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Multitaskers are better

Multitaskers are better

Jul 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

Tech Tips, Jul 2009

Multitaskers are better

The adage using the right tool for the job is a good policy. We all know that a wrench does not make a good hammer, although I’m sure you’ve tried it. Many of the tools in our tool boxes are unitaskers, but when you’re solving a problem, a multitasker solution can provide even more value.

I recently encountered a situation where some creative thinking solved a problem by applying a multitasker. This one involved hanging a vinyl banner.

A couple of bungee cords are usually all you need to attractively hang a vinyl banner, but they are not always the answer. Sometimes it helps to have a rod to attach the banner to. Carrying a 6′ (or longer) rod is not very convenient. I looked into alternatives.

I wanted something that could be collapsed. Carrying three or four smaller sections is easier than a single long piece. I also needed it to be rigid, but not excessively heavy. I headed to the home improvement center to look.

I considered a shower rod, but it was too long. I looked at various curtain rods. Also too long, and too flimsy. Both rods also could be too easily bent. I asked a sales associate for ideas. He suggested pieces of threaded rod with couplers. I also thought of this, but rejected it because the rod could also be easily bent and the threads marred. All these were unitaskers as well.

Then the sales associate offered one more idea: vacuum extension wands. These are the extension tubes for a vacuum cleaner. They are rigid, lightweight, and use a friction fit. Plus, they can still be used to reach the tight spots in the transmitter. Problem solved.

What unique application have you solved with a multitasker?

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