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NAB Radio Update – Sep 12, 2006

NAB Radio Update – Sep 12, 2006

Sep 12, 2006 9:00 AM


  • Audemat-Aztec Releases Goldeneagle Firmware Update
  • Broadcast Electronics Ships HD Radio Tube Transmitter
  • Test your knowledge of Texas
  • Energy-Onix E-caster
  • Harris HT-HD+
  • Nautel to Host User’s Group During NAB Radio Show
  • BE Begins Bonus Buys Program at NAB Radio
  • Global Security Systems GSS Net
  • Nautel XR3, XR6
  • Hit a few of the highlights of Dallas during your stay.
  • Orban Optimod DAB-6300
  • Magic Egg Production Order Pro
  • Answers to the Trivia
    To receive these articles weekly in your e-mail, subscribe to the NAB Radio Update e-newsletter from Radio magazine. Click here to subscribe.News from the ConventionAudemat-Aztec Releases Goldeneagle Firmware Update
    Miami – Aug 31, 2006 – Audemat-Aztec will release firmware version 1.4 for the Goldeneagle HD at the end of September. The Goldeneagle HD is used for confidence and modulation monitoring. The update includes the addition of time and level alignment monitoring and RF mask monitoring to the the monitoring cycle. This will allow the Goldeneagle HD to send an alarm when it detects out-of-tolerance conditions. Also, the digital demodulator for FM analog modulation monitoring can now measure 67kHz and 92kHz SCA signals.Broadcast Electronics Ships HD Radio Tube Transmitter
    Quincy, IL – Sep 8, 2006 – Broadcast Electronics (BE) is now shipping a new line of tube transmitters for HD Radio, the FMI T series. The first FMI 21T transmitter went on the air in August at Clear Channel station WGAR-FM in Cleveland, combining analog FM and HD Radio into a single antenna system.Among the orders already received by BE for the new line is a recent purchase by Cache Valley Radio in Logan, UT, which ordered three FMI 25T transmitters for similar configurations.The FMI T Series consists of three models (FMI 17T, FMI 21T and FMI 25T) with up to 25kW FM+HD Radio operation, and better than 55 percent overall efficiency. All models include BE’s FXI FM+HD Radio exciter.All models use BE’s exclusive ESP correction technology to improve spectral output performance and efficiency. Based on the T Series, the FMI T Series includes BE’s patented folded half-wave cavity eliminating DC plate blocking capacitors and all sliding RF contacts. BE FM 25T, FM 30T and FM 35T transmitters now operating as analog FM can be updated for HD Radio operation.Do you know? The NAB Radio Show has made its way arround to several cities over the past few years. With this visit to Dallas, we thought that we would test your knowledge of Texas trivia.Q1: What railroad was first to arrive in Dallas in 1872?Q2: The first manufacturing plant located in the Dallas area produced what product in 1852?
    A. rifles
    B. wagons
    C. bricksProducts from the FloorEnergy-Onix
    Internet RPU
    Booth 600

    This system permits a broadcaster with an Internet connection at his studio to originate a 15kHz mono program from the E-caster, which is portable and contains a four-channel microphone mixer. The system includes facilities to talk back from studio to remote.
    Tube transmitter
    Booth 405

    This transmitter, which evolved from the technology of Harris’ HT Series of FM transmitters, marks Harris’ foray into the HD Radio market with high-power tube-type transmitters. The transmitter, when outfitted with Flexstar, features Harris’ RTAC digital precorrection to correct the tetrode tube used in the Harris HT Series of FM transmitters.
    broadcast@harris.comConvention EventsNautel to Host User’s Group During NAB Radio Show
    Bangor, ME – Aug. 25, 2006 – Nautel’s annual user’s group luncheon will be held during the NAB Radio Show on Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Nautel engineers will discuss new product additions including the new XR3 and XR6 transmitters to be introduced at the fall Radio Show. Attendees will also learn about Nautel’s new remote monitor and control options. The session will also provide information about successfully installing AM and FM HD Radio equipment.BE Begins Bonus Buys Program at NAB Radio
    Broadcast Electronics’ “All the Good Stuff and More” promotion entitles broadcasters to free products when they purchase or upgrade to a BE Audiovault digital media system or BE RDI 20 RDS encoder. Bonus buys are based on three spending tiers from $7,500 to $25,000. Purchasers can receive free products ranging from tuition-free training at Audiovault University and free software licensing of applications, to a no-cost RDI 20 RDS generator and free BE Sonixtream Internet package.Broadcasters also can upgrade BE’s RDI 20 RDS encoder, entitling them to a free BE Now Playing Messagecasting license plus a 60-day free trial of TRE Message Manager from BE’s The Radio Experience.The promotion runs until the end of the year.More ProductsNautel
    XR3, XR6
    AM transmitters
    Booth 205

    The XR3 and XR6 base units come with dual exciter sections that have an auto transfer function in the event of a low level circuit malfunction. A second power module can be added with an auto transfer function in the event of a high level circuit malfunction. The transmitters offer extra redundant modules for continuous broadcast, 128 event logs to facilitate troubleshooting and power programmers that allow for a full year of nighttime automatic power selections. Both transmitters meet the basic requirements for HD Radio and DRM compatibility, high efficiency and advanced man/machine interface.
    info@nautel.comGlobal Security Systems
    GSS Net
    All-hazards digital alert system
    Booth 709

    This alert and notification system uses the existing nationwide FM broadcast infrastructure to provide messaging coverage and a proprietary messaging system that allows secured and encrypted data with layered and targeted messaging to personnel. Command and control centers are installed with full redundancy. Messages are transmitted from an FM radio tower to multiple receivers in the coverage area. Fixed-wireless substation receivers and wireless receivers are made available to be distributed to all counties and other jurisdictions throughout the state as defined by the authorities.
    info@gssnet.usOut and About in DallasHit a few of the highlights of Dallas during your stay:Go to Six Flags over Texas for some lighthearted fun after the convention. Located at 2201 Six Flags Road in Arlington, TX (midway between Dallas and Fort Worth). For more information visit the Texas Rangers play baseball on Sept. 20 and Sept. 22. On Sept. 20 the Rangers play Seattle at 7:05 and the team plays Cleveland on Sept. 22 at 7:35. For more information and tickets visit www.texasrangers.comProduct PeeksOrban
    Optimod DAB-6300
    Stereo audio processor
    Booth 413

    This multipurpose stereo audio processor is for digital radio, netcasts, STL protection, audio production and digital mastering. With 20kHz audio bandwidth and 48kHz internal sample rate, the processor succeeds Orban’s Optimod DAB-6200 audio processor while offering improved processing algorithms and more flexibility. The 6300 contains a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, phase-linear multiband compressor/limiter with two or five bands, and two independent stereo look-ahead peak limiters. The processor incorporates Precode technology, which preprocesses audio to minimize audible artifacts in low bit rate codecs.
    custserv@orban.comMagic Egg
    Production Order Pro
    Booth 614

    Organize, track and store production orders, audio files, scripts and traffic instructions with this integrated solution for production orders.
    sales@popro.comDid you know? How’s your knowledge of Dallas trivia?Answers:A1: The Houston and Texas Central Railroad was the first to arrive in Dallas in 1872.A2: The first manufacturing plant located in the Dallas area produced wagons.To receive these articles weekly in your e-mail, subscribe to the NAB Radio Update e-newsletter from Radio magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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