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NAB2003 Jackpot

NAB2003 Jackpot

Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

RF terminators

Altronic Research
Omegaline 6606 and6612

These are convection-cooled terminators for 50V coaxial transmission line systems. Manufacturers of transmitters, microwave components and power tubes, as well as transmitting stations can be assured of ideal dummy load conditions during designing, testing, adjusting|and aligning of transmitters or components. The precision-designed configuration of the 6600 series provides reliability, serviceability, safety, convenience and economy well suited for today’s modern RF applications. The terminators are useful for IBOC applications, ac power is not required and silver contacts on special film resistors eliminate resistor failure.
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Remote pickup equipment

8888and 8889 Remote Pick Up

The re-introduction of this remote pick up equipment means that it now complies with the FCC’s new Part 74 requirement for carriers on 3.125kHz spacings. The 8888 transmitter offers three audio inputs (high level and low level), three selectable RF output power levels, external processor patching and a built-in test-tone oscillator for easy system level setting. Front panel metering and alarms show unit operation at a glance. Power can be supplied from ac or a 13.8Vdc external battery. The 8889 receiver, also frequency agile, has selectable IF bandwidth, a security command feature, a built-in DTMF input and a repeater transmitter enable circuit.
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CD copying and printing system

Primera Technology
Bravo Disc Publisher

Combining automatic, robotic-based CD or DVD duplication with full-color, 2,400 dpi disc printing, this automated CD/DVD is an all-in-one compact desktop unit. Duplicating audio, video, data, software, photos or any other digital information is quick and easy. As many as 25 discs per job are automatically produced � hands-free and unattended. For CD-Rs, the Bravo CD Publisher has a 40� drive. Full 650MB CD-Rs are produced in only three minutes each. The Bravo DVD Publisher is dual-purpose: It produces DVD-Rs at twice the speed as well as CD-Rs at eight times speed. The system also attaches to any Mac running Apple OS X. Mac users can design labels in any of their favorite graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and import them into the software.
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Internet audio delivery

Backbone Networks
Radio Centralcasting

Radio Central is a software application that uses the Internet to deliver audio directly to affiliate stations, resulting in higher quality transmission at lower operating costs. The application also enables stations to link studios with their transmitter sites via the Internet. The centralcasting application adds features that enable the user to stream its programs to select affiliates or transmitter sites, with several levels of security and provisions for enhancing the reliability and robustness of the Internet connection. The application is a two-volume software application composed of a control client and a streaming server. The Mac OS X client serves as the live audio platform, and also controls the playlists, schedules and prerecorded insertions. The Linux or Mac OS X-based server creates and maintains the IP connections, stores the prerecorded clips and delivers the audio content to the affiliates. Because client and server software may be installed on two different computers, the client may reside in a lightweight laptop computer for covering remote live events. This audio delivery system uses MPEG-4 as its primary streaming format. Affiliates receive the audio content through a modified version of the Apple QuickTime 6 player, which includes provisions for login and password protection, as well as monitoring and maintaining the connection.
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Audio workstation

Audicy 2

This workstation imports Audicy project files and reads .WAV, .AIFF and MPEG Layer I, II and III files at 16, 22.05, 25, 32, 44.1 and 48kHz sampling frequencies. It will even do cuts-only editing in the MP2 domain without the need for a quality degrading decode and encode cycle. The workstation outputs finished work as .AIFF, .WAV, PCM and MPEG Layer I, II and III files, as well as Windows Media and Real Audio formats. AES46 and .BWF support allows input of textual data into the audio file, which compliant digital delivery systems can use for display, logging and similar operations. FTP-based import and export, along with a range of file format conversions, facilitate transmission of completed productions.
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FM amplifier


This 1kW broadband amplifier requires only 3RU of rack space. Four amplifier pallets, rated in excess of 250W, are operated in parallel. Should one fail, the remaining amplifiers continue working to keep the signal on-air at reduced power. Two dc ventilation fans ensure cool, reliable operation. A switch mode power supply unit accommodates a wide ac voltage range from 170V to 260V, without needing transformer tapping or adjustment. The 1kW FM amplifier may be operated in combination with the Nautel NE50 digital FM exciter or the NE30 analog exciter, either as a primary transmitter or a standby system. The FM1 features selectable linear mode operation to accommodate hybrid FM/IBOC transmission, using common amplification or fully digital IBOC transmission for separate amplification.
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Studio furniture


This studio furniture line is engineered for studio decors where non-wood trims are a design goal. Available in a wide variety of colors, this furniture is scaleable to any size market application. The modular design enables the furniture to be ordered in almost any configuration. The furniture features all plastic surfaces, a trim design and it is modular for flexibility. The tabletops are high quality plastic laminates and the tabletop equipment rack pod offers a heat vent and rear access. All the tabletops and other panels are laminated on both sides to reduce warping. Thermofused polylaminate side panels cannot delaminate and are scratch and wear resistant.
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FM amplifier

Armstrong Transmitter

Features of this 2kW compact solid-state FM amplifier include a compact design occupying 10.5″ of rack space; easy installation with separate power supply and RF sections; eight 300W modules for extra headroom; self regulating, high efficiency power supplies with automatic factor correction; VSWR foldback, temperature protection and automatic power control; totally remote controllable; and broadband requires no tuning. The unit provides high gain, requires only 30W of drive for 2,000W output, as well as soft failure, which means it can stay on the air even with the loss of an amplifier or power supply.
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LAN extender/facility controller

Moseley Associates
Lanlink 900

This long-range, high-speed industrial wireless IP/Ethernet/IP facility controller allows broadcasters to take advantage of existing 950MHz aural STL antenna infrastructure, and bring LAN connectivity along with two RS-232 data circuits between a single studio and multiple transmitter/studio sites. This product uses 900MHz FHSS technology for license-free operation in the 902MHz-928MHz ISM band. It is capable of a 30-mile range and up to 512kb/s data rate for IP/Ethernet connections. Installation is simple with industry-standard RS-232 nine-pin DB and RJ-45 connectors for external devices.
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Crosspoint switcher

Broadcast Tools
SS 16.16

By providing crosspoint audio switching of 16 stereo inputs to 16 stereo outputs, the switcher allows any one of the 16 inputs to be assigned to any of the outputs, but inputs can never be mixed. Additional features include selection of any active source at power-up, last source selected, audio mute, an enable switch, 16 macro locations, control via front panel encoders controls, contact closures, 5V TTL/CMOS logic, open collector or multi-drop RS-232 or RS-485 serial port, 16 GPI inputs and 16 open-collector outputs. Removable screw terminals are provided for most connections.
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Ringer relay


This product accepts as many as six independent telephone lines. Each incoming ring closes the associated relay and each relay has two sets of form C contacts. Relays stay steady during rings. The metal enclosure can be wall or table mounted. An optional, low cost, rack mount (1RU) is available. All interface connections are on standard screw terminals.
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Multi-channel encoder

Worldnet Skylink

This encoder is the result of collaborative works between APT and the audio professionals at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch. The encoder offers 5.1, 6.1or 7.1 multi-channel audio, plus SMPTE time code. This product has been designed for remote director approvals. The unit can deliver content in real time or store-and-forward, depending on the data rates available.
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