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NAB Radio Product Preview

NAB Radio Product Preview

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Get ready for the convention

The summer is ending, so it’s time to plan for the fall conventions. While the NAB convention in the spring is the main event for broadcasting, it covers…

Insight to Sessions

Make the most of your 2006 NAB Radio Show time with this preview, and we’ll see you in Dallas….

Arc and flame detector

Burk Technology

Booth 519

AFD-1: The AFD-1 detects electrical arcs or flame and sends a contact closure for integration with alerting devices or the station’s remote control system. The unit can be used near equipment cabinets, transmitters, lightning arrestors or anywhere threatened by high voltage arcs or flame.
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Mass distribution of alerts

Global Security Systems

Booth 709

Emergency Warning Receiver: This wireless, battery-driven receiver is designed for mass distribution of alerting messages to the public. The system uses the national FM transmission network to deliver data to the receiver. Through advances in FM receiver products, the receiver achieves a nationwide footprint. There is a cost of membership.
[email protected]

Internet RPU


Booth 600

E-caster: This system permits a broadcaster with an Internet connection at his studio to originate a 15kHz mono program from the E-caster, which is portable and contains a four-channel microphone mixer. The system includes facilities to talk back from studio to remote.
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Digital audio console


Booth 521

Arena: The console can monitor all the signals present in the system, as well as use the configuration presets in relation to the Swap Page. The dedicated controls for dynamic, EQ, routing and select located above the faders have dual function. In the other mode of operation, these controls turn into send buttons that route the signals to buses, such as master 1, master 2, aux 1 and aux 2. The user may request the on and off controls on top or below the faders. To facilitate easy maintenance, each console offers changeable modules.
[email protected]

IBOC monitor


Booth 623

Goldeneagle v1.4: Firmware version 1.4 of the Goldeneagle HD includes the addition of time and level alignment monitoring and RF mask monitoring. This allows the Goldeneagle HD to send an alarm when it detects out-of-tolerance conditions. The digital demodulator for FM analog modulation monitoring can now measure 67kHz and 92kHz SCA signals. A new software called the Broadcast Manager centralizes management of Goldeneagle HD and transmitter remote control units.
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AM transmitters


Booth 205

XR3, XR6: The XR3 and XR6 base units come with dual exciter sections that have an auto transfer function in the event of a low-level circuit malfunction. A second power module can be added with an auto transfer function in the event of a circuit malfunction. The transmitters offer redundant modules for continuous broadcast, 128 event logs to facilitate troubleshooting and power programmers that allow for a full year of nighttime automatic power selections. Both transmitters meet the basic requirements for HD Radio and DRM compatibility, high efficiency and advanced man/machine interface.
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Broadcast engineering software

V-Soft Communications

Booth 523

AM-Pro 2: AM-Pro 2 is an upgrade to the AM-Pro allocation and coverage mapping program. The new version supports grid-style calculation of ground wave and sky wave field strengths and interference. Daytime allocation studies now remove overlap area over water and accommodation for the existing facility. Night allocation studies now support full clipping. Other new features include a cancel button and enhanced equivalent distance methodology.
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Jampro Antennas

Booth 417

JMPC-HD: The medium power version of the FM Penetrator antenna, the Penetrator HD, available with and without de-icers or radomes, has been designed for HD Radio broadcast. Rated at 10kW maximum input, each bay consists of a Penetrator-style radiating element with a 1-5/8″ shunt feed line. Each antenna is factory tuned to any frequency in the FM band II range on a tower structure that best simulates the customer’s actual tower. Multiple frequency design is also available. The true circular polarization of the antenna offers performance for HD Radio, stereo and SCA operation. Typical VSWR is 1.1:1 +/-200kHz.
[email protected]

Sound cards

Audio Science

Booth 317

ASI6500, ASI6600, ASI 6544, ASI 6522: The ASI6500 series is smaller, faster and has more functionality than the equivalent ASI6000 card. These products are also lead-free and compliant to the EU RoHS mandate. Models ASI6544, ASI6522 and ASI6514 offer balanced analog and AES/EBU I/O and the ASI6540 and ASI6520 are analog only.
[email protected]

FM exciter


Booth 405

Micromax: The 30W, 1RU exciter can interface with any existing Harris transmitter. The exciter combines time-proven PLL technology with modern RF amplifier circuits and abundant features to provide driving power to any FM transmitter. Other features include a built-in stereo generator and automatic power control at any power level. An optional AES/EBU digital audio input is also available.
[email protected]

Network audio decoder

Barix Technology

Booth 224

Exstreamer 100, Instreamer 100: The Instreamer 100 encodes audio from analog and digital devices into the MP3 format in real-time for point-to-point or multipoint delivery over the Internet or IP-based systems. The serial port in the Instreamer 100 allows the operator to remotely control additional devices over the same network connection. The Exstreamer 100 is a network-based audio decoder that pulls digital audio from an IP network and converts it to music or voice at the receiving address. The Exstreamer 100 offers one USB port, allowing connection of a USB Flash Drive for backup or stand-alone playback applications; �streaming client� software supports new hardware features such as USB for backup audio, switchover between multiple sources, WMA and MMS support and network updateable and reconfigurable over the network in a secure fashion.
[email protected]

Newsroom software

Prophet Systems Innovations

Booth 209

News Builder: News Builder is the comprehensive, stand-alone newsroom software that enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and revise wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio.
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Production console


Booth 615

G-7: This console features 12 user-programmable switches, automatic failsafe DSP/CPU card options, a redundant power supply option, switched meters with system-wide access, GUI setup software, automation-friendly protocol and event scheduling software. No PC is required for independent operation. The console also features a mixing router based topology, expansion and compression on all input channels, four-band parametric EQ on all input channels, variable high- and low-pass filters on all input channels, event storage and recall, four stereo output buses and eight mix-minus outputs.
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Booth 227

Aishift Airtime: Airshift Airtime supports the workflow of the small- and medium-size radio station traffic process. Manage customers, contracts, campaigns and single spots, and schedule them on daily playlist with this system. Airtime stores all the data in a fast SQL database, which is stored locally on the same computer. The main window provides real-time information of the scheduling process.
+358 50 365 0577
[email protected]

IP codecs

Audio Processing Technology

Booth 316

Worldcast Horizon, Worldcast Meridian: Worldcast Horizon and Worldcast Meridian are the first products in this new generation of APT audio codecs featuring IP connectivity as their core functionality. The Horizon offers digital audio over IP for bi-directional stereo audio transport. It operates using Enhanced Apt-x coding technology for to the transport of audio over packet-switched networks. Based on DSP architecture, the Horizon provides contact closures and opto-couples for remote status alarms. The Worldcast Meridian is a fully duplex, multi-algorithm audio codec offering IP and leased line connectivity. Users can choose from a suite of coding options including: Enhanced Apt-x, G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer II, MPEG Layer III, AAC, AA LD and AAC LC.
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Booth 314

Artisan: This flexible, modular control surface for the Logitek Digital Audio Engine offers multiple frame sizes to accommodate two to 30 faders along with two master mixes, eight sub mixes, four aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. 5.1 surround processing is available on one master mix, one sub mix and one monitor out. Available modules include fader, monitor, master and effects. Two sizes of meter bridges are also available, along with the Vscreen software application, which allows the user to build full-screen meter banks as well as router controls. All parts in the surface are isolated from the ac mains power for safety. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.
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