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NAB2006 Under the Spotlights

NAB2006 Under the Spotlights

Jun 1, 2006 12:00 PM, Chriss Scherer, editor

The Pick Hits of NAB2006

The original technology award from the convention is still the most highly prized. See the top new product introductions from the convention as decided by our panel of radio experts….

New Products from NAB2006

NAB2006 was a chance for manufacturers to show their latest technology. Some products were kept under wraps until the convention floor opened….

NAB2006 Photo Blog

See NAB2006 through the Radio magazine camera lens. We bring you daily images of the convention….

After nearly a week of seminars, exhibits and meetings, the activity of NAB2006 at the end of April seems like a blur to many, but based on accounts from attendees and exhibitors, the show was a success. Overall attendance this year was 105,046, compared to 104,427 for NAB2005.

The thee topics that garnered the most attention were HD Radio, and multicasting and datacasting in particular, audio over IP, and the beginnings of several cooperative efforts between competitors. In our NAB review of products and technology, you’ll see evidence of these activities in the products, Pick Hits and pictures from the convention.

The March and April issues of Radio magazine had lots of information about products being unveiled, as did the NAB Insider e-mail newsletter, but they only scratched the surface. On the following pages you’ll find details about some of the products that were kept secret until the convention doors opened. You’ll also find the top picks of our Pick Hits judges with the top new products at the convention. The Radio magazine Pick Hits are the oldest technology awards from the convention, and our panel of judges has excelled in its task to find the best of the best. You can see the list of the judges and the official rules as well.

Because of the scope of convention, it’s impossible to include every new product introduction even in the pre- and post-show issues. Look for more great products in the New Products section of upcoming issues, as well as the annual Product Source accompanying the September issue.