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NAB Radio Update – Sep 19, 2006

NAB Radio Update – Sep 19, 2006

Sep 19, 2006 9:00 AM


  • Nautel Completes Global Capacity Expansion
  • NAB Launches Mentoring Program
  • NAB Redesigns its Website
  • 2007 NAB Radio Show Heads East
  • Electronics Research 955 Series
  • Neural Audio Neustar SW4.0
  • Test your knowledge of Texas.
  • BIA Financial Network Active Access
  • Omnia Audio Omnia One
  • NABEF to Host Career Fair During Show
  • KFXR to Broadcast from the Radio Show
  • NABEF to Hold Roundtable Discussion
  • Out and about in Dallas
  • Broadcast Electronics Aeromax-HD2SC
  • Telos Systems Nx12
  • Answers to the trivia
    To receive these articles weekly in your e-mail, subscribe to the NAB Radio Update e-newsletter from Radio magazine. Click here to subscribe.News from the ConventionNautel Completes Global Capacity Expansion
    Hackett’s Cove, NS – Sep 11, 2006 – Nautel has completed a major expansion of its operations, increasing overall manufacturing capacity by nearly 40 percent. This expansion in capacity has been driven by digital broadcasting technology projects for HD Radio and DRM transmission systems worldwide.The company first focused on increasing its manufacturing capacity and enhancing its customer support operations. Nautel will now add to its sales staff for domestic and international sales.Nautel has a manufacturing operation in the United States and in Canada. Nautel recently hired Edward Iannotti as general manager of its operation in Bangor, ME.NAB Launches Mentoring Program
    Washington – Sep 13, 2006 – The NAB Education Foundation has launched a development and mentoring program that will prepare top performing mid-level broadcast managers, who are women or people of color, for the executive ranks of the broadcast industry. NABEF selected 10 fellows identified as top leaders by their supervisors. The fellows are paired with a senior-level broadcasting executive. Prior to completing the program each fellow will complete a strategic project to be implemented for the benefit of his or her station, known as a “Connections Action Plan.”The fellows participating in the first year of this year-long program are: Allison Barnes, Business Manager, KCYE; V. Alex Clarke, Assistant Operations Manager, NY Times Broadcast Media Group; Allyson DiPalma, General Sales Manager, WBZL; Michael Isip, Exec. Director, TV Production and Programming, KQED Public Broadcasting; Paul Levingtson, III, Strategic Marketing Manager, WISH/WIIH/WNDY; Michele Morin, Senior Executive Producer, KIRO Television; Joy E. Patten, Station Manager/Sales Manager, Lincoln Radio KFOR; Katherine Ramirez, National Sales Manager, WBUW/ACME Communications; Rosetta Rolan, Community Affairs Director, WAVY-TV/WBTV-TV; and Donovan Welsh, General Sales Manager, WBAB-FM.The mentors participating in the program are Susan Patrick, Executive Vice President/Co-Owner, Legend Communications; Jim Keelor, COO, Liberty; Jim Conschafter, Sr. Vice President, Broadcast Stations, Media General Broadcast Group; William B. Peterson, Sr. Vice President, Television Station Group, The E. W. Scripps Co.; Lyle Banks, President, Banks Broadcasting; Marci Burdick, Senior VP-Broadcast, Schurz Communications; Susan Davenport-Austin, President, Sheridan Gospel Network; Gary Chapman, Chairman, LIN Television; Ginny Morris, President, Hubbard Radio; and Charles Warfield, President, ICBC Broadcast Holdings.NAB Redesigns its Website
    Washington – Sep 18, 2006 – Besides a new look, the new website allows surfers to customize their experience by creating a My NAB Web page. In addition, users can specify what kind of information they want to receive from the NAB by e-mail. The organization has also added the ability to search the new website, making navigating the website much easier.2007 NAB Radio Show Heads East
    The 2007 NAB Radio Show will be held in Charlotte, NC, Sept. 26 to Sept. 28, 2007. Save the date.Products from the FloorElectronics Research (ERI)
    955 Series
    FM bandpass filter
    Booth 414

    This product line for IBOC and low power analog FM applications protects from undesirable cross modulation products and can also be configured as a branch combiner for combining two or three analog or IBOC transmitters into one antenna. The filters are rated at 3kW average power and can be tuned for any FM operating channel between 88MHz and 108MHz. The filter cavities are sized to provide low insertion loss resulting in minimal temperature rise and reduced transmitter power loss. The individual cavities are loop coupled so that each filter bank can be optimized for the particular application required and can be retuned in the field if necessary.
    [email protected]Neural Audio
    Neustar SW4.0
    Pre-conditioning software
    Booth 405

    Neural Audio is now shipping Neustar SW4.0, the digital audio pre-conditioning software package. Neustar codec pre-conditioning/audio processing was built from the ground up specifically for low-bit-rate audio transmissions. It features Neural’s N-CLAS (Coding Load Analysis System), which allows real-time visual monitoring of audio vs. codec performance. The software also offers a complete suite of audio management tools to address volume and spectral consistency. Neustar SW4.0, the software version of Neustar 4.0, can be run directly on the HD Radio Importer, offering multiple audio channels of processing within one computer. The software and hardware versions of Neustar are designed to be placed in-line ahead of Internet streams, DAB, DRM, satellite, compressed STLS, ISDN and other signal paths for codec improvements and audio processing.
    [email protected]Do you know? The NAB Radio Show has made its way around to several cities over the past few years. With this visit to Dallas, we thought that we would test your knowledge of Texas trivia.Q1: A movie version of the 1980s TV show Dallas is planned. Who has agreed to play J.R. Ewing?
    A. Martin Sheen
    B. John Travolta
    C. Robert DiNiroQ2: The original TV show starring Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing began as a five-part mini series in what year?
    A. 1978
    B. 1979
    C. 1980More ProductsBIA Financial Network
    Active Access
    Broadcast media software
    Booth 516

    BIA Financial Network has acquired Oklahoma City-based Digital Information Network (DIN), a provided of weather and alerting desktop applications. DIN will operate under the newly created BIA Information Network and will focus on delivering Active Access, a private-label desktop application for instantly delivering news, weather, alerts, promotions and other content directly to the computer desktop. There are currently more than 85 TV and radio stations in the United States, in addition to newspapers, large corporations and government offices using the DIN custom branded desktop application.
    [email protected]Omnia Audio
    Omnia One
    Audio processor
    Booth 208

    This 1RU FM audio processor employs an advanced internal architecture. Its proprietary architecture, featuring advanced new processing algorithms, enables Omnia One to delivery clean, clear audio. The unit features a built-in Livewire audio interface that facilitates direct integration with an Axia IP audio network. The unit delivers multiband AGC and limiting, bass management controls and a final clipper.
    [email protected]Convention EventsNABEF to Host Career Fair During Show
    Washington – Aug 29, 2006 – The 2006 NAB Radio Show Career Fair, produced by the NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) in partnership with the Broadcast Education Association and the Radio-Television News Directors Association, will be held Friday, Sept. 22 at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The NABEF Career Fair is a one-day event open to registrants and non-registrants of The NAB Radio Show. Recruiters from the broadcast industry will be on hand to promote job openings and discuss career opportunities with professionals, students and entry-level job seekers.Companies and stations participating in the Career Fair include: Beasley Broadcast Group; Cox Radio; Emmis Communications; Hubbard Radio Group; Univision Radio; USA Radio Network; the Nevada Broadcasters Association; the Texas Association of Broadcasters; Free Lance-Star Publishing Company-owned WFLS/WYSK/WWUZ Fredericksburg, VA; Covenant Educational Media-owned KVTT-FM Dallas; City of Dallas-owned WRR-FM; KNON-FM Radio; Business TalkRadio Network; Continental Electronics Corp.; First Broadcasting, LLC; and the Media Sales Institute.Interested applicants can pre-register for the event at Job seekers may contact Karen Hunter at [email protected] or visit for more information.KFXR to Broadcast from the Radio Show
    Moby in the Morning and other KFXR Cowboy 1190 AM programs will broadcast live all day Wednesday and Thursday at the NAB Radio Show. The station will use a Broadcast Electronics Audiovault for audio storage and playback. The remote setup is rounded out with a Telos Zephyr Exstream, two Shure mixers and an assortment of mics.The station will operate from a temporary studio just outside the entrance to the exhibit hall. KFXR AM is owned by First Broadcasting, which operates about a dozen stations across the United States.NABEF to Hold Roundtable Discussion
    Washington – Aug 29, 2006 – The NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) with partnering organizations Broadcast Education Association and the Radio-Television News Directors Association will host a roundtable session prior to the Career Fair on Friday, Sept. 22 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Professionals, students, and entry-level job seekers will have the opportunity to network with key executives and professionals who work in the radio industry.Among those slated to speak at the roundtable session are:
  • Oscar Joyner, President, Reach Media
    Topic: Beyond the Microphone
  • Leslie Kveton, Engineering Manager, ABC Radio Network
    Topic: Radio Engineering as a Career
  • Faith Perkins, Vice President-Human Resources, Cox Radio
    Topic: How To Market Yourself
  • Bob Morrison, News and Sports Director, USA Radio Network
    Topic: Building and Enhancing Your Disc Jockey Skills
  • Denise Oliver, Mentoring and Inspiring Women (MIW), and Founder, Oliver Media
    Topic: How To Network Effectively
  • Steve Warren, President, Media International, and Author
    Topic: Getting Your First Radio Job
  • Millard James Watkins III, General Manager, WHUR-FM Radio
    Topic: Working with HD Radio
    Interested applicants can pre-register for the event at NABEF Career Fair is sponsored by First Broadcasting.Out and About in DallasHit a few of the highlights of Dallas during your stay:The West End Historic District of Dallas, located just three miles south of the Hilton Anatole hotel, is a nationally recognized entertainment district with turn-of-the century warehouse buildings that now represent examples of adaptive reuse in a pedestrian setting. The area offers restaurants, bars, museums and shopping. For more information visit Movie Studios at Las Colinas is responsible for entertainment such as: “Robocop,” “Silkwood,” “Problem Child,” “Leap of Faith” and “JFK.” Visitors can take a tour of the soundstages and see the movie sets from “JFK” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Participate in Behind the Scenes interactive shows that give the audience a close up view of how movies are made. The cost for an adult to take the tour is $12.95. The movie studio is located at 6305 North O’Connor Blvd, Dallas, TX.Product PeeksBroadcast Electronics
    Multicast processing
    Booth 305

    BE has embedded Aeromax-HD2SC audio processing into its IDI 20 data importer. Tailored to HD Radio multicasting, the audio processing feature offers processing control on the same screen as the IDI 20 Dashboard. Stations can control all multicasting functions from one place. The Aeromax-HD2SC is available as an upgrade option for new IDI 20 data importers, as well as for units already in the field.
    [email protected]Telos Systems
    Talkshow system
    Booth 208

    The Nx12 provides support for POTS and ISDN and Livewire audio-over-IP technology. The system is a self-contained, 12-line product that includes four hybrids. Available with analog or AES inputs/outputs, the system mixes callers down to two separate analog or AES feeds when the built-in outputs are used. Four hybrids remain present. Each hybrid incorporates its own Omnia AGC and noise gate employing DSP algorithms. The system includes echo cancellation for those sometimes troublesome VoIP and cell phone callers. With two program-on-hold inputs and two analog or AES outputs, the Nx12 is capable of handling the telephone requirements for two stations simultaneously.
    [email protected]Did you know? Answers:A1:1. John Travolta will play J.R. Ewing in the on-screen version of Dallas. Jennifer Lopez will play Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.’s wife.A2: Dallas, the TV show, began as a mini series in 1978, It became a hit and was a regular TV show for 13 seasons.To receive these articles weekly in your e-mail, subscribe to the NAB Radio Update e-newsletter from Radio magazine. Click here to subscribe.