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NAB Extra! 2002

NAB Extra! 2002

Mar 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Windows XP automation

Cartworks/dbm Systems
Booth L 2957
Mission Control

A radio audio storage and playback working on the Windows XP platform. Designed for tighter integration with all areas of station operation. System is suitable for audio production, editing, on-air, satellite, voice tracking, Internet, remote management and many other features.
fax 601-853-9976
[email protected]

MP3 soundcard

Booth L 2973

This audio adapter is able to deliver multiple streams of MPEG layer 3 (MP3). The ASI4342 replaces the ASI4312 and provides two stereo outputs, one stereo input, one record stream and four play streams. In addition to MP3, the card can also pass MPEG Layer 2 and both big- and little-endian 16-bit PCM. Includes XLR breakout cables. Drivers are provided for Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP as well as Linux.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]

Compact RF filter

Booth L 2915
Booth L 8442
1400 Series FM Filter

A compact 10kW FM filter designed for bandpass, notch and constant impedance filter configurations for system flexibility. This design is an enhancement to the filed proven iris-coupled technology used in the 1800 and 2400 Series FM filters. The 1400 Series filter line offers superior performance in economical package.
fax 207-655-7120
[email protected]

CD recorder

Booth L 3226

Fully featured professional CD recorder offers 24-bit AD/DA converters, precision laser assembly, balanced XLR analog I/Os, an SCMS-free digital input, balanced digital output and word clock output.
fax 310-319-1311
[email protected]

Solid-state portable recorder

Sonifex Ltd
Booth L 2466
Courier CO-STD-USB

Now has a USB connection to enable fast data transfer to a PC. The BBC has purchased more than 150 units. Supplied with the Courier is software connect to Windows Explorer. The USB connection allows the flashcard or hard disk used for recording to be permanently stored in the Courier without the need for removal. Files can be quickly downloaded to a PC by USB, the disk wiped and recording started again in a fraction of the time normally needed.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

PC editing software

Syntrillium Software
Booth L 2469
Cool Edit Pro 2.0

New version offers PC users a range of new features such as real-time effects and track EQ, disk-at-once CD burning, MIDI and video playback support, MTC master generation, six new DSP effects, loop-based music composition, and a compressed-loop file format. Topping the list of new features are real-time effects and EQ. This allows users to add any of the more than 40 supplied DSP or any third-party DirectX effects as well as EQ on the fly, as opposed to applying the settings once the recording process is complete.
fax 480-941-8170
[email protected]

IBOC exciters

Broadcast Electronics
Booth L 2705
FXi-60 and FSi-30

The FXi-60 is a direct-to-channel digital exciter offering a variety of input options. Input selection and all other operating parameters are programmable from a full-color front panel LCD screen. Can be used as the only exciter in a low-level combined FM IBOC installation. With the use of an optional IBOC input card, the FXi-60 will accept the input from the IBOC signal generator and will then drive a Broadcast Electronics IBOC transmitter with the combined IBOC signal, eliminating the need for a separate IBOC exciter and external combiner and filter. The FSi-30 is a third-generation IBOC signal generator. Can also act as the IBOC signal generator for AM IBOC.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Audio interface card

Lynx Studio Technology
Booth L 3226
Lynx L22

Capable of capturing or generating signals beyond the audio bandwidth up to 100kHz with extreme accuracy, and achieving a dynamic range of 115dB, the L22 brings the performance of high-end stand-alone converters into the DAW environment. The L22 joins a range of Lynx interfaces that already includes the LynxONE two-channel and LynxTWO multichannel reference audio cards.
949-515-8265 x205
fax 949-645-8470
[email protected]

Radio monitoring and control system

Aztec Radiomedia
Booth L13362

Aztec Radiomedia IP2 remote control technology enables the remote supervision of multiple FM transmissions and their respective RF, audio and RDS parameters. IP2 permits high-level open administration via common browsers and standard Internet services. Out-of-bound events generate alarms that can be monitored via standard IP protocols.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

Ceiling light sound difussor

Acoustics First
Booth L 1957

This cover fits over standard 2′ � 2′ ceiling light fixtures and reduces acoustic reflection and visual glare. It is based on the Art Diffusor Model C also from Acoustics First. The two-dimensional design covers a four-octave range from 250Hz to 16kHz.
fax 804-342-1107
[email protected]

Digitalaudio test set

Booth L 2103
Digital Audio Toolbox

Based on the original Audio Toolbox, this test set offers more than 25 digital audio test, analysis and utility functions in one portable device. The DSP-powered Digital Audio Toolbox has digital inputs, and digital and analog outputs, word clock in and out and a serial port. Supported digital formats include AES-3, S/PDIF, Toslink and ADAT, with bit depths up to 24 bits and sample rates up to 96kHz. Users can check lock between two digital sources and provide an analog output for monitoring. Also includes a digital audio cable tester that can determine the injected interface jitter for a particular cable. Other tests include digital transparency, latency, jitter, bit depth, header information, bit errors, word clock and bit clock. The Digital Generator creates a wide variety of standard digital audio test signals.
fax 303-545-6066
[email protected]

IBOC DAB exciter

Booth L 2323
NE IBOC Digital Exciter

Tunes within the AM and FM bands to provide an iBiquity IBOC signal. Supplementary data services are also supported. Capabilities are incorporated to allow pre-distortion of magnitude and phase of the individual IBOC subcarriers in order to correct for transmission system variations. System time can be synchronized to an external precision GPS time reference. Purchasers will be required to obtain a license from iBiquity Digital in order to use the exciter’s resident IBOC software.
fax 207-947-3693
[email protected]

Studio furniture

Mager Systems
Booth L 2030
Sound Choice Furniture

This series of stock furniture uses high-quality materials to supply countertops with solid-surface tops – not melamine or particle board. Standard and optional color choices are available as are several custom options. Systems require no cabinet assembly. Surfaces are fully sealed and have no laminate to crack, peel or chip.
fax 623-780-9860
[email protected]

CD mass ripper

OMT Technologies
Booth L 1916

A CD mass ripper system that automates the ripping process. TTA data can be imported and tagged. Files can be converted to MP2, MP3, WMA or linear PCM (WAV). Each file can be saved into one of four different bit-rates or file formats at one time. Works with CD jukebox systems for unattended operation. The system capacity is limited only by the capacity of the jukebox and disk storage. The GUI interface runs on Windows. System is designed to be compatible with any automation system running Windows. 2,000 cuts can be ripped in about eight hours. Works with NSM CD-R 100XA jukeboxes or equivalent.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Digital audio codec

Audio Processing Technology
Booth L 3243
WorldNet Milano

Features standard and enhanced apt-X, the company’s upgraded data compression algorithm, which offers a reduction in coding delay, improvements in audio quality and increased dynamic range. Features four ISDN interfaces (S or U), permanent digital links, and has available audio bandwidths from 10Hz to 22.5kHz with corresponding synchronous bit rates from 56kb/s to 576kb/s. This full duplex, multichannel ISDN audio codec is suitable for inter-studio networking, remote broadcasts and STL applications.
fax 323-463-8878
[email protected]

On-air console

Booth L 2542
On-Air 1000

Via an integrated router, each of the 10 input modules can be routed on any of the 10 channel faders, which gives extensive flexibility. Access rights can be defined in accordance with the experience and skills of the operator thus allowing the access to the router functions to selected personnel only. The management of user access rights reduces the risk of human error during preparation, production and live transmission and includes many other functions besides the input router. The On-Air 1000 comes with 10 channel faders and two master faders, two stereo bargraph meters, two phase correlators and a monitoring and talkback feature set.
fax 416-510-1294
[email protected]

Warning light

CBT Systems
Booth L 2525
On-air light

The unit features traditional sand casting, buffed aluminum housing and Plexi-glass lens. The light easily installs on a standard two-gang j-box and optional legends and flasher module available. Additionally, CBTS offers a full studio and control room �On-Air� lighting control system that interfaces to switcher and/or audio production consoles’ �On-Air� status and tally indicators. The optional legends �standby,� �silence� and �applause� are available for an additional $25.00 as well as the optional flasher module.
fax 858-536-2354
[email protected]

Audio processor

Omnia Audio
Booth L 2251

With its 96kHz sampling rate, 24-bit resolution, stereo and bass enhancement features, five-band limiter and AGC, the Omnia-4.5fm offers extensive sound control. Software updates are simplified with the exclusive PC-Card-based design. Also includes Ethernet remote control, digital I/O with automatic sample-rate conversion, pilot-protected distortion-canceling composite clipper and a full-color TFT display.
fax 216-241-4103
[email protected]

Tube mic preamp

Aphex Systems
Booth L 2434

Built on the foundation of the 107, including the patented Reflected Plate Amplifier tube circuit, the 207 adds the patented Aphex MicLim circuit. The 207 is a two-channel tube microphone preamplifier and instrument direct interface. Additional features: two independent channels, microphone and instrument inputs on each channel, 20- to 65dB of continuously variable gain, switchable 48V phantom power with ramp-up feature, input polarity reverse, 20dB pad and low-cut filter switches, LED headroom meter display for each channel, switchable -10dBV/+4dBu operating level, balanced XLR and 1/4-inch I/O.
fax 818-767-2641
[email protected]

Internet voice tracking

Booth L 2533, L 5303, S6618
Master Control addition

Allows stations to use off-site air talent with Internet access. Voice tracking allows one person to create eight shows or more in the time someone normally does one live. Real Feel Internet Voice Tracking allows control of song starts, fades, and placement of voiceovers.
fax 914-428-5922
[email protected]

Automatic mic mixer

Dan Dugan Sound Design
Booth L 2918
Model D-2

Includes the features of the Model D, but with digital signal processing. Includes a separate control panel, three processing groups for multichannel mixing, and group assigns for each channel that allow the creation of left-center-right panned mixes without shifting the ambience. The processor unit provides eight analog line-level channel inputs and eight outputs on XLR connectors.
fax 415-826-7699
[email protected]

Wireless phone audio interface

JK Audio
Booth L 2552
Daptor Two

The Daptor Two plugs into the 2.5mm headset jack of a cell phone to allow users to send and receive audio from a mixer or tape recorder through the phone. This passive box features transformer-balanced XLR inputs and outputs and unbalanced 1/4″ inputs and outputs. A field mixer can be used for wireless remotes or IFB feeds.
fax 815-786-8502
[email protected]

PC soundcard

Booth L13362

A CobraNet I/O module for the miXart8 sound card, miXart combines Digigram onboard processing with audio mixing functions. When connected to third-party CobraNet-compliant devices, miXart8CN is the foundation of powerful audio systems distributed over large-area networks. The core of the system, the miXart8, has eight (or four stereo) analog I/O paths, including four studio-quality microphone preamps on its input bank. Eight channels of CobraNet input and eight channels of CobraNet output are provided, operating independently of the analog inputs/outputs. The network connection, using standard 100BaseTX Ethernet protocols, is available on two, redundant RJ45 jacks, which provide on-board backup.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]


Booth L 2271
K 141 and K 240

Now available in a 55V version for use with low-impedance systems, such as keyboards, mixers, portable CD players. New models incorporate AKG’s Varimotion XXL diaphragm technology, which offers a more sensitive diaphragm than its predecessors for greater aural clarity. Both versions have a semi-open design. The K 240 has a circum-aural design and a 15Hz to 25kHz frequency response. The K 141 has a supra-aural design and offers a frequency response of 18Hz to 24kHz.
fax 615-620-3875
[email protected]

Audio connectors

Booth L 5838
NL4FX series

Adds increased power handling, connection security and flexibility. The new SPX series handles up to 50A on all contacts for audio applications. Electrical contact is made only after the NL4FX is completely inserted and locked. This feature prevents arcing when disconnected under load. The one-piece internal chuck accepts cables with outer diameters of 6 to 14mm. A right-angle version NL4FRX will be available to address connections in tight spaces without lengthy re-wiring. Termination is with screw terminals or by solder. Boots are available in five colors.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

ISDN/POT Stalk show multiplexer

Booth L 3142
Systel 6000

Includes all the necessary features for multi-conferencing, intercommunication, cue/PFL and on-air control for PSTN/POTS networks, ISDN or audio lines that can be analog or digital, internal or external. It also includes, expands and makes very flexible all the functions of four-wire multiplexing consoles or systems that are frequently used for sport commentary and news correspondents.
fax 954-424-0902
[email protected]

Portable handheld printer

Booth L 4835

Portable wire label printer is a handheld unit that can print to shrink tubing, industrial labels and self-laminating wire wraps. The unit can also print barcodes. There are 10 resident bar codes and it can prompt in eleven different languages. The unit prints up to six lines of text from six to 72 points with a 6600 character memory. The K2500 comes with protective jacket, rechargeable batteries, charger, and owner’s manual.
fax 908-686-0483
[email protected]

Stereo output multiplier

Henry Engineering
Booth L 3102

Not a distribution amplifier, the Patchbox distributes an analog stereo output several various output connectors. This passive distribution device creates 11 stereo outputs from one stereo input: five balanced, six unbalanced. Ideal interface when both professional and consumer equipment is used. All 11 outputs can be used simultaneously without interaction or signal degradation. PatchBox needs no power, and adds no noise or distortion to the audio signal.
fax 626-355-0077
[email protected]

Contour spacing tool
Booth L 2043

Engineering software that calculates and displays contours for commercial and NCE FM broadcast stations. Performs 73.207 and 73.215 spacing studies, automatically scans for open channels, and displays the location of AM and TV channel six stations. Can display full-color terrain maps as well as terrain profiles between two points. Displays antenna height, location, and channel of existing broadcast stations, and does both simple and advanced searching of the entire FCC database. Two editions are available.
fax 352-367-1725
[email protected]

Four-port,C-Band antenna

Booths S8423, L 9111
4.9M Earth Station Antenna

Suitable for use in broadcast news reporting and public-switched services, the antenna’s feed system includes a four-port circularly polarized combiner, which enables systems integrators and designers to bring their antenna systems on line faster and more economically. It joins the already type-approved two-port version of the same antenna.
fax 708-349-5444
[email protected]

Test equipment

RDL (Radio Design Labs)
Booth L 3327

Both units are ready for portable or bench use from either internal battery or AC adapter power. The PT-AMG2 offers multiple functions for setting up, calibrating and troubleshooting any audio system. Housed in the unit are a precision tone generator, LED level meter and in-phase indicator. Mic and line-level I/Os are provided using both balanced and unbalanced connectors. A built-in monitor speaker with level control is also provided. The PT-ASG1 contains the ultra stable 700Hz tone generator from the PT-AMG2 with balanced mic and line-level outputs on the XLR connector and -10dBV unbalanced on the RCA jack. Units may be used separately or together to set system gain mic-to-line, line-to-mic, mic-to-mic or line-to-line at either professional or consumer levels.
fax 805-684-9316

Voice editing system

Audion Laboratories
Booth L 2705
VoxPro PC

Users can access folders and files within a given work group, in addition to the files they create. Changes made by group members are immediately visible to members of the same group working at other VoxPro stations. A central location can be created for all user information, thereby giving users access to their audio files from any VoxPro on the network.
fax 206-842-6029

Pots andwireless codec

Booth L 2643

This codec delivers the audio quality of a Matrix or Vector (15kHz on a single dial-up line). The BlueBox is compatible with all existing Comrex POTS codecs, including the Matrix, Vector and HotLine. The BlueBox also provides GSM wireless operation to improve the audio quality of GSM phone feeds. Additionally, the BlueBox can connect to the hands-free port on mobile phones and place calls to telephone hybrids (no codec is required on the receiving end of the call). The BlueBox includes one mic/line switchable input, one headphone output and one line level output. An additional -10dBu tape input allows connection to a minidisc or DAT player. There are no special circuits to order and no distance limitations. With the introduction of the BlueBox, the HotLine has been taken out of production.
fax 978-635-0401
[email protected]

FM antenna

Kathrein, Scala Division
Booth L 8668
Model 754 154

A circularly polarized broadband FM directional antenna of hot-dip galvanized steel especially suitable for triangular or round masts. Even under severe icy conditions the antenna is still functional due to its heavy-duty construction and the fiberglass covers for the feed points. Rated for 2.5kW per input.
fax 541-779-3991
[email protected]

IBOC DAB transmitter

Booth L 5414
IBOC System

In a partnership with Ibiquity Digital, Harris has assembled a package for stations to convert to IBOC. The system includes an FM IBOC exciter, an IBOC Z Series FM transmitter and Intraplex STL PLUS studio-to-transmitter link.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Headset mic assembly

Sennheiser Electronics
Booth L 2923
HMD 280 and HMD 281

Both feature a lightweight, ergonomically designed 102dB SPL headphone monitoring system, which attenuates ambient noise by 32dB via a closed-back, circum-aural design. Both also share a super-cardioid microphone mounted on a flexible, acoustically isolated boom. Earpiece attenuation, coupled with low structure-borne noise and high microphone directivity, ensures reliable communications even in noisy production environments. The HMD 280 has two earpieces and the HMD 281 has one earpiece. The headphones provide a frequency response of 8Hz to 25kHz. The mic provides a frequency response of 50Hz to 13kHz.
fax 860-434-9022
[email protected]

AM monitoring and evaluation

Booth L 2441
AM Fieldstar

Carries out both AM proof performances and real-world data surveys. Top precision is guaranteed with the calibrated AM receiver, integrated GPS receiver and rotating, directional, calibrated antenna. The unit automatically captures the RF level of all configured stations (up to 10) and allows a visual analysis of the results on a PC. The unit can also be programmed for a single station to record and re-play the audio of the station to objectively analyze the sound quality with the campaign results.
fax 703-433-5452
[email protected]

Audio fiber optic multiplexer

Booth L 5349

A 40-channel, 24-bit audio fiber-optic multiplex system offering performance exceeding RS-250C short-haul and broadcast specifications. The transmitter and receiver modules plug into a 10-channel frame with redundant power supplies or are available as stand-alone units. The systems supports 110/220vac and optionally for 48vdc. An XLR interface panel is available with selectable line or mic level inputs.
fax 516-671-3362
[email protected]


Kintronic Labs
Booth L 3274
FMC-1.9G-PCS and FMC-2.4G-SS

Isocouplers designed for mounting cellphone antennas and wireless Internet antennas on hot AM towers. The model number specifies the frequency range of the product for use with each particular service. Typical VSWR is less than 1.3:1. Insertion loss is less than 2dB.
fax 423-878-4224
[email protected]

Spot data management tool

Encoda Systems
Booth L 8416
Encoda Mart

Data mining and business analysis tool offering advanced browser-based access to centralized databases containing detailed spot information. Broadcast groups can create and access pre-built revenue analysis tools including trending, pacing, forecasting and business retention reports based on multiple parameters. Data can be consolidated from Encoda traffic systems including BMS, BIAS, Columbine, and JDS and can be mapped to meet corporate reporting standards.
fax 303-237-0085
[email protected]

Miniature microphone

DPA Microphones
Booth L 2055

Frequency response is customized for clarity of voice in body-worn applications, with low-end roll off and presence boost. Features a customized frequency response with a permanent 4dB soft boost at 4- to 6kHz. An acoustic low-cut has also been incorporated in the 4071 capsule to provide greater headroom. The low-cut feature also reduces wind noise and low-frequency rumble when used outside. Mounting accessories are available.
+45 4814 2828
fax +45 4814 2700
[email protected]