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Netia Digital Audio Radio-Assist 8.2

Netia Digital Audio Radio-Assist 8.2

Feb 21, 2013 4:33 PM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Version 8.2 of Radio-Assist features the introduction of cloud-based management giving users the ability to access the system database from any network-connected workstation. In addition to enabling faster, more productive operations through shared media access, cloud-based management enables broadcasters to reduce reliance on server infrastructure and, in turn, lower the total cost of ownership. By storing content in the cloud, Radio-Assist can serve as an online production database or as online content archive. Radio-Assist archiving tools enable seamless management of the archive/restoration process in the cloud. Users can simply trigger the archiving process as a background task and subsequently use simple search requests to retrieve content. The Snippet range of editing tools available within the Radio-Assist automation products is now available for iOS devices. Sharing the same look and ergonomic principles as the Snippet desktop interface, the new iPhone- and iPad-compatible iSnippet tool allows field reporters and other remote users to enjoy Radio-Assist audio editing capabilities on their portable devices. A new teleprompter module gives convenient visual access to news scripts, which scroll continuously across the presenter’s screen, linked with the playout system in the studio.

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