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Mounting Computers

Mounting Computers

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By John Landry, CSRE

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It can’t be said enough: Computer hardware manufacturers do not understand the concept of equipment racks. While several methods of mounting these various workstations and servers have been addressed before, sometimes a specific computer just won’t fit on anything you have. A simple solution is as near as a suspended ceiling. Many ceiling systems are held with �” diameter aluminum rods (�Pencil rod�) which are sold in 6′ lengths. There is almost always some left over in a ceiling. It is round, easily worked and flexible. I was able to mount a Dell workstation in an old Pacific Recorders cabinet by using pencil rod to support the back of it. Two small wooden blocks secure the rod to the cabinet with drywall screws. An unintentional advantage to this mounting is that the rod will rotate as the computer is removed or installed, making it possible for one person to do it.

Landry is an audio maintenance engineer at CBS Radio/Westwood One, New York.

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