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NAB Jackpot

NAB Jackpot

Jun 1, 2004 12:00 PM

New products unveiled at NAB2004 from Action Sports Media, Adder Technology, American Audio, Audemat-Aztec, Audio Processing Technology, Brother, Coaxial Dynamics, Digigram, Efron Computerized Studios, Energy-Onix, Fostex, MGE UPS Systems, Middle Atlantic Products, Neutrik, Orban, Tascam, Trillium Lane Labs and Ward-Beck.

Field strength meter
Navigator 007: This portable FM field strength meter offers built-in modulation metering, stereo pilot monitor and RBDS monitor. It is delivered with an external GPS receiver for mobile RF survey on a single FM station. While driving, RF readings and GPS coordinates are recorded on a laptop. Afterward, results can be viewed as a text file or can be exported to mapping or predictive software. The unit is accessed with any terminal program software. The unit includes a carrying case, 115/230Vac power supply and vehicle power supply.
fax 305-682-2233
[email protected]

Audio processor
Optimod-FM 2300: Key features of this processor include stereo enhancement, built-in Ethernet and RS-232 serial connectivity, full-featured remote control through any Windows 2000 or XP PC and standard AES/EBU digital input/output. The processor is targeted at small and medium market broadcasters as well as non-commercial and educational broadcasters. Supplied in a compact, one rack-unit chassis, the processor offers a processing chain that includes a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, program-adaptive high frequency enhancer, two-band compressor/limiter, distortion-canceling clipper, overshoot compensator and stereo encoder with composite limiting. The main clippers and overshoot compensator operate at 256kHz sample rate and are anti-aliased.
fax 510-351-0500
[email protected]

Sound card
Mixart 8ES: The newest member of the Ethersound family, this multichannel sound card features eight Ethersound inputs and outputs and eight analog inputs and outputs, including four microphone preamps with phantom power. The system supports simultaneous recording and playback as well as audio effects, metering, mixing, routing and real-time processing. Options for MPEG encoding/decoding on the card, sample rate conversion and delay are available. This system offers as many as 64 channels of 24-bit digital audio at 48kHz, plus bi-directional control information may be transported to more than 60,000 networked audio devices. The point-to-point transmission time between an audio input and an audio output in an Ethersound network is six samples (125�s at 48kHz). Latency is independent of the number of channels transmitted.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

Broadcast studio
Efron Computerized Studios
Studio in a Box: This compact, prefabricated studio fits neatly into a 12′ � 12′ footprint. It includes the tools needed to attach the studio system to the transmitter system to broadcast. The ergonomic design is optimized for single-person operation. The system includes a computer, Saw Studio Lite software DAW, mixing console, 360 Systems Instant Replay, three CD players, a dual cassette deck, a Mini Disc recorder, a DAT recorder, a tuner, ISDN codec, six-line telephone system, four Sennheiser mics, four headsets, custom-built furniture and four executive chairs.

Audio leveler
Alfa: A card-based system that works with the company’s rack-frame system, this audio leveler offers as many as eight AES channels of control in a 1RU frame and 20 channels of control in a 2RU frame. Control can be preset for automatic level adjustment of predetermined levels or dynamic adjustment via a physical control panel. Unlike a compressor/expander, this audio leveler responds slowly to minimize the potential to change the dynamics of the signal. Adjustments are made to the long-term average level of the audio signal. All parameters of the processor are adjustable.
fax 416-335-5202
[email protected]

Chassis connector
XLR Switch: These five-pole XLR receptacles can be used for audio, lighting and industrial purposes and are offered with vertical PC contacts. Because the switch is activated when the plug is inserted, it is possible to indicate, monitor and control mated connections. The switch provides open and closed contact, with a current rating of 100mA and a voltage of 12Vdc. The A series comes equipped with plastic housing while the B series has a metal ring for additional RF protection.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

Solid-state amplifier
SSA-100C, 150C, 330C and 500C: This compact amplifier occupies 5�” of 19″ rack space. The unit’s full metering front panel indicates voltages and currents of all pallets, as well as forward and reflected power outputs. Protected against VSWR, high temperature and overdrive-foldback circuitry automatically reduces RF drive when VSWR exceeds 1.5:1. Protection circuits turn the amplifier off if VSWR exceeds 2:1, or RF drive exceeds preset level, or if thermostats within equipment operate. Thermostats are located on each of the two pallets and combiner reject load. Both amplifiers use 350W sections that incorporate two pallets. Insensitive to line voltage variations, the amplifier contains independent switching power supply that work at line voltages of 100 to 250Vac.
fax 518-758-1476
[email protected]

RF station monitor
Coaxial Dynamics
81095: This microprocessor-controlled, rack-mounted Watchman monitor/alarm measures and displays forward and reflected power simultaneously in 50O transmission systems. Using LCD displays it also provides direct readings of VSWR. It is compatible with the company’s series of ?” to 6?” line sections and will accept elements from less than 5W to 100kW full scale from 2MHz to 2.3GHz. Installation consists of the Watchman, a dual-socket line section and two elements for monitoring forward and reflected power. The Watchman is supplied with two 25′ dc cable assemblies for connection to the line section and a 6′ ac power cord. An audible single tone alarm will indicate a system/transmitter malfunction. Relay contacts are provided for remote alarm and reset switching.
fax 216-267-3142
[email protected]

PC cart wall player
Action Sports Media
Game OPS Commander: Media buttons provide CD-quality sound effects and music in a variety of file formats. Navigation buttons keep sounds organized into as many as 12 user-defined screens. An automatic queue feature permits users to load music on the fly for unattended playback. On-screen mixer controls make sound management easy, including a programmable fade button to automate difficult fades. Cross-fade automatically fades between two selections. The minimum system requirements for Game Ops Commander Version 3.0 software are a Pentium 300 processor, a sound card, 32MB of RAM, 50MB of free hard disk space, a 800 � 600 display, and Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP.
fax 503-963-3815

Solid-state recorder
Audio Processing Technology
Worldnet Porto: The Worldnet Porto is a hand-held, solid-state recorder that captures and stores audio in the field. It records content to a compact Flash card. The card can then be removed and inserted into a notebook for transfer or editing.
fax 323-463-8878
[email protected]

Reverb plug-in
Trillium Lane Labs
TL Space: By combining the sampled acoustics of real reverb spaces with advanced DSP algorithms, this plug-in offers full control of reverb parameters in mono, stereo and surround formats. The technology features a Pro Tools plug-in to harness as many as eight Pro Tools HD DSP engines in parallel to deliver smooth, low latency convolution processing. Internally, the plug-in uses 32-bit block floating point processing for sonic fidelity. When used with Pro Tools HD Accel systems, it provides zero latency processing. The plug-in includes a library of high quality sampled reverb spaces and effects ideal for music and post applications.

CD player
American Audio
CDI 500: This single-disc CD player features Power Touch, a touch-sensitive, interactive jog wheel; digital scratching 2.0; digital scratch mode and beat juggle scratch mode; tempo lock; instant start; nine on-board effects (scratch, filter, echo, trans, skid, phase, flanger, pan, bop); time and ratio (wet/dry) adjustment for digital effects; effect layering; and digital B.P.M. counter that keeps digital effects in sync with music. Other features of this unit include a 10-second anti-shock buffer, seamless loop, recall memory of Q-start and samples and a S/PDIF digital output.
fax 323-582-2610
[email protected]

Field recorder
FR-2: This recorder includes a 10-second pre-record buffer, battery power, on-board limiter and phantom-powered balanced mic inputs. The system can record up to 24-bit 192kHz and an optional time code card, which has a full-featured time-code reader/generator and external word/video references. The system records to PCMCIA 1.8″ hard disk drives and Type II Compact Flash and is stereo/mono selectable. The unit uses AA-size NiMH batteries for about two hours of field operation (Compact Flash) and files can be transferred to PC/Mac via PCMCIA, CF adapter or standard onboard USB connection.
fax 562-802-1964
[email protected]

MGE UPS Systems
EPS8000: This uninterruptible power system provides online backup at power ratings up to 800kVA with engine generator compatibility to ensure smooth operation for transmitters, while providing protection from crowbar events. High efficiency operation reduces operating costs, while its graphic interface eases operation.
fax 714-557-9788
[email protected]

Tape labeler
PT-1650: This hand-held labeler uses flexible ID tape and rotated print for cable wrapping and flagging, industrial-strength laminated tapes for patch panel labeling and standard laminated tapes for faceplate labeling. Create labels with graphics and bar codes up to 1″ wide. Download databases, custom templates and graphics. Memory functions are available to store frequently used label designs. Auto sizing, sequential numbering, repeat printing and vertical style for quick labeling are provided. The labeler includes extra strength and flexible ID �TZ� tapes, tape separator, batteries and carry case. Prints labels from �” to 1″ wide.
fax 908-704-8235

Remote control and access
Adder Technology
Adderlink IP: By allowing multiple computers in different locations can be controlled securely and remotely via the Internet, dial-up link or a corporate network, this unit enables users to take remote control of computers, make updates and even re-boot from anywhere in the world. This ability offers a practical means to remotely manage computer installations. Developed in cooperation with Real VNC, the Adderlink IP is compatible with Virtual Network Computing remote control software. This enables total control of a remote PC irrespective of the operating system or hardware deployed by using a Java application that does not place a software or processor burden on the remote machine.
fax 888-275-1117
[email protected]

CD recorder
CD-RW750: This recorder offers 24-bit digital converters, CD-R and CD-RW support, S/PDIF digital I/O, CD text, A-B repeat and single playback features in a 2RU package. The unbalanced I/O and S/PDIF digital I/O are provided in optical and coax formats. It has a RAM buffer for skip-free playback, 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and a digital fade in and fade out that is adjustable from three to 30 seconds. Its monitor section allows it to be used as a stand-alone A/D converter or sample rate converter without the need to place a blank disc in the tray.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

Verical wall rack
Middle Atlantic Products
Tilt Out Rack Series: The Tilt Out Rack Series provides a low profile, vertical wall rack for smaller rack needs. The series offers a 95-degree service position by lifting and rotating the front panel to a positive stop, allowing for easier access during servicing and installation. The rack can be installed flush in the wall or surface mount. Available with a putty finish, the rack offers surface and recessed mounting configurations. The back panel is comprised of 18-gauge steel and includes an 8�” � 8�” electrical knockout in the backbox as well as bridge lance provisions to facilitate cable management.
fax 973-839-1976
[email protected]