Microwave, Fiber Optic & Telco Equipment

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Microwave, Fiber Optic & Telco Equipment

Mar 1, 2007 12:00 AM

Diversified Marketing C 1127 Superior Broadcast C 1312 Microwave Service Corp C 1539 Kathrein, Scala Division C 2213 OMB America C 3324 Andrew C 4946 Mayah Communications C 8828B Audio Video Technologies C 8828E Digidesign C11606 Microwave Radio Comms C2907 ADC/Nvision N 721 SBS/Eddystone Broadcast N2158 Harris N2502 Tektronix N2519 Opticomm N2931 Harris N3100 Multidyne N3119 APT N4218 Independent Audio/Sonifex N4926 Sonifex N4928 Musicam USA N5418 KLZ Innovations N5435 ATA Audio N5528 Comrex N5726 Bext N5731 Energy-Onix N6213 Enco Systems N6217 AEQ N6326 TFT N6508 RCS N6511 Fiberplex N6534 Broadcast Bionics N6728 Broadcast Tools N6908 Armstrong Transmitter N7034 Broadcast Electronics N7106 Henry Engineering N7432 Moseley Associates N7711 Telos Systems N7726 Barix Technology N8034 Inovonics N8226 Tieline America N9311 JK Audio N9426 Microwave Radio Comms OE300 Audio Video Technologies SU 2524 Telecast Fiber Systems SU10213 Otari SU11309

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Fiber Optics Provides Site Safety

The module senses a break in the fiber optic loops, which would be cut when the thieves attempt to remove the ground bus or other equipment. Interruption of the fiber optic loop triggers an alarm condition and siren.