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NAB2007 New Products

NAB2007 New Products

Apr 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Automation software

Prophet Systems Innovations

Booth N6511

Nexgen Digital 2007: The software offers less network traffic and a revamped logs screen. The DRR module has been revised to make its logs work more like station logs, allowing staff to transition between tasks faster. An on-air image is now protected with a pooled hot-spare sytem that allows any machine to take over in the event of a failure. It also includes redundant WAN-casting. Production tasks go faster with a new mass changer and filters that let the user browse just the content he wants to view.
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Digital console

Calrec Audio

Booth N8529

Omega: The Omega uses Bluefin high-density signal processing technology, features 160 channel-processing paths packaged as 48 stereo plus 64 mono channels, and allows as many as 24 5.1 surround channels. This console is smaller than the company’s Sigma but with the same bus structure and delay facilities. The console is equipped with 160 mono DSP paths and is managed on one DSP card. Available in three frame sizes, 24, 32 and 48 faders, the console offers eight 5.1 surround, stereo, or mono audio groups, 20 auxiliary outputs (20 mono or 10 stereo), and 48 outputs for multitrack or general-purpose feeds.
+44 1422 842 159
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Digital audio editing

Sony Media Software

Booth SL2823

Sound Forge 9: An upgrade to their professional digital audio editing application, the latest version includes new features such as multichannel file recording, editing and processing, phase scope metering and Dolby Digital AC-3 export. Also, the software and CD Architect 5 software are now compatible with the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.



Booth N7715

C5, D5: The C5 condenser vocal microphone and D5 dynamic vocal microphone feature a dent-resistant spring steel wire mesh grille cap for maximum protection of the capsule and a zinc alloy die-cast housing. An integrated shock absorber system minimizes handling noise. The C5 features a 24-carat gold-sputtered housing that protects the condenser capsule against moisture and humidity plus a removable Presence Boost adapter for increased intelligibility. The D5 dynamic includes the new Laminate Varimotion diaphragm technology. The D5 is also available in a switched model, the D5 S, which features an on/off switch on the body.
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Mobile recorder


Booth SL13014

MR-1, MR-1000: These mobile recorders provide source recording, podcasting, broadcast journalism including ENG/EFP, as well as archiving final mixes and master recordings. The hand-held MR-1 (shown) is capable of one-bit/2.8MHz recording and playback, while the tabletop MR-1000 delivers one-bit 5.6MHz. Both recorders support multiple recording formats including DSDIFF, DSF and WSD one-bit formats, as well as multi-bit PCM format with resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz. The included software can remove dc offset, gain control and fade in/out. Users can transfer data from the internal hard drive to a computer via high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The MR-1000 features studio quality, ultra low-impedance mic preamps with balanced XLR/1/4″ inputs with phantom power and built-in limiting, plus XLR and RCA outputs.

Reference monitor

Klein + Hummel

Booth N7117

M52: The monitor can be powered by a 12V to 20V battery. The enclosure is constructed entirely of aluminum. The floating transformer-balanced input (+6dBu) offers a common mode rejection ratio of more than 50dB. The speaker is fitted with an XLR input jack for secure, professional connections. The power switch, switching (85V to 230V) mains connector, fuse holder and a four-pin terminal for battery operation are all located on the rear panel.
+49 711 45 89 30
[email protected]

Emergency warning receiver

Global Security Systems

Booth N6734

First Alert: A wireless, battery-driven receiver, it is designed for mass distribution of alerting messages to the public. The equipment uses existing FM subcarriers to deliver data to the receiver.
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RDS encoders

Broadcast Warehouse

Booth N7328

RDS1, RDS2, RDS3: The RDS1 encoder is a rack-mount unit with a simplified set-up through the user interface, which allows all the basic RDS parameters to be controlled with four buttons. All options and settings are controlled from the front panel LCD display. The RDS2 encoder supports scrolling text and timed text lists. Users can program as many as 8,000 characters of information into the encoder. The RDS encoder provides a full loop-through interface for connection to the existing broadcast chain. The RDS3 provides TCP/IP connectivity. It creates an RDS subcarrier and permits the insertion of static RDS parameters. The RDS3 may be controlled through its 10BaseT Ethernet port and has an embedded Web server.
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Multi-stream networked audio processor

Omnia Audio

Booth N7726

Omnia.8X: With algorithms modeled after the Omnia.3net, this processor provides eight discrete three-band stereo audio processors in a single, networked unit. Its architecture works ahead of any bit-reduced audio coder to reduce artifacts and improve the audio destined for HD Radio, Internet and satellite broadcasting. Use it to process headphone feeds where off-air monitoring is not possible; as multi-band level control for remote codecs or on-air telephone systems; to process and send multiple audio streams from a single studio complex to multiple transmitter sites; or on-demand for in-studio musical performances or commercial production applications. The processor uses the Livewire protocol over Ethernet.
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RF amplifier

Eddystone Broadcast

Booth N5128

PA500: The PA500 is a 500W FM power amplifier based on the PA 1000 range. This amplifier incorporates a �fresh air tunnel� concept that reduces maintenance and increases reliability. The unit features comprehensive monitoring and fits in 3RU.
+44 1789 768870
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Power amplifier

Kramer Electronics

Booth SL6105A

Model 904: The amplifier outputs 75W RMS per channel and it incorporates an output level knob with a multi-color LED output level indicator. The 904 also has a headphone output and a mute button. The amplifier is housed in a 1RU chassis. The inputs and outputs are on five-pin detachable terminal blocks. The unit incorporates short circuit and overload protection circuitry, and touts a THD+N specification of 0.06 percent for the speaker outputs.
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Messagecasting feature

Broadcast Electronics

Booth N7106

Revenue Center: Revenue Center includes all the management tools necessary for selling a flight of message impressions not associated with audio content over the air, or for selling on-air support text such as advertiser phone number, coupon code or website address. The new feature is the latest option available for The Radio Experience, BE’s Messagecasting platform for generating and scheduling HD Radio and RDS messages. Message impressions can be scheduled to interleave with �now playing� song information, or as standalone messages through The Radio Experience.
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Wireless audio interface

JK Audio

Booth N9426

Daptor Three: Using Bluetooth wireless technology, this interface connects to the user’s cell phone like any other Bluetooth-enabled headset. The interface allows balanced and unbalanced connections to a cell phone. It will also connect to other products, such as a laptop, that allow a similar headset connection. Features of the unit include XLR balanced line input and output and 9Vdc battery operation.
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Multi-control interface translator


Booth N6534

Lightviper MD-3: This multi-control translator for Lightviper translates RS-422, RS-232 and MIDI control signals through fiber optic transport systems. The rear panel contains three RJ-45 connectors and a single switch. The switch is used to determine whether MIDI is sending or receiving on each device. The translator derives power from the Lightviper system via the connection between the RJ-45 control connector on the Lightviper unit and the RJ-45 connector on the MD-3. The MD-3 is used in pairs; one MD-3 is required at each end of the system. An MD-3 pair is capable of sending a specific type of control signal (e.g. RS-422) through a Lightviper system and outputting that same control signal on the opposite end.

Compact control surface

Axia Audio

Booth N7726

Element 2-Fader+Monitor: Suitable for use in news booths, dubbing stations and as workstation mixers, the module allows Axia clients to order Element consoles in compact sizes of two to 10 faders. The equipment combines two fader strips with overbridge alphanumeric displays and status symbols with a two-space monitor/options section, all of which fit into a four-position module. Features include four program buses, four aux send buses, two aux returns, automatic mix-minus and dedicated talkback functions on every fader. A one-touch record mode provides off-air recording and recall of talent preferences. It also features three-band digital parametric EQ.
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Custom panels


Booth C7617

Luma Vue: These panels can be rear illuminated for instant identification. The panels and plates can be used for connection panels, switch panels and diagrams of any kind. The panels are available in a variety of sizes or shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels. They are available in 1/8″ or 1/4″ thicknesses to fit individual requirements. UV stabilized for outdoor use, the panels feature non-metallic cell cast acrylic. The panels will not rust or tarnish and are offered in 10 colors to match or contrast the venue’s decor. Colors include red, burgundy, blue, navy, almond, white, grey, black, gold and silver. Panels are also available in gloss or matte with a no-glare finish.
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Cue-triggering software

Merging Technologies

Booth SL4014

Ovation: An add-on software option for any Pyramix system from a native system upward, Ovation consists of several software modules, including Cue Editors, Cue Sequencers and Cue Players, that can be used to supply performance cues and automation data for anything from a single-auditorium theater to an entire venue or suite of broadcast studios where live recordings are created. The software is compatible with the MIDI Show Control protocol, allowing integration with existing venue or studio control technology. Audio is output on any of 128 channels, which can be routed via a software matrix to the system’s outputs. Output options include ADAT, AES-EBU and MADI, and there will also be various MIDI and general-purpose output options.
207-773 2424
[email protected]

Multimedia engine

Fairlight AU

Booth SL4010

Dream II Satellite-AV: This Crystal Core multimedia engine delivers 230 channels each with eight bands of EQ, three stage dynamics, 192 track recording and editing in a complete multi-format mixing system. The entry-level DAW offers a 96 channel CC-1 engine with an SX-20 unit (sync I/O plus 12 analog outputs, two line level inputs, two mic/instrument Inputs, fourS/PDIF inputs and eight S/PDIF outputs) plus the Satellite-AV controller. This provides 64 concurrent recording tracks, with 96 tracks available for editing and playback.
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Digital hybrid

JK Audio

Booth N9426

Inkeeper 1x, Innkeeper 1rx: The Innkeeper 1x feeds audio in and out of telephone lines. The digital hybrid connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without variations. The unit features a 16-bit DSP to monitor the phone line and audio signals continuously. Its dual-convergence algorithm achieves trans-hybrid loss typically exceeding 50dB, without any setup. Users can monitor the send signal, the caller’s voice or a mix of the two. The audio connections include mic/line switchable XLR input, XLR caller output and an additional, user-defined XLR output. The Innkeeper 1x can be remote controlled by the optional Guest Module 1, RIU-IP remote interface or the included RS-232 cable. The Innkeeper 1rx is the 1RU version.
[email protected]

Transient voltage surge suppressor

Henry Engineering

Booth N7432

Powerclamp series 4: These surge suppressor units are rated for 60,000A of surge attenuation. The units will virtually eliminate spikes and surges on ac power lines, attenuating them to within a few volts of the normal ac voltage. They reduce the chance of serious equipment damage or malfunction caused by ac power disturbances. The devices also remove noise and harmonics from the ac power line.
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APW Mayville

Booth SU7220

Stantron E-Rack: The modular approach of the Stantron E-Rack allows users to configure their own rack systems. Removable, quick-release side panels and cable-chase panels provide access for cable management. The straight cable runs in the E-Rack’s open frame design eliminate kinks, bends and protrusions. Multiple lacing points located every 6″ along the rack support heavy bundles.

Portable digital recorder


Booth N1831

CDR310: This unit records in uncompressed and MP3 formats. Other features include built-in microphone preamps with XLR connectors and 48V phantom power for use with external condenser microphones, a built-in microphone and built-in CD-R/CD-RW burner, all within one lightweight, compact unit. The burner can create audio discs, for instant playback on any CD player, or data discs for transfer to a computer or for archiving purposes. Battery power capability � using the optional RB1651 battery � allows four hours of remote operation without an external power supply. Analog line-level and S/PDIF digital I/O allow connection to a wide range of audio equipment.
[email protected]

Portable line arraysound system

Anchor AudioCommunications/Portaco

Booth N6313

Beacon: The Beacon combines the sound coverage of a line array system with an enclosure that eliminates the need for a speaker stand. The enclosure includes three 8″ woofers and an array of eight 4.5″ mid-range speakers that deploys to a height of 6′. The unit provides a 120 degree pattern for a distance of 500′. Features include two universal mic input jacks, built-in UHF receiver with 16 user-selectable channels, 110/220 power supply, max SPL at rated power 110dB and frequency response of 60Hz to 15kHz +/-3dB.

Power amplifiers

Crown Audio

Booth N7715

XTI series, XLS series: The line consists of four models ranging in power from 300W per channel to 800W per channel. The bridge/mono switch allows users to quickly and easily set the amplifier for bridge mono mode. Also, the signal indicators greatly increase monitoring capabilities for the user.
[email protected]

Portable PA


Booth N4631

Mipro MA-808: Featuring a rugged, high-impact enclosure with retractable handles and integrated wheels for easy transport, this biamplified system features a 50W Class AB amplifier for the high frequency driver and a 120W Class D amplifier for the 10″ woofer. The unit includes an MP3 recorder/player module, support for two wireless receiver modules, and storage provisions for the wireless mic transmitters. The MP3 recorder/player module supports CD, MP3 and SD cards. The Flash card reader/writer supports MP3, WAV, and WMV formats and features 128MB of memory, with a recording capability up to 8.4 hours. Audio can be loaded into the system via the USB connector. The system operates on ac or battery power.
[email protected]

Software automation


Booth N5431

Media Mover: Automated conversion to Web-ready formats, transfer and display on Web pages, multiple parallel play-outs and website scheduling are features of this system. The metadata provided with an entry can be used to create the file name and a subdirectory structure where files will be stored. Media Mover supports transfer via FTP and file copy. Secure transfer is possible using SFTP, SSH and SSL FTP. Back-ups of files are stored on a local server. Media Mover also features metadata transformation and conversion. It has built-in interfaces to external content management systems such as SQL. It also supports export of the data via XML and HTML. Media Mover can also create the MP3 audio, ID3 tags and RSS feed files required for podcasting.
[email protected]


Staco Energy Products

Booth N3813

Trestar P: This parallelable UPS is available in 125kVA to 150kVA and 180kVA to 225kVA sizes. It provides top and bottom cable entry, matching batteries and internal disconnect, and a front control panel with a LCD panel. The system provides 93 percent efficiency and less than three percent total harmonic distortion with a seven percent harmonic filter. The filter comes standard on the 180kVA to 225kVA size, and is optional on the 125kVA to 150kVA units. All units can accept a voltage input range of +15 percent to -20 percent as normal, while continuously regulating the output to within one percent for a balanced load and three percent for a 100 percent unbalanced load. Both models offer optional 208Vac input and output, external maintenance bypass and extended battery run times.
[email protected]


MGE UPS Systems

Booth C6822

Pulsar MX 5000 RT: This UPS is scaleable from 5kVA to 20kVA. The system delivers 4,500W of power, built-in redundancy capabilities, hot swappable batteries and power modules, and integrated output receptacles for plug-and-play functionality. Designed to deliver protection for 20 to 110 servers, the online double-conversion UPS uses modular redundant architecture that can scale power and runtime as demand increases or when users require higher levels of availability. Using 3RU for the combination of power and battery submodules, users can configure the new units as freestanding tower or rack-mounted systems. The 5kVA unit features a front access hot-swappable battery and power sub-modules, auto battery-test, multilingual LCD display and power management software. For extended backup time, users can add external battery modules to achieve up to two hours of runtime.
[email protected]

Vocal mic

Heil Sound

Booth N9420

Pink Pearl: The Pink Pearl PR20 large diaphragm vocal microphone is the first model introduction in the new Spotlight Series. With the pink ribbon on a pink pearlescent finish, the mic represents completely new dynamic microphone technology and is designed for a wide range of professional applications.
[email protected]

Broadcasting headset

Production Intercom

Booth N2235

DMH 948 ACS: The mic boom is a flexible gooseneck that is adjustable over a range of positions and is damped to reduce noise. The mic is mounted on the end of the boom using elastic suspension. The interchangeable mic capsules are electrically connected via a threaded fitting. Four condenser mic capsules are available: omni-directions, cardioid, cardioid with low frequency roll-off and hyper-cardioid.
[email protected]

Broadcast recorder


Booth N9017

ZFR100: Recording as many as 12 hours of audio directly to a 2GB Flash memory card, the recorder includes a full-featured time code reader/generator that stamps the time code onto broadcast WAV or MP3 files. The miniature recorder weighs about 4 oz. and can be powered for up to 24 hours with two AA batteries. The unit can be worn on the body as a back-up to wireless microphones when wireless operation is not possible or reliable. An optional 8Vdc to 16Vdc power input is also available. The unit can record in a continuous 12-hour loop or in traditional record/stop operation.
[email protected]

Patch panel

Jampro Antennas

Booth C2515

RCPU: The RCPU is a quick release patch panel with a low insertion loss. A positive lock mechanism ensures quick re-direction of RF signal paths. The equipment is useful for patching RF feeds to an emergency antenna, alternate main/auxiliary transmitters, filter by-pass, master station combiner re-routes and test point insertions. No tools are required to make patches. The unit comes in several sizes with an optional signal-flow indicator panel, dual-line power splitter or power measuring VSWR.
[email protected]

Modulation analyzer


Booth N8614

Navigator: The unit can be used on site to validate a transmitter’s performance, tweak its operating parameters or to monitor the tranmitter’s operation. There are three types of inputs on the unit: RF, multiplex/composite and audio. The analyzer can measure all audio signals, with or without de-emphasis, and the modulation power. The device also includes a digital spectrum analyzer and it decodes all RDS groups from PS to PI.
[email protected]

Software for Exstreamer/Instreamer

Barix Technology

Booth N8034

Low-latency software: The new software application for low-latency streaming in its Instreamer and Exstreamer IP audio encoding and decoding devices is based on the Barix Real-Time Protocol (BRTP). BRTP is specifically designed for radio stations and broadcast groups that wish to deliver a live signal from one studio to multiple Internet radio outlets without the delays associated with audio streaming. The application can be used over a standard broadband infrastructure and public Internet connection.
[email protected]

Software for Exstreamer/Instreamer

Barix Technology

Booth N8034

Low-latency software: The new software application for low-latency streaming in its Instreamer and Exstreamer IP audio encoding and decoding devices is based on the Barix Real-Time Protocol (BRTP). BRTP is specifically designed for radio stations and broadcast groups that wish to deliver a live signal from one studio to multiple Internet radio outlets without the delays associated with audio streaming. The application can be used over a standard broadband infrastructure and public Internet connection.
[email protected]

Upgraded remote control system


Booth N5413

Next Generation Mini-Mac: The newest unit shares many features with its big brother, the Mac, but has a limited number of inputs/outputs (eight metering inputs, 16 status inputs, two audio inputs, eight physical relays and one reach-through serial port), and cannot be expanded. Version 5 of the firmware is daylight saving time ready for North America, offers bilingual voice and screen capability (supporting Unicode character sets), multiple alarm-call lists (for day/night work shifts, weekends or specific events) and a user-defined log. Configuration and control of Mini-Mac and Mac units is ensured by the included Mac Comm software version 5, which allows customized screens for each user and site.
[email protected]

Testing device


Booth C8128

AES Qbox: By substituting a Qbox at a problem point in a system, the user can verify signal presence or generate a signal to determine if the problem lies farther down the line. Three operating modes are selectable: in/out normal mode, pass through and cable test. The unit recognizes digital sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz. A set of input sample rate indicators shows the following sample frequencies (in kHz): 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192. The digital audio is converted to analog and may be monitored via an unbalanced, 1/8″ TRS stereo line/headphone output or with the built-in speaker. The built-in tone generator provides 440Hz for the left channel and 880Hz for the right.
[email protected]

Mic station


Booth N9014

Revoluto: Manufactured for use with the MCS-D 200 conferencing system, this mic station provides sound reproduction without the use of a gooseneck microphone. Using line array technology, the microphone capsules create an omnidirectional pattern allowing the speaker to move around without affecting the volume or sound quality. With its multi-capsule design, the unit provides additional redundancy with no loss of pick-up. The Revoluto station is available in three versions: basis, standard and graphic.
[email protected]

Low-power transmitter


Booth N2502

ZX3500: A 3.5kW model from its expanding range of ZX low-power transmitters, this unit will switch between digital, analog and hybrid modes on the fly, and can be delivered with one of three Harris exciters: the Flexstar HDX-FM, the Micro Max analog exciter and the Digit CD exciter. For multicasting, it can be used with Ibiquity’s Generation 3 exgine architecture, which brings the HDI-100 importer and HDE-100 exporter back to the studio and reverts the HDX exciter to a more user-friendly and reliable DSP-based operation.
[email protected]

XLR chassis connector


Booth N8526

DLX series: This connector series features a compact, all-metal housing and offers RF protection and electromagnetic shielding. Its duplex ground contact provides contact between the chassis and cable connector, as well as the option to solder chassis ground to pin one. The series also offers a male connector designed with a metal retention bar for improved pull-out force. The series is available in three- to seven-pole configurations with gold- or silver-plated solder contacts and nickel or black metal housing.
[email protected]


JBL Professional

Booth N7715

LSR 4312SP: The subwoofer is based on a 12″ low-frequency transducer with a neodymium motor structure and powered by a 450W amplifier. The subwoofer features a dedicated low frequency effects input and five balanced XLR bass management inputs with selectable cross-over for 5.1 surround sound production. Two-channel 24-bit/96kHz digital S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs can be assigned as LFE or stereo bass management inputs.
[email protected]

Multi-user headphone distribution

Henry Engineering

Booth N7432

Multiphones II: For use with the Multiphones multi-user headphone distribution system, the new unit supports 12 guest pod headphone listening stations and now includes zoned talkback. This feature allows the user to divide the listening stations into three zones, so that a guest pod or group of guest pods can be addressed via the built-in talkback feature. The system provides headphone listening facilities to multiple users, with each user having a headphone jack, amplifier and volume control. The system is interconnected with CAT-5 cabling.
[email protected]