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NAB Extra! (NAB2003)

NAB Extra! (NAB2003)

Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Tube microphone and amp

Booth N2212

This mic operates on standard 48V phantom power, and as a result djoes not require a separate power supply and cable, making it as easy to set up and use as a standard condenser microphone. The mic features a large-diameter diaphragm cardioid condenser element, delivering high sensitivity and smooth sound with low overall noise levels. A nickel-plated brass baffle provides element stability and optimizes sensitivity. The tube used in each mic is hand-selected and aged to maintain peak performance; the tube is shock-mounted to dampen mechanically induced vibration. Electronic-ally, the mic includes a large coupling transformer to provide linearity at low frequencies. Its precision valve design delivers the traditional warmth of the classic tube microphones.
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Digital on-air radio control surface

Booth N2804

This radio control surface is an extension of the Bridge digital audio network routing system. Bridge engine components allow as many as 256 mix buses in one rack mount system. Multiple components can be linked to form a networked system, making it useful for large station integration projects. The system provides total integration of routing, machine logic and communications.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Air and production workstation

Broadcast Software International
Booth N2654
Series 200

This system includes an air and a production workstation. The system includes two Dell 17″ flat panel monitors. The series uses the Windows 2000 platform, and includes Simian digital automation, Wavecart digital cart machine, Stinger instant audio, Speedy CD-to-PC ripping and Syntrillium’s Cool Edit Pro 2.0 128-track digital editing software. Simian can be used for music on hard drive and satellite automation, as well as live-assist or a combination of all three. It offers easy voice tracking and is compatible with most traffic systems. Wavecart and Stinger are useful for a variety of live-assist functions. The workstation includes two AudioScience 4344 professional sound cards.
fax 541-338-8656
[email protected]

TCP/IP codec

Audio Processing Technology
Booth N3204
Worldnet Chicago

This Apt-X-only TCP/IP codec features the company’s data compression algorithm. It offers UDP and TCP capabilities and a feature set designed for broadcasters who are considering networking audio over WAN/LAN infrastructures. This product is an option for broadcasters considering next generation data transportation for studio-to-studio links and studio-to-transmitter links.
fax 323-463-8878
[email protected]

Digital audio and broadcast system

Booth N2937
Imediatouch v.2

New features added to the four core Imediatouch modules include on-screen recording and voice tracking, front sell/back sell information, audio audition inside the audio library, show log fade out and repeat and playback while recording long files. Production tools include an easy-to-use interface, improved search engine capabilities, improved editing functions on .WAV, MP2 and MP3, an automated visualization file feature and automated level adjust.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Console system

Booth C404

A scalable Pacific console system, it is a hub that enables all console resources and audio assets to be shared throughout the network: Audio is connected to only one console in the networked system, but becomes available throughout the entire facility. An integrated system, it is a cost-effective alternative to networked systems. It is modular, scalable and designed for on-the-fly configurability. The console connects BMXdigital or other consoles to its hub via fiber or CAT-5 connections with an architecture that ensures the shortest physical path between sources and destinations. The platform simplifies network audio management, reducing the need for standalone routers, distribution systems and long multi-pair bundles.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Wireless network

Booth N2526
Matrix Wireless Module

Broadcasters can transmit remote audio over a wireless network without needing a telephone line or a separate wireless phone with this module. The module incorporates a GSM wireless phone, a 2W power booster and the firmware to transmit high-quality audio over GSM networks, all enclosed in compact housing. An external antenna comes with the module. With its optional battery kit, this module can broadcast in the field for as long as seven hours.
fax 978-784-1717
[email protected]

Three-way powered monitors

TC Electronic
Booth N2926
Dynaudio Acoustics Air 20

The three-way design of this monitor combines Dynaudio 221 technology with digital TC technology, and it integrates into any Air network. The design also offers control of directivity and thus minimizes reflection effects from the console, floor or similar planes. It features a 1.1″ Softdome tweeter and polypropylene 5.5″ midrange and 10″ woofer drivers.
fax 805-379-2648
[email protected]

Content delivery system

Pristine Systems
Booth N3313
CDS32 Pro

Running on Windows 2000 or XP, this system offers live assist, satellite automation, music-on-hard-drive, remote control access and unlimited walk-away time. It supports all traffic and music scheduling software, but also includes a spot set editor and music scheduler. It operates manually or uses script automation. The Satellite Automation systems offer all the features of the Live Assist system plus satellite automation functions for multiple satellite networks. The Music Log system is designed to operate live or automated. It features in-context voice tracking for live sound.
fax 310-831-6287
[email protected]

Profanity delay

Booth N3022

Up to 30 seconds of broadcast-qual-ity stereo profanity delay is possible with this system. During a live program, the operator can control the entire system with just two buttons. This all-software PC accessory offers several features. The large, full-color display on the PC screen provides status information on the current level of delay, audio levels, mode and user options. Countdown clocks to cue points are also shown clearly on screen. The system can be controlled with a mouse, using user-defined keyboard hotkeys or using external keypads, which can be built into existing control surfaces in studio areas.
+21 248 0200
fax +21 248 5109

[email protected]

Yagi antennas

Kathrein, Scala Division
Booth C3438

These yagi antennas are designed for professional FM transmit and receive applications. The antennas may be used alone or in stacked arrays for higher gain, increased side-lobe suppression or custom azimuth patterns.
fax 541-779-3991
[email protected]

CD player

Denon Electronics
Booth N2918

This CD player features preset programmability and enhanced multi-format playback of various formats including standard compact discs, CD-R/RW and MP3-encoded discs. It features a shock- proof memory for uninterr-upted playback. The player displays CD encoded text through a flowes out display. A new inclusion is the high-speed instant start function, which allows for instantaneous playback when a key is pressed. Standard features include track search, frame search and direct track selection via the front-panel 11-key pad. A user preset component of the player allows users to set pre-tailored playback functions, such as playback mode and auto cue. Playback speed is adjustable via the front panel controls for pitch change up to +/-12 percent.
fax 973-396-7459

Countertop console

Audioarts Engineering
Booth N2804

An analog on-air countertop console, this console is designed for small- to mid-sized markets. A visually clean, simple layout aids error-free operation. The fully modular console features a 12-input channel mainframe, control room, studio and headphone monitor outputs. Master outputs are provided for stereo PGM and AUD, and mono 1 and 2 buses. The series features pointer-style VU meters, a built-in timer and cue speaker, full logic and all-electronic switching.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Desktop digital hybrid

JK Audio
Booth N2237
Innkeeper PBX

This personal desktop digital hybrid is capable of providing talk show-quality phone interviews. The hybrid allows the user to send mic and line level signals into a PBX telephone system, while maintaining separation between the user’s voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides the user’s voice on one channel and the caller’s voice on the other channel. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller’s voice. This product can turn a multi-line digital phone system into a simple talk show controller. Other applications include telephone interviews, talk shows, church PA interface and conference room full-duplex applications.
fax 815-786-8502
[email protected]

Studio monitors

Booth N2052
Ellipse 8 and Elipse 10

Both monitors feature Wideband technology. Each features an 8″ Dual Concentric or 10″ Dual Concentric unit with Super Tweeter. Both monitors are active designs and have a frequency response extending beyond 40kHz. The cabinet enclosures are acoustically and mechanically non-resonant. Both monitors are time-aligned with three-way active systems. Each system’s 90-degree horizontal dispersion affords a wide sweet spot for practical working across the length of the console. Discrete MOSFET power amplifiers provide ample power with low noise and distortion.
fax 519-745-2364
[email protected]

Audio storage and playback system

Prophet Systems
Booth SU5369
Nexgen Digital ver. 3.0

The latest version of this storage and playback system contains a wide array of customer-driven enhancements and improvements. The scheduling software, Musicgen, integrates into Nexgen, offering more potential data to the on-air screen, as well as the ability to fill short hours with music. Delivering files via WANcasting is made easier with bulk file feeds and off-peak time delivery. Increased tracking capabilities in the WANcasting module allow the user to distinguish data recordings. The digital reel-to-reel element now includes features to control external hardware. Individual user button-bar settings can be locked. Missed commercial lists are automatically delivered by e-mail.
fax 308-284-4181
[email protected]

Silence eliminator

Danagger Audio Works
Booth N2519
Plan B

Combining the functions of an audio loss detector, a CD/MP3 player and a talking remote control system, the Plan B provides a backup system to eliminate dead air caused by equipment failure or human error. On detection of an interruption, the unit swit-ches its built-in disc player online and then dials until it makes contact. The user controls the Plan B and any external equipment connected to the unit’s three auxiliary relays or status inputs. The unit can provide as much as eight hours of backup programming. Other features include an alarm siren with external mute, a tabulating failure memory and a safety switch to prevent accidental activation.
fax 250-763-2902
[email protected]

Rack-mount mixer

Sonifex Ltd
Booth C133

The RB-PMX4 is a 10 mono input to four mono output preset mixer. Each of the four outputs has a 10-way DIP switch associated with it to select which of the 10 inputs is routed to it. The DIP switches are enclosed in a screw-on cover on the front panel to guard against accidental changes. This mixer is useful for installations where a set-and-forget, small mixer is needed. The XLR inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and can be wired unbalanced. Each output is individually buffered so that a short circuit on one will not affect the others. Each input has its own gain control, which is a preset potentiometer accessible through the front panel. This provides gain adjustment of -8dB to 18dB.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Time-fit enhancement

Scott Studios
Booth SU5471
Stretch & Squeeze for SS32

The Stretch and Squeeze option lets the user produce a commercial and instantly adjust it (plus or minus 20 percent) to the ideal 30- and 60-second lengths for the network. It can also speed up music pacing without hurting pitch. Different tempos can be applied to any category, shift, day or season at a moments notice. This enhancement can be applied to existing spots and music immediately with no redubbing required. It also allows the user to add extra commercials in time-shifted network talk shows.
fax 972-620-8811
[email protected]

Miniature click-on cable hangers

Booth C2630
Click-on Hangers

These hangers facilitate easier and less expensive installation of small Heliax coaxial cables, and brai-ded cable runs. Each hanger can accommodate two runs of cable. The hangers are stackable, making it easy to install as many as six runs of cable, even in confined spaces. The mini hangers are suitable for cable installations on towers, roofs and walls or within buildings.
fax 708-349-5444
[email protected]

Single-tube FM transmitter

Broadcast Electronics
Booth N2604

This transmitter can be used as a standalone 25kW transmitter or two can be combined for as much as 50kW of output power. Features of this product include a folded halfwave cavity that eliminates the need for a plate blocking capacitor and sliding contacts; a remote transmitter diagnostic system for complete remote monitoring and logging of all transmitter operations; proportional VSWR foldback for continuous operation into loads up to 3:1 VSWR; and a 500W solid-state IPA that can be used as a standby transmitter.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

Data transceivers

Booth C276

This flexible transceiver can connect multiple devices in a fault-tolerant drop-and-insert network. There is no limit to the number of nodes present in the network. Using packet data transmission technology, this transceiver can transmit and receive data at speeds as fast as 112kb/s throughout the network. Each unit is capable of receiving data from an uplink or downlink and then retransmitting the data to the respective uplink or downlink direction. With an embedded micro-controller in the unit, all configurations and equipment settings can be managed through the network monitoring system. Control signals that are used to control the data path are user-programmable and feature master, sub-master and slave node settings, anti-streaming logic, poll and respond data transmission timing, data rate and data terminating.
fax 516-671-3362
[email protected]

Remote control software

Burk Technology
Booth N2338
Lynx 4

Use this software to maximize a GSC3000 or VRC2500 transmitter remote control system. This software is included when you buy a new unit. By offering simple site setup and control, customized logging and a feature set built for flexibility, this product gives the user the power to control a site easily. Access all the sites on one screen with dockable windows that present all the information logically. Multi-site control is convenient and efficient, with each site selectable from an expandable menu. Switch views from one site to the next with a click, while keeping alarms and events for the entire system in plain sight. Offers a real-time event list to provide immediate notification and detailed logging of user and site activity.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

Website enhancement services

Enco Systems
Booth N2546

This Web-based service allows broadcasters to enhance a listeners’ online experience and retain them longer by using interactive tools. It also allows broadcasters to derive revenue from the listener base and NTR revenue from clients through Short Message Service texting on mobile phones. By implementing a range of services from requests to dedications to contesting, listeners can interact with the station to the level desired by the station from perceived control of music played, to actual control of music played. Mine demographic information from listeners and put the gathered information to work generating revenue and obtaining data from these most active listeners. Works with analog and IBOC digital radio.
fax 248-827-4441
[email protected]

Stereo mixer

Henry Engineering
Booth N3101

This four-input, two-output stereo mixer for line-level audio sources is useful for combining two stereo sources or four mono sources to a stereo output. Microassign switches permit any input to be routed to the left, right or both outputs. The ac power supply is built in, so wall warts aren’t needed. As many as three units can be mounted in a 1RU rack shelf.
fax 626-355-0077
[email protected]

Audio storage and playback system

Booth SU7237
Radioman R5

A scalable and flexible system for digital media, the latest generation of Radioman software enables content to be transmitted simultaneously through multiple output streams, for example online and over-the-air. Radioman R5 integrates programming and broadcast planning, digital audio production, reporting, archiving as well as program transmission into a single package. The main advances in this system are its Media Asset Management (MAM) features that provide information management and copyright control. The system can be scaled for small or large operations. Jutel Radioman software is sold internationally through IBM network and is a part of IBM’s Digital Media Factory.
+35 8-8-551 4801
fax +35 8-8-551 4810
[email protected]

Auto answerer

Broadcast Tools
Booth N2350

The hybrid interfaces a single POTS line to user equipment while providing full-duplex audio quality. It is equipped with a programmable serial port, allowing control and monitoring via the users computer and software. This product makes those remote call-in recordings a snap while eliminating the DTMF tones. Features include balanced audio input and output, DSP delay processing for DTMF tone removal, front panel control of line seizure and drop and LED monitoring. Additional features include caller ID, call-progress monitoring of busy, CPC, dial tone, reorder off/on hook and loss of loop. Relays are provided for most front-panel indicators.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

Digital console upgrades

Booth N2931
Audio Engine enhancements

The Audio Engine is a modular product based on a card cage architecture. Updates to the digital console include a firmware release, version 3, which enables a number of standalone audio routing functions. The firmware also expands the number of available mix-minus buses to 24 and increases the stereo mix bus count to eight. The capabilities of the Supervisor software for the Audio Engine have also been increased. Supervisor now features a UDP network connection in addition to the existing TCP/IP connection.
fax 713-664-4479
[email protected]

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