltmeter/ammeter with a discrete dimmer button that displays line voltage and true RMS current draw with a color-coded voltage indicator. In addition, the PL-PRO DMC E provides a front-panel charger for small USB-powered electronics or to power a USB lamp. At a capacity of 16 amps, the PL-PRO DMC E also features a high-inrush-capable magnetic circuit breaker for added protection.
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Digital voice recorder
WS-400S: The WS-400S offers 1GB of internal flash memory to capture up to 272 hours of Windows Media Audio files on its built-in stereo microphone. It now features two new higher-quality recording modes and super standard play. Easily store and organize files and transfer them to a PC with “USB Direct” design. Simply plug the recorder into a computer, with no USB cable necessary, for easy downloading of audio files, documents, image files and more. Extend recording time and save memory by setting the device to only record when the built-in stereo microphones sense sound.

Cable tester
SM Pro Audio
CT3: Simple to operate, the CT3 tests a plethora of cable and connector types from BNC through to RJ45. Connect each end of a cable to the appropriate connector and the CT3 will automatically report the status of the cable’s integrity. Many cable testers usually require access to both ends of a cable to test. The CT3 also has a unique two-part design enabling testing over long distances, just split the chassis in two. The tester features 8x automatic LED test indicators, the ability to test a multitude of cable and connector formats, banana connectors for continuity, road-ready construction and durability, 2x MIDI, BNC, RCA, XLR, MIDI, Speakon, 1/4″ TRS/TS, RCA Phono, RJ45 and RJ11.
+61 3 9555 8081
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May New Products

May 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Musilux mic cable with Neutrik Convertcon
BG Cable Assemblies: BG Cable Assemblies feature Wireworks super flexible Musilux microphone cable or AES/EBU digital cable teamed with Neutrik’s Convertcon connector. They can be used in both microphone and line level applications. Convertcon is a 3-pin male and female cable connector in a single housing. The assemblies are available in four configurations: XLR Male to Convertcon, XLR Female to Convertcon, Convertcon to Convertcon and quarter-inch TRS to Convertcon. They are offered in a variety of standard lengths with custom lengths available upon request. Musilux’s ultra flexible PVC satin finish outer jacket is available in black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey and white, to match studio d�cor or for signal identification. BG Assemblies are also available with Wireworks 110q AES/EBU compliant transmission cable for use in digital applications.
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Surge protectors
L-com Global Connectivity
Isolator Wall Plates: L-com’s Ethernet Isolator wall plates are fully self-contained devices that protect valuable network equipment from damaging surges and power anomalies that commonly occur across network cabling. Operation and installation is quick and easy. Simply plug these devices in-line between the cabling behind the wall and the patch cable that normally attaches the equipment to the network. Choose from models that support 10/100Mb/s or 10/100/1000Mb/s data rates. These isolators are available in Stainless Steel or Beige High Impact ABS Plastic. Each unit is fully RoHS compliant and has been certified to meet the IEC 6060-1 Medical Device Safety Standard making them ideal for hospital and medical laboratory environments.
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Ceiling and wall tiles
Pinta Acoustic/Sonex
Phonstop: Eligible for LEED credits, Phonstop ceiling and wall tiles are made from 100 percent recycled glass that has been sintered to form rigid, lightweight and porous sound absorbers. Phonstop V and E tiles are ASTM E84 Class 1(A) fire-rated. Non-fibrous, lightweight and durable, the tiles are simple to saw, drill, sand and more. Easy to clean, the tiles are also suitable for use with anti-graffiti systems and can withstand power washing. Phonstop V tiles can be directly installed to wall or ceiling surfaces using Phonstop Primer and Adhesive. Each tile offers a choice of edge options, one face has chamfered beveled edges and the other face has square edges. Phonstop V provides a highly effective Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 0.90. The tiles can be custom colored on-site using a non-bridging paint.
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Stereo SDHC flash recorder
UR-2: The UR-2 is a 1RU stereo audio recorder using SD card and USB storage device. It uses two SD cards (SDHC compatible) and a USB storage device as the recording media. The recording/playback file format is BWF (WAV). It offers high quality recording of up to 24bit/96kHz. Employing FAT 32 disc format, it is easy to process the file transfer to a PC based DAW. The analog input and output are balanced XLR/+4dBu and un-balanced RCA/-10dBV, the digital input and output complies to AES/EBU and S/P DIF digital signal. The playback function includes Chain Play and Timer Play, it is suitable for live stage performance and sound installation. In addition to the external control via parallel remote with D-Sub 25pin and RS-232C serial remote, a USB keyboard and 10-key keyboard can trigger the instant playback start. The mic input located on the front panel offers 48V phantom power.
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Upgrades and Updates Working with Silicon Laboratories, Global Security Systems has debuted FM radio data chips plus RBDS-based protocol for cell phones and consumer electronics. (�APTX has introduced Apt-X Lossless, which offers up to 96kHz sampling rates and sample resolutions up to 24 bits. The codec can operate in a special hybrid mode to use near-lossless coding mode. (�The RCS HD Importer has been retooled to match the latest software release from Ibiquity in software release 4.2. (�Stream the World now offers in-stream targeted ad replacement to all of its clients when combined with Ando Media’s Targeted Ad Injector. (�Adobe has issued an update to Audition 3 labeled 3.0.1. The downloadable patch is designed to increase the overall performance of Audition 3. Key updates include multi-core processor support, Windows Vista 64-bit SP1 compliance and overall stability improvements. (

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